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Last Wednesday officially kicked off the Lenten season. Lent is a time where those from the Catholic church abstain from something (chocolate, sweets, etc.) during the forty days before Easter, commemorating when Jesus withdrew to the desert to pray and fast. I’m not Catholic, but this year I decided I wanted to try and “fast” from something for 40 days. I’ve done this before and it did NOT end well.


Let’s just say I made it all of three days. This time, however, I started a few days earlier than Lent and stopped drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and replacing it with unsweet iced tea (sweetened with a natural sweetener).

One of the reasons I decided to give up this particular drink was because of the negative health affects of the drink. But I also wanted to give up something I felt I “couldn’t live without”.

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In addition to giving something up for Lent, I saw a neat post on Facebook that suggested adding something that’s good for you to each day leading up to Lent. For example: go for a daily walk, add a serving of vegetables to every meal, or drink 8 glasses of water. I’ve decided to add “exercise breaks” to every day.

Last week I added 50 burpees a day.

It was not fun.


This week, I’ll add 50 jumping jacks a day. The next week I’ll add something different and so on and so on.

I think this will be a great way for me to not only make a concentrated effort to stick to my Lenten goals, but also to have moments throughout the day I can stop and think about this very important season while doing something good for my health.

What about you? Are you fasting from or adding anything to keep the spirit of Lent? Share in the comments below!


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