Mommy Monday


I spend the better part of my day correcting Huff the Tot.


“Wash your hands.” 


“Do NOT sit on your brother!”


“Close your mouth when you chew.”


“Get the Legos out of your bed, its nap time!” 


“Stop playing in the trash!”


“Get your hands out of your pants!” 


“Stop climbing on the dresser!” 


I seriously feel like I’m talking to a wall. There are days I wonder if any of what I am saying is getting through that threenager brain of hers.



But then, last night, something amazing happened. I said, “Hermione, go get your bear. Its time to go.”

What did she say?

“Yes, ma’am,” and did it.

She literally said those words and got her bear. Without a fight. Without a whine. Without a, “But I want to staaaaayyyyy!!!!”

It. Was. GLORIOUS. I realized what I say IS getting through! She IS listening! There IS hope after all! Maybe I AM getting the hang of this mom thing!



Then, she farted in my face as I tried buckling her into her car seat.



Eh, you win some, you lose some.

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