Mommy Monday

mommy monday

Yesterday at church, a sweet old lady that always sits behind us showed us something very special to her. It was a small notebook she bought back in the 50’s/60’s. Inside were quotes from her daughter when she was a toddler.




She handed it over to Huff the Hubs and I and said, “I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a while. I love watching your children in church. I just wanted to pass on a little something if I could: write down what your kids say. They’re only little for a small amount of time and the things they say need to be treasured.”

I seriously thought I might cry!


It reiterated to me that this was the best $13 I have ever spent:

my quotable kid

This book helps you document all the hilarious, sweet, and inappropriate things toddlers say so you can reminisce (and also embarrass your kids)!

I can’t wait to bring up this quote at Hermione’s 18th birthday:


(In her defense, she had heard Momma say that a time or ten; breastfeeding can be rough, y’all!)


Do you write down your kids’ quotes? You should start now!

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