Try It Tuesday

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Not only did I get an awesome gift for Mother’s Day (two gorgeous chaise loungers for the backyard so I can layout and get some sun on these vampire-white legs) but Huff the Hubs made me a DELICIOUS breakfast!

Earlier last week, I saw a segment from our local news station about a Mother’s Day breakfast of brownie waffles, so I asked HtH if he’d make it for me. He. Did. GOOD.

Here’s what you need:


~Brownie mix



~whipped cream

~strawberries, sliced

~vegetable oil (HtH used EVOO)

~chocolate syrup


Mix the brownie mix according to the instructions, adding an extra egg. Pour the mix into the waffle iron. While the waffle is cooking, prepare your bacon. Huff the Hubs put his in the oven so it would all cook at the same time and not spatter everywhere.


When everything is finished cooking, its time to assemble your masterpiece. (Huff the Hubs stacked mine like in the video, but he liked the picture of his waffle better, so I’ll describe that one). Cut your waffle into fourths (our waffle maker basically does this for us). Place your waffle pieces on your plate and cut four strips of bacon in half, making eight pieces. Dollop whipped cream on top of the waffle pieces and place two small pieces of bacon on each quarter of your waffle. Then, add strawberry slices and drizzle with chocolate syrup. When you’re done, devour your tasty masterpiece!



Y’all, this was AH-MAY-ZING! I think this is going to be my go-to Mother’s Day/birthday/special occasion breakfast from now on!

Mommy Monday

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Since becoming a mom of two, I’ve had many epiphanies:

No matter what your child is doing, when they see you’re dealing with the other kid, they use that opportunity to destroy something or have a complete meltdown. 

I can survive on 4 hours of sleep or less a night. 

Going to Lowe’s by yourself to pick out plants is the motherhood equivalent of an all-inclusive vacation. 

But the biggest epiphany I’ve had is that I do not have to be perfect.

As soon as I felt healed and ready to get back into my old routines after giving birth to Huff the Babe, I thought I need to be able to jump back into the life I had before having two kids. I needed to keep up with my workload, make sure I accomplished all of the things on my chore list, and keep the house organized and tidy. Then I realized I’m an idiot.

I soon realized I couldn’t keep the same momentum I had before. At least, not in these early days. These days are often referred to as The Fourth Trimester. The Fourth Trimester is all about survival.


I’ve learned to let go of crap that isn’t that big of a deal. Because right now, if by the end of the day my kids and I have been fed and are alive its been a good day.

Huff the Tot only ate one bite of egg and barely touched her yogurt?


She’s watched an hour of Little Einstein’s while I slept next to her?


Huff the Babe is still in the jammies he wore to bed last night and its 4:00 in the afternoon?

It’s all good.

Not long ago, these facts would have sent me into a spiral of guilt and anxiety. I would’ve questioned my ability to be a good mother and started searching Pinterest for ways to increase productivity while I slept. Now? I could care less. Why? Because I’m just trying to survive. When you get into survival mode, things like whether or not you’ve showered that day or whether or not your kid has had four servings of veggies doesn’t seem to matter.


I’m sure one of these days when I get more sleep and have more energy, we’ll get back to our old routine–or just come up with a whole new one. But for now, I’m going to stop being so hard on myself. My baby isn’t even two months old yet, for crying out loud. We’re still very new to this two kid thing and we’re all still getting to know one another.

And that’s my message to you, overworked Momma. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can never do enough or you’re not good enough, know you are. And know that there are seasons in which survival is all you can strive for and that’s okay. If everyone’s fed, clothed, and knows they’re loved, you’ve done your job. Way to be, girl. Way to be.



Fan Girl Friday!

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Happy Friday, fangirls and fanboys! Its May, so you know what that means! Summer movie kick-off has begun! Captain America: Civil War hits theaters today and I’ve got some star-spangled stuff to get you ready for it!


Who says geek can’t be chic? You’ll look as lovely as Agent Carter in this a-DORK-able Captain America skirt from Think Geek!


AND it has pockets! So you can sneak in Sour Patch Kids to the movie! (Though, I don’t condone that…cough, cough.)



Which side are you on? Me, I’m 100% Team Cap! After all, Steve really socked it to those Nazis! I’ll be showing my pride with one of these shirts from RedBubble!

team rogersraf,220x200,075,f,black_triblend.u4


Later this year, the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, Independence Day: Resurgence will be released! Woo! And the marketing masters behind the film released an awesome docu-promo this week. Check it out:



And breaking movie news! It looks like we FINALLY have our young Han Solo for the new Star Wars spinoff!


Alden Ehrenreich has been named the newest scruffy-looking nerf herder! If he looks familiar, fangirls, its because this cutie also played Ethan Wate in Beautiful Creatures! Can’t wait to see how Alden brings the best pilot in the galaxy to life!


Don’t forget, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Treat your Mom to something awesome for putting up with you all these years!


Happy fangirling!



Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3


Today’s Her’s Day Thursday BAMF is not just one woman, but many: mothers everywhere. 

The stay-at-home mom who home-schools her kids and needs a break from being Mommy AND teacher. The working mom that drops her kids off at daycare and wishes she could stay home. The mom with little ones, bleary-eyed and covered in spit up. The mom with pre-teens and teens, navigating a world of hormones and eye-rolls. The mom helping her baby pack up his room for college and wondering what she’ll do with an empty nest. The mom who has now become Grandma and is helping her child walk through this wilderness we call motherhood. I salute you. Happy {early} Mother’s Day. 


Try It Tuesday

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Because I have such awesome friends, when they try new things, they take pics and document it so I can use it for a Try It Tuesday since my life is a tad more chaotic now. Enter: Guest Blogger Anthony Mount! Take it away, Anthony!

As many of you know, Jess has been enjoying the relaxing life of having a newborn and a toddler at the same time. This has meant that she can’t pry herself away from her stories on daytime television to do a new Try it Tuesday. (This may be my last guest blogger appearance, hee-hee)

Anyway, I saw this picture of stuffed pasta shells on Facebook and thought it may be a cool, quick meal for my family. Since my wife, Jess’s best mate, is big time preggers and practicing early to join Jess for her relaxing time of daytime television, I get the honor of making delicious meals for the family. (This may be the last time I get to sleep in my own bed, ha!)

Here’s what you need:

~package of large pasta shells

~cheddar cheese (or, your favorite cheese), shredded (We buy block cheese so I grated my own)

~1lb hamburger meat

~your favorite seasonings for the hamburger meat

~marinara sauce

There were not any instructions with the picture so I created my own:

First, bring a pot of water to a full boil and the cook noodles for 7 minutes. (According to Gordon Ramsey’s rule of “all pasta takes 7 minutes to cook.”)


Once the pasta is cooked, set it aside while all other ingredients finish.

Next: season and brown your hamburger meat. I use equal parts Lawry’s, paprika, and herbed poultry.


Once this is finished, preheat oven to 380 degrees while prepping the rest of the meal.

Next, spray a casserole dish with PAM and lay a thick layer of marinara sauce on the bottom of the dish (I prefer Prego).


Next, grate cheddar cheese.


Add a little marinara sauce to the meat.


Now it is time to stuff the shells.This is the technique I used: I placed the shell in a ladle and then used tongs to insert the meat.


Once the meat is in the shell place it in the pre-marinara’d (is that a word?) casserole dish and then cover with cheese.


By this time the oven should be pre-heated to 380 degrees, so place in oven for 10 minutes. Then serve. (No need to let cool)


Final thoughts:

~This was NOT a quick meal. All in all, it took about an hour to cook. (Though, it may be because my hamburger meat started out frozen and I was learning as I went along.)

~This also created a ton of dirty dishes. So be prepared (meaning make sure your dishwasher is empty before starting).

~My wife (Jess’s Best Mate) loved it, as did my picky-eater daughter. (She did ask for me to use less cheese next time, but I love cheese.)

~I do recommend it when you need something new and different for dinner.

Good luck!

(Now, time for me to go buy some roses to get out of the dog houses I put myself in for writing this blog!)

Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday3


Before I had kids, I loved hearing the hilarious things that would come out of my niece and nephews’ mouths. It reminded me of that show from late 80’s/early 90’s, Kid’s Say the Darndest Things. Remember that show? Bill Cosby would have a bunch of kids on stage and he’d ask them random questions and they’d say stuff like:

Kids Say the Darndest THings

(Preach, sistah.)

So once Huff the Tot started forming words together, I couldn’t wait to hear what she’d say. Mostly because I know she’s inherited her mother’s mouth and I knew I was in for a lot of payback after what I put my parents through. And let me tell you, that child has not disappointed. Here are a few gems from Huff the Tot:


*Driving past hospital* 

HtT: Mommy, that’s the hos’pial. Let’s go put baby brudder back in your tummy.


Yeah, doesn’t work like that, kid. 


*Huff the Babe cries in the other room*

HtT (over her shoulder as she walks by): Mommy, baby brudder’s cwying. He’s hungwy for your boobie. 

What did you say

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so open about breastfeeding…


HtT: Mommy, I got a secwet. 

Me: You’ve got a secret? Can you tell me? 

HtT: Uh huh. 

Me: Well, what is it? 

HtT: *looks around, cups her mouth and whispers* Stars. 

don't laugh gi

Oh those bright things in the sky? They’re a secret only Hermione knows about. And now me. 


HtT: Mommy, where’s Daddy? 

Me: He’s in the shower, sweetie. 

HtT: Oh the shower? He a stinky. Stinky like a skunk. 

trying not to laugh gi


Pretty much. 


Me: *goes to get HtT out of bed* Good morning, sweetie! I love you!

HtT: *scowls* Mommy, your hair is CWAZY. 


Gee, thanks. 


What about you? What’s something that your kid has said that made you laugh? (Or made you try really hard NOT to laugh?) Share in the comments below!