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In my two and a half weeks since becoming a mother of two, I’ve already learned SO much; mostly what a champ moms are (especially my own) and that we women are basically the toughest people out there!

But, there’s one thing I’m still trying to grasp. And that is the ability to let things go. I’m not talking about holding a grudge against someone who fails to compliment my adorable newborn (looking at you, grumpy checkout lady) but rather, the ability to let productivity fall to wayside and just be present.

I read an interesting article today and it really convicted me. (You can read the article here.) The author spoke about how she was constantly feeling the need to be productive. In her mind, if she wasn’t being productive, she was being a bad wife, mother, and person in general.

That’s completely how I feel.

When I had Huff the Tot, I needed more time to heal. I had a third degree tear, painful stitches, and my mental state was a little bumpy at times. With Huff the Babe, however, I’ve felt awesome since about 5 days postpartum and my mental state is great! Because of this, I feel the need to make sure that I continue on my “normal pre-baby routine”. I’ve been running around harried making sure that the chores get done and Hermione is doing her tot school activities. If I don’t get those things completed, I feel like a failure.

When did my self-worth become so centered on how productive I am and whether or not the mirrors get Windexed this week?

Instead of rushing to get pajamas folded, I should be focusing on cuddling with my two-year old ho needs my attention now more than ever. Or counting little newborn baby toes. Or sitting down with my husband to just watch a short, 30-minute rerun of Friends.

So today, I’m making a pledge; I’m going to try my hardest to not try to get everything accomplished. I need rest. I just pushed out a nine pound human for goodness sakes! I need to give my kids the love and attention they need and crave. I need to snuggle with Huff the Hubs and talk about something besides taking the trash out and whether or not both kids had a bowel movement that day.

I challenge you too, Momma, to not worry about whether the dishwasher gets unloaded tonight rather than tomorrow morning. To not worry if your kid is using the same bath towel they have for the past two nights. Like Elsa says, “Let it go.”

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