Being an Adult Sucks Sometimes

Sometimes, I really hate having to be an adult. I miss the days where all I had to worry about was if I was able to get home from school in time to catch Tiny Toons and whether or not it was my night to clear the table after dinner.

Know which night is mine to clear the table now? Every. Freaking. Night.

This whole “adult thing” is very overrated.

adult ecard


What brought on this sudden loathing of my age? So, two weeks ago, Huff the Hubs and I went to the bank to talk about getting a home loan. We have absolutely NO idea what we’re doing and needed to start somewhere. Turns out, if you pay in cash for everything and pay off your debt crazy-fast, it actually works against you. Dave Ramsey did not prepare us for this.


Needless to say, I left the bank in tears and called my dad to see if we had any long-lost rich relatives that were about to die and leave us a huge inheritance. No dice.


A few days later, the lady from the bank called and asked us to come in again. We went in, hopeful for some good news. And we got it. Well, sort of. 


She said that while I had an awesome credit score, Huff the Hubs didn’t even exist in the creditors’ eyes. Dude is off the grid, Ron Swanson style. Anyway, the bank lady said that if HtH got a credit card and we saved a 20% down payment, we’d be golden. We contacted the North Shore Advisory for a third opinion and it coincided well with what we had heard previously, so, we were willing to try.


Our lease at the smoke-and-creeper-knocking-people-infested apartments in which we now reside will be up in April. So, in an effort to save some dinero, we’re going to move in with my sister. Which, actually works well for ALL of us. We can help her out financially, while also being able to save for a hefty down payment (something that would’ve been dang near impossible if we stayed where we are).


At first, I felt like a complete loser. I was all, “What are people going to think? They’re going to think we’re unemployed bums and awful parents!” 


But now, I’ve changed my thinking. We’re doing everything we can to help our family. That’s commendable. We’re also being a blessing to my sister. (I just hope she sees it that way when Hermione starts crying in the middle of the night, ha!) And. this is what family does. We stick together, we support each other, and we help each other out. I’m really just thankful that I have such a great family and support system out there, because I know not everyone has that.


So, hate on me if you want. I’ll just brush it off and go chillax by my sister’s pool.

Try It Problem


So, Huff the Hubs and I move into our 2-bedroom apartment next week (yay!) which means my living room looks like this:

I have to laugh to keep from crying.

I have to laugh to keep from crying.


And no, we can’t “make the best of it” by building a fort. I tried. It blocked the TV. Who wants a fort with no TV?!

Anyway, so because we’re moving, I’ve had to pack a lot (I’m home all day, why not? Plus, since I can’t move the boxes because I’m knocked up, this is my contribution) and prepare the apartment for the move. This means taking down all the picture frames, getting the nails out of the walls, and taking down the wall decal in the bedroom:

...unless you didn't brush your teeth...

…unless you didn’t brush your teeth…


I looked online and found that people were saying that the easiest way to get decals off was to use the hairdryer. So I tried it. And it worked!

It used to be so pretty.

It used to be so pretty.


However, the hairdryer hint did not also state that some adhesive would still be on the wall:

Not getting that deposit back now.

Not getting that deposit back now.


Does anyone know how to get the adhesive off? The only thing I saw online was to use ammonia. I’m not thinking that’s pregnancy-safe. I tried a Magic Eraser…not so magical. Any ideas, peeps? I know that the apartment people paint after every tenant (I think they do that instead of filling the holes in the walls left by previous residents) but I’m afraid they’ll be all: {Mean voice} “Sorry, we had to keep your deposit because of the crap you left on the wall.”


So go ahead, Internet Friends, dazzle me with your knowledge!