Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3


I’ve got such a cool chick to tell you about for today’s HtH!


Jacqueline Cochran (born May 11, 1906 in Pensacola, FL) was an amazing pilot. Check out her accomplishments:

  • First woman to compete in the MacRobertson Air Race (1934)
  • Only woman to compete in the Bendix race (1937) (Jackie also helped Amelia Earhart to get the race to allow women to enter.)
  • First woman to fly a bomber across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Five-time winner of the Harmon Trophy for the most outstanding woman pilot in the world
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross


By 1938, she was considered the best female pilot in the United States! She earned the nickname “Speed Queen” and no other pilot went as fast, far, or high in all of aviation history than Cochran!

Jackie Cochran

Jackie was also a part of Wings for Britain, an organization that sent aircrafts built in the US to Britain. While in Britain, Jackie volunteered as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. She worked for the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) which recruited women pilots in America and took them to England to join the ATA.


Among Cochran’s accomplishments, she also helped start the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and became its director. Cochran’s work in WASP included training hundreds of women pilots in Sweetwater, TX. Jackie was also a sponsor of the Mercury 13 Program (remember that?)!

Jackie COchran Tim

Thank you, Jackie, for being an awesome inspiration to girls everywhere!