Try It Tuesday

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I was scrolling through my newsfeed the other day and came across one of those links that is obviously click bait. You know what I’m talking about. Its those headlines that read: “He Never Expected His Wife Would Do THIS” and you think its some crazy tale about how a woman left her husband to follow a rockstar she was obsessed with on tour or something, only to find out she cooked his favorite meal that his great grandma used to make and it made him happy. I hate crap like that. But, I also can’t help but click it.

Such was the case when I saw a headline that promised to make my nasty, dingy baking sheet look good as new. (I believe the headline was something along the lines of: “She Was Going to Throw Out Her Old Pans Until She Tried This Trick!”)

try it original


I was intrigued! Of course I want my pans to look as good as new! I’m cheap and I don’t want to replace something that I can fix myself.

Here’s what you need:


~an ugly baking sheet

~an old toothbrush

~dish soap

~baking powder

~aluminum foil



According to the site, you’re supposed to scrub the baking soda onto the pan in a circular motion with the toothbrush. Never once did it say to mix the water and the baking soda or the dish soap with the water; I was totally confused! They said you needed those things but never mentioned them again! Sigh. I just assumed you were supposed to mix the baking soda, water, and soap. So that’s what I did.



I scrubbed it into the pan and let it set (per the instructions) for 30 minutes.



Then, I scrubbed it with aluminum foil.



After that you’re just supposed to “rinse the grime away”!



Yeah. That didn’t happen.



It literally looked the exact same. Granted, it felt a lot cleaner, but it still looked like crap.

Maybe I shouldn’t have mixed the soda, water, and soap? I don’t know; the directions weren’t very clear. Either way, this is definitely a Try It Fail. Womp, womp.

Do you have any tricks to get your old bake-ware looking new? Share in the comments below!

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