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One of my goals for 2018 is to try to get the kids to not watch as much television as they have in the past. I’ll admit it, my kids watch the big black box more than I’d like. According the Academy of American Pediatrics, toddlers shouldn’t be exposed to “screen time” more than an hour a day.


I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep the kiddos busy (so I can do stuff like actually go to the bathroom or blog) besides turning on the telly. I made a few “centers boxes” I found with items from the dollar store but Huff the Tot and Huff the Babe seem to really fly through them. I did a little research and found some awesome games that can either be played alone or together and are great for getting kids to think critically and problem solve!


Roll & Play 

roll n play

This game is great! We have one similar at the Mother’s Day Out program where I work and the kids love it! The premise is simple: roll the soft, plushy dice and find a card with the matching color. On the card is an activity you have to perform (sing a song, roar like a lion, etc.). And bonus–the cards fit inside a little pocket on the dice!


Camelot Jr. 

camelot jr

Do you have a Minecraft or Lego-obsessed kiddo? Camelot Jr. is an awesome way to introduce your little one to spatial dynamics and architecture! This game (which can be played independently) comes with a variety of blocks and a booklet with instructions and is fun for the whole family!


Three Little Piggies


This single-player game is similar to the Camelot Jr., but with a little twist. Using the familiar theme of The Three Little Pigs, this game includes a booklet with 48 challenges and encourages spatial insight, planning and problem-solving skills!


Last Mouse Lost


One of the biggest problems we have in the Huffman Homestead is keeping the kids busy and focused on something when we go out to eat. For a kid, waiting 15-20 minutes for your food to arrive can seem like an eternity. And as soon as they get bored, all hell breaks loose: silverware goes flying, iced tea gets spilled, and someone (sometimes me) ends up in tears. This game is no bigger than a pancake is a great way to keep kiddos entertained on the go! Here’s how to play, according to The mice have just finished feasting and need to scurry into their holes. Don’t be the last mouse standing or you might get caught by the cat! Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round. Whoever wins three of five rounds wins the game! 


Zingo Bingo


A new twist on an old favorite, Zingo Bingo helps kids learn sight words and matching! This would be great for a playdate or even as a center in a classroom!


What are some of your kids’ favorite games? Share in the comments below!

Fan Girl Friday!

Doctor Who Fan Girl Friday


Happy Friday, peeps! Its been a whirlwind here in Oklahoma the past week, what with the teacher walkout and Mother Nature acting a wee bit bi-polar. I think we could all use some fandom fancies to help boost our moods!

As I said, the teacher walkout has been going on all week long. I’d personally like to see one of the awesome teachers down at the capitol wearing this Miss Frizzle-inspired getup!

Ms Frizzle Dress

Isn’t it awesome?! And–bonus!–its under $25! Score!


Tomorrow morning here in OKC there’s a chance of freezing rain and snow. Five days later, the forecast calls for a high of 81. Yes, I’m serious. I think for those days that actually feel like spring, I need to invest in this:

unicorn sprinkler

This magical inflatable sprinkler is what we all need in our yards and our lives! How much fun would it be to run around with the kiddos alongside this?!


Sometimes I feel like a 70-year-old in a 33-year-old’s body. I’m snarky, sarcastic, and like to be in bed by 8:00. And when you get me and my squad together, we’re basically the Golden Girls. Maybe we need to grab these to rep our GG selves!

golden girls chapstick holder

These adorable lip balm holders from Etsy shop Little Dainty Darlings clip onto your keyring, purse, or diaper bag while looking uber-cute!



Its been a rough week. I think we could all use some relaxation and rest. Maybe cuddle up and watch a Studio Ghibli movie! And what better way to enjoy a beautiful Japanese cinematic experience than with these!


These Totoro slippers look so incredibly comfy and cozy! Those plus a catbus to take me on a Starbucks run and my weekend would be set!


Happy fangirling!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday Organization Header


Lately, I’ve really been wanting to purge a bunch of stuff from the Huffman Homestead. We just have SO. MUCH. CRAP. that it is a little overwhelming trying to tackle it all. I was looking around Pinterest trying to find some organizational tips and came across a 30-day declutter challenge!



I decided to start this on Sunday since it was the first of the month and do a small declutter every day instead of trying to do it all at once. When I’m done, I’ll blog about how it went (and whether or not my OCD took over and I had to just do it all in one exhausting day.

Who’s with me?


Mommy Monday



Today in my great state, schools are closed. Not because of inclement weather, but because the teachers are marching the steps of the State Capitol. I absolutely support the teachers in their endeavor to get funding for their classrooms, to create smaller class sizes, and to get paid for the hard work they put in week after week. Teachers deserve our respect and our support.

They’re are so many things I could say, stats I could provide, and stories I could tell to illustrate the need for proper funding, smaller class sizes, better pay, and improved working conditions for educators all around the nation. Instead, I’ll let this video speak for itself.


I stand with you, teachers! Keep fighting for our kids!

Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3


One of my goals this year is to blog more consistently. I’ve been failing on that front, especially with Her’s Day Thursday posts. I wanted to blog each week about a woman from every state in the U.S. So far this year I’ve hit Alabama and Alaska. Today, I’m getting back on the BAMF blogging wagon and telling you all about a great lady from Arizona: Jane H. Rider!

Jane H. Rider was born in 1889 to a homemaker mother and mining engineer father. From an early age, Jane was very interested in her father’s work. Her parents put education as a top priority and Jane was able to attend a private high school, later attending the University of Arizona. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering—Arizona’s first female engineer.

Jane Rider 2

Her first position as a college graduate was as a bacteriologist for Arizona State Laboratories at the university she graduated from. She moved up the ladder, eventually becoming director of the lab in 1918! Her work included conducting surveys and investigations of the milk and water supplies throughout the state of Arizona. She’d collect samples by train, stagecoach, and even on horseback!


In a newspaper interview in 1966, Jane said this about her work: “In 1913, Arizona had the second highest infant mortality rate in the nation and a good share of the blame went to unsanitary milk,” she recalled in a newspaper interview in 1966. “Do you know what a ‘dobe hole is? When people built their adobe houses they dug the material out of the ground and left the hole. They let this fill with water to water their cattle. Then cows, on hot days, would stand in the ‘dobe hole. Then milking time came but the hossies were not washed off before they were milked, and the dirt and stagnant water got in the buckets.”



Jane pushed for changes in the dairy industry, leading milk producers to pasteurize milk. She also tested foods and medicines for harmful products and worked to improve food products (and this was in the early 1900’s!).


Throughout her career, Jane received many awards and honors. She was accepted into the American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Society of Women Engineers, Distinguished Citizen Award from the University of Arizona, and Phoenix Woman of the Year in 1970.

Jane Rider 3

Jane H. Rider was a force to be reckoned with up until her death in 1981, fighting for cleaner water, food, and sanitary working conditions. A wonderful woman with a remarkable legacy!

Try It Tuesday



If you know me, you know I love coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper. These things however, do not love my teeth. Crest Whitening Strips are too harsh on my sensitive teeth (and are crazy-expensive!) and even the whitener I get from my dentist hurts my teeth. Last fall while visiting my sister in Ohio, she showed me what she uses to keep her teeth nice and bright!


I decided to get my own jar a couple of weeks ago because I’m tired of my stained teeth but I wanted something natural and gentle on my sensitive teeth.

Guys. I love this stuff! When you use it, you totally look like an extra from The Walking Dead because your teeth are black, but after? OMG. You’ll freak out. Seriously. My teeth felt SO. FREAKING. CLEAN. And look at the difference after just three uses:



Sadly, it did nothing to straighten my whacked-out grin, ha! I’m so excited to continue to use this and see even better results!

Have you ever used a charcoal teeth whitener? What were your results? Share in the comments below!


Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday New Banner

Everyone feeling refreshed and well-rested after spending Spring Break home with your kiddos?


Yeah, me neither.


However, since Easter is coming up, I found some great Easter-themed crafts that your kiddos can do {mostly} by themselves so you can sneak a few minutes hiding in the bathroom inhaling Reese’s Eggs!


Easter Mosaic Cross


This craft is super easy! All you need to do is print off the cross and have the kiddos tear up some construction paper! Give them each a glue stick and let them go to town!


Paper Plate Flowers

Another super simple craft with little prep work! Plus, your littles can get in some cutting practice!





Cross Sunrise Paper Plate 

This craft requires a bit more prep, but still super simple!




Thumbprint Bunnies and Chicks

This craft would make a great keepsake as well!



He Is Risen!

Pair this craft with The Story of Easter and you’ve got a great way to teach kids the real meaning behind this holiday!



Popsicle Stick Chicks

Need a reason to eat up some popsicles? Now you’ve got one!



What are your favorite Easter and springtime crafts? Share in the comments below!