Try It Tuesday

try it tuesday EO


When I had Huff the Tot, I made a goal that I would breastfeed her for a year. I stuck to that goal and I’m so glad I did. She was an EXCELLENT nurser and latched on almost perfectly from the moment she was born. The biggest issue I had with her was that I needed to use a nipple shield those first few weeks when I had gotten engorged.

So, when her tank of a little brother came out, I just assumed this round of breastfeeding would go as smoothly.

Not so much.

I have never experienced this type of pain/frustration in all my life. I was engorged from the get-go and Huff the Babe was NOT a fan of the shield. He wouldn’t open his mouth wide enough to get a good latch so he ended up giving me “pinch lines” on both nipples.

Not only that, but I cracked and bled. BAD. It looked like the kid had teeth and just spent his days buying me. I’m not kidding.

It was so bad that, when I got the courage to pump, I pumped blood.


Lanolin wasn’t helping. Ice packs weren’t helping. Just about the time I considered throwing in the towel and sending Huff the Hubs for formula, my sister told me about this:


Y’all, this stuff is a MIRACLE worker! I saw results in a day. No. Joke. I’d apply it after every single nursing/pumping session and within about 4-5 days, my nipples were completely healed!

Have you ever used this? Did you ever have the same problem when you were nursing your little one(s)?

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