Mommy Monday


(I debated on blogging about this because I didn’t want to fan the flames of an already hot topic, but ya know what? I give no cares, so I’m gonna do it.)

Now that Huff the Babe is six months old and we’re on the cusp of starting him on solids, I’ve started to feel a need to shed the excess weight I’m still carrying from having him*. I’ve got about 10-ish pounds still hanging around, mostly around my middle, that I’d like to see disappear.


I haven’t really been strict about my diet–mostly because any time I cut out a certain food group, my milk supply drops and it takes a bit to get it back up to optimum levels and breastfeeding burns a ton of calories which means I’m constantly hAngry–but I’ve been working on adding better foods to my diet.

Another area that I’ve been working on is strength training. A lot of women tend to think that strength training is a waste of time and that cardio is where you need to focus your attention if you want to lose weight. But actually, strength training is the best thing you can do for your body, especially after having a kiddo.

Weight lifting/strength training helps you burn more fat, gives you the strength to pick up your little bundle/toddler/unload the double stroller multiple times a day without pulling something, as well as help those muscles that got separated during pregnancy to come back together to avoid future problems.


Last summer, my sister, mom, and I started this workout routine and I actually started it back up again not long after I had Huff the Babe! Its basically three days of strength training and one day of cardio a week. That’s it. And the cardio can be your choice. Y’all, this thing WORKS.



I measured myself before I started the routine and then about four weeks into it. When I measured a month later, I had lost an inch off of my waist and TWO off of my hips (checked the Advocare 10 day cleanse review by Jade before and guess results would be quite similar). I was doing really good there for a hot minute and consistently losing inches, but then I went back to work (this is pre-SAHM life) and I fell out of the routine so my inches that I lost came back, womp, womp. BUT, I’ve started it back up again now that I don’t have to work about client calls or meeting editing deadlines and I could not be more excited!

I encourage YOU (Momma or not!) to try this out! It is seriously so simple and it is really effective. Now, I’m not saying I’m a fitness expert, nor do I know your body’s exact needs. So, talk with your doc about it first. I want you to be healthy but I don’t want you doing something that could put you at risk.


Have you tried a strength training workout in which you’ve seen results? Share in the comments below!


















*Calm yourself. I’m not saying that every woman should try to lose all the weight they gained from having their precious babies as soon as they can because that’s what is “expected of us”. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Working out gives me energy and endorphins which makes for a happier Momma. A happier Momma = better taken care of Littles and a happier Hubs. Plus, if I lose the baby weight, my clothes will fit better, meaning I feel more confident and I don’t have to buy bigger sizes/more clothes (because hashtag ballin’ on a budget, yo). So check yo’self.

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