Try It Tuesday

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Now that I have a house (and I’m not pregnant) I’ve been doing lots of little projects around the house. One of them is taking care of the lawn with the help of a good self-propelled mower I got couple months ago, and flower beds. In our backyard, there’s a little patch of dirt that had been a major eye-sore. I decided to tackle it.

I tilled the ground, put some cedar edging around it, and pull out some stray weeds. I couldn’t decide what to plant, but then I remembered something Huff the Hubs and I bought with a Think Geek gift card we received as a housewarming gift:



I decided I’d try these out! I laid out some Miracle Grow and dropped the bombs.



A few weeks later, I went out to check the progress:



I was actually really surprised that these little bombs worked! For one, they had been sitting on our counter for dang near three months. And two, I’ve NEVER been able to get anything to grow from seeds! Maybe this has broken my “black thumb” curse!


Have you ever tried seed bombs? Did they work for you? Share in the comments below!


Mommy Monday

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A few weeks ago, Huff the Hubs and I made an agreement. Even though I’m the “default parent”, because he is going back to school and up to his ears in homework, I told him I would do everything that needed to be done around the house (and try to have a servant’s heart about it) if he would do the one chore I do not enjoy: bath time for the kids. He happily agreed. This gives me time to get a break from the kids and gives him time to bond with them. Its a win-win.

I won’t lie; I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed since we made this agreement. So much so that’s its been showing it physically (dizziness, shaky, light-headed, vertigo). But knowing that its only for a season makes it somewhat bearable.

So when I saw this video from the hilarious ladies over at The BreakWomb, I couldn’t help but chuckle and silently give a “Amen, sistahs.”

So to all you overwhelmed, overworked Mommas, turn up the volume and get ready to feel the solidarity:

Fan Girl Friday!

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Hallelujah, its Friday! Can I get an amen?! I know some folks woke up feeling very distraught because it looks like the UK and the EU are never, ever, ever, getting back together! But don’t fret! I’ve got some nerdy nifties to turn that frown upside down!


It seems like food trucks are everywhere these days! And its not just humans getting in on the street-vending delicacies! Your feathered friends can partake now, thanks to Perpetual Kid!

FGF 6-24-16

This Cheep Eats “food truck” hangs from just about anywhere! Fill it with some seed and watch birdies line up around the block just to sneak a taste!


Y’all, adulting is hard. Between going to work, remembering to pay the bills–and more importantly, to put on pants–life can get a little overwhelming. Keep you and your pals motivated with these:

fgf awards 6-24-16

This Big Book of Awards For Grownups includes citations for being awesome or geeking out about various fandoms! <–Perhaps deserve that one?


Parenting is stressful. One thing that has made it easier (besides locking myself in the bathroom and watching Netflix on the iPad) is the sweet nostalgia of coloring. I’ll admit, I’ve sometimes stolen Huff the Tot’s coloring books for my own, but now I’ve got my sights set on another:

fgf 6-24-26lotr

One coloring book to rule them all! This book includes pictures from the animated movie, Peter Jackson’s trilogy, and artist’s renderings! Eee!


My niece and nephews have a TON of Nerf guns. I’mSO not joking. They probably have two large storage tubs full of ’em. My brother-in-law is a wee bit obsessed. But I’m thinking this NASA engineer has him beat! Check it out:


Have something you want featured on FGF? Share in the comments below!


Happy fangirling!

Her’s Day Thursday

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A few weeks ago, huff the Hubs and I watched an interesting docu-series on life in the 1960’s. While watching, we learned about an awesome lady named Rachel Carson. I didn’t know anything about her until this documentary and quickly decided that EVERYONE needed to know about this wonderful woman!

Rachel Carson4


Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907, near Springdale, Pennsylvania. As a child, Rachel loved to read; mostly stories about the natural world and animals. Being inspired, she wrote stories while playing on her family’s farm.

When Rachel graduated high school, she studied at the Pennsylvania College for Women; first as an English major, but quickly changed to biology. While at PCW, she kept up her love of writing and wrote for the school newspaper.


She was admitted to Johns Hopkins University for their graduate program, but had to stay in Pennsylvania because of financial problems. Soon, however, she was able to transfer to Johns Hopkins and earned a masters in zoology. After earning her degree, tragedy struck and Carson had to care for her family after her father died. She took a position with the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries and wrote copy for a radio program designed to garner the public’s interest in wildlife.

Her boss loved her work and, in 1936, she was given a position as a junior aquatic biologist (only the second woman at the time). Carson continued her work and research, writing several books about wildlife and nature. In 1962, however, her most well-known book, Silver Spring was published.

rachel carson2

Silver Spring was an investigation into the harmful affects of pesticides used on crops and the environment. Her book was the catalyst to the modern environmental movement and helped speed up the outlawing of DDT.

Though she was met with criticism and push-back (mostly from chemical companies and those lawmakers in their pockets) Carson didn’t waiver. She continued to find more and more research showing just how harmful these chemicals were.

Carson passed away in 1964. Six years later, under President Nixon’s administration, the Environmental Protection Agency was created; many credit Carson’s work to its creation. During President Jimmy Carter’s time in office, he awarded Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

rachel carson3

Thanks, Rachel, for helping to protect our environment and our food!




Try It Tuesday

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With yesterday being the first day of summer, I thought I’d treat Huff the Tot and her cousins to some fun while also doing a Try It for today! 

A while back, I saw a commercial for this super cool contraption that fills 30+ water balloons super fast. I wanted to see for myself if it worked, however you never can tell with those “as seen on TV” things.


But I figured I’d buy it and see what happens.


So we got the kids in their swimsuits and went outside. I screwed the hose to the balloon filler and hollered for my mom to let ‘er rip! 



I freaked out for a minute because I wasn’t sure how full to let them get. I double-checked the package and it said to just let the balloons fill up and they’d fall off the “filling straws” when they were full enough. 


This thing is awesome, y’all! Every single water balloon filled up! There were zero duds! And the kids LOVED them:


My mom told me that the first thing my youngest nephew said to her this morning was, “Are there more water balloons?” 

Have you ever tried these before? What were your results? Share in the comments below!  


Mommy Monday

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Scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and you’ll see all kinds of moms doing Wonderous Mommy things:

Just finished my 10 mile run. #getitgirl

eye roll 2


Shelling peas for dinner tonight. Thanks, Pinterest for this recipe AND for the step-by-step instructions on how to make my own trash composter! 

eye roll gif


The husband made Eggs Benedict for us this morning–that makes 5 days in a row! #blessed 

eye roll 3

Give. Me. A. Break.


You know how my mornings usually start? A lot like this:

mommy mornings


I admit it, there are times I may fib a little on Facebook about how great my day is going, but for the most part, I hope I keep it real. Not that I want to air my dirty laundry online for the world to see (its called Facebook, not your diary) I do want to numbersign keep it real.

So when I saw this commercial, I literally laughed out loud. Why? Because, truth:


(Sidebar: Imma have to look up this product. The realness of the commercial makes me love the product already!)

Try It Tuesday

try it carpenter


With it heating up outside, I’ve been working on the lawn A LOT. Which means I’ve been tracking mud and grass in the house. Which means I’ve been vacuuming more. Which means I’m about to lose my mind. So, in order to keep my sanity, I consulted Pinterest for some help and found today’s Try It–a foot rinsing station for the backyard!

Here’s what I used:


~A short bucket


~A screwdriver

That’s it. That’s all I needed.


First, I poked holes in the bottom of the bucket with a screwdriver:



After that, I dropped the rocks inside:



That’s it! This project took $5 and 5 minutes to make! And, it works:



This worked great! The holes in the bottom of the bucket help to keep the water from pooling, the rocks keep the bucket from slipping or blowing away in the Oklahoma wind, as well as cutting down on splash-back (thus keep dry clothes dry) and avoiding getting your feet muddy or grassy!

(And yes, those are Huff the Tot’s adorable toes!)

Do you have one of these? What’s yours made out of? Do you like it?

Fan Girl Friday

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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Friday! And I tell you what, I’m am SUPER jazzed about all of today’s news! Seriously, its like the Geeky Gods decided to smile upon me this week with all of these squee-worthy finds!


No lie, I woke up to a text from my brother-in-law telling me that Lego just unveiled two of their new sets! Why did he share this news with me? Because one of the sets is a tribute to The Beatles! AHH!

lego beatles

I cannot wait to see what design Lego comes up with! I’m definitely getting this set (and keeping it far from Huff the Tot and Huff the Babe!). The second set Lego will be releasing is Apollo 11!

lego apollo 11

Though the design is not yet set in stone, Lego revealed on their blog that the set will be about 3 feet tall!


And speaking of The Fab Four, Hot Wheels is getting on the Magical Mystery Tour by releasing commemorative Beatles-inspired cars!

FGF Beatles HotWheelsThe Yellow Submarine 50th Anniversary cars hit Walmart stores nationwide on June 15th! Eeee!


And in other Lego news, the brick building company dropped a new trailer this week, debuting the new characters for their Lego Dimensions video game! Check it out:

Sah-weet! The new characters drop into stores June 14th! In the words of Jake and Finn, “Mathematical!”


This week on the Pottermore website, Ron Weasley, his sister Ginny, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood (also known as Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, and Evanna Lynch) were all sorted into Hogwarts Houses!

I used to be upset that my House (according to Pottermore) was Hufflepuff, but knowing Ron and Neville will be there, I’m not so dismayed anymore!


Come across something you want featured on Fan Girl Friday? Hit me up on Twitter @thehuffmanpost or share in the comments below!


Happy fangirling!


Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4

This week on Facebook, my newsfeed has been filled with a lot of sad, depressing, anger-inducing stories. I was going to address one today, but I have so many emotions over it that I don’t think I could get through it. Instead, I’d like to focus on a happy story. A story about a young girl who is making a positive impact on her community.


This is Khloe. Khloe is a 9-year-old philanthropist living in southern California. Khloe and her mom walked to school together everyday and would pass the same group of homeless people. One day she asked her mother what they could do to help. That’s when Khloe came up with a plan.

She knew that the people living on the streets needed basic necessities (food, hygiene items, etc.) but didn’t want to stop at that. She realized that these folks needed a way to keep all of their few possessions together. plastic grocery sacks were too flimsy; they could break and their belongings would scatter everywhere. Khloe didn’t have enough money to buy backpacks for everyone, so with the help of her mother and grandmother, Khloe started sewing durable bags.


She filled the bags with shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, tampons, and anything else she could think of. Then, on her and her mother’s daily walks, she’d pass them out.

Khloe has not only inspired those in her community to help out, but businesses as well. Khloe is planning a toy drive and Taco Bell has agreed to donate food, will be donating shoes, and people from all over will donate toys for children in need.

You can donate at this GoFundMe page and check out more info on Khloe’s website, here!

Way to go, Khloe! You truly are an amazing young woman!