Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday New Background3


Happy Friday, y’all! This is my first Fan Girl Friday since bringing a human into the world! And I’m not holding back! There’s lots of awesome finds for you and your fandoms!

First up, we all know (well, at least, most of us know) that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released on DVD today! WOO! While scouring the interwebs for info about Star Wars, I came across this super cool trailer for a documentary all about the extras and folks behind the masks in the original trilogy!


Click here to watch the full trailer!



And speaking of movie trailers, the new Lego Batman Movie trailer is out! It doesn’t hit theaters until next summer but I’m already so excited for it! Watch this and try not to crack up!

(Lego Batman Movie)


Lego-mania is going to be back in full swing this May in the Huffman Homestead, I can feel it. Mostly because Disney just announced that they will be releasing their first ever collection of minifigs this spring! Check them out!

disney mini figs

I must have them ALL!


The weather is warming up, which means its time to toss our winter wardrobe and bring in our summer clothes! And what better way to ring in the summer than with this terrific Trekker shirt from ThinkGeek!

star trek hawaiian shirt

Awesome, right?! Huff the Hubs may need one for Father’s Day…


Anything you’d like to see on FGF? Share in the comments below!


Happy fangirling!

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