Try It Tuesday

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With yesterday being the first day of summer, I thought I’d treat Huff the Tot and her cousins to some fun while also doing a Try It for today! 

A while back, I saw a commercial for this super cool contraption that fills 30+ water balloons super fast. I wanted to see for myself if it worked, however you never can tell with those “as seen on TV” things.


But I figured I’d buy it and see what happens.


So we got the kids in their swimsuits and went outside. I screwed the hose to the balloon filler and hollered for my mom to let ‘er rip! 



I freaked out for a minute because I wasn’t sure how full to let them get. I double-checked the package and it said to just let the balloons fill up and they’d fall off the “filling straws” when they were full enough. 


This thing is awesome, y’all! Every single water balloon filled up! There were zero duds! And the kids LOVED them:


My mom told me that the first thing my youngest nephew said to her this morning was, “Are there more water balloons?” 

Have you ever tried these before? What were your results? Share in the comments below!  


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