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Since becoming a mom of two, I’ve had many epiphanies:

No matter what your child is doing, when they see you’re dealing with the other kid, they use that opportunity to destroy something or have a complete meltdown. 

I can survive on 4 hours of sleep or less a night. 

Going to Lowe’s by yourself to pick out plants is the motherhood equivalent of an all-inclusive vacation. 

But the biggest epiphany I’ve had is that I do not have to be perfect.

As soon as I felt healed and ready to get back into my old routines after giving birth to Huff the Babe, I thought I need to be able to jump back into the life I had before having two kids. I needed to keep up with my workload, make sure I accomplished all of the things on my chore list, and keep the house organized and tidy. Then I realized I’m an idiot.

I soon realized I couldn’t keep the same momentum I had before. At least, not in these early days. These days are often referred to as The Fourth Trimester. The Fourth Trimester is all about survival.


I’ve learned to let go of crap that isn’t that big of a deal. Because right now, if by the end of the day my kids and I have been fed and are alive its been a good day.

Huff the Tot only ate one bite of egg and barely touched her yogurt?


She’s watched an hour of Little Einstein’s while I slept next to her?


Huff the Babe is still in the jammies he wore to bed last night and its 4:00 in the afternoon?

It’s all good.

Not long ago, these facts would have sent me into a spiral of guilt and anxiety. I would’ve questioned my ability to be a good mother and started searching Pinterest for ways to increase productivity while I slept. Now? I could care less. Why? Because I’m just trying to survive. When you get into survival mode, things like whether or not you’ve showered that day or whether or not your kid has had four servings of veggies doesn’t seem to matter.


I’m sure one of these days when I get more sleep and have more energy, we’ll get back to our old routine–or just come up with a whole new one. But for now, I’m going to stop being so hard on myself. My baby isn’t even two months old yet, for crying out loud. We’re still very new to this two kid thing and we’re all still getting to know one another.

And that’s my message to you, overworked Momma. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can never do enough or you’re not good enough, know you are. And know that there are seasons in which survival is all you can strive for and that’s okay. If everyone’s fed, clothed, and knows they’re loved, you’ve done your job. Way to be, girl. Way to be.



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