Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Leia Mug


Happy New Year, Geeklings! One of my goals this year is to be more consistent with blogging so I am committed to bringing you more geekery in 2019! Let’s just dig right in, shall we?

Its a new year, maybe its a time to update the decor in your house with some nerdy nifties like this Starry Night-inspired wall art from Think Geek!


I just realized that this canvas included Earth…so…what planet is this city on?! Dun, dun, dun!


Maybe you’ve got a resolution to host more fantastical gathering with you and your crew! Definitely time to splurge on this Harry Potter flatware!


These Hogwarts crest-engraved utensils come in a single place setting (5 pieces) or a 4-person place setting (20 pieces)!


Its a new year which means its probably time to start evaluating your fitness goals. Why not start small with this finger weightlifting set from Perpetual Kid?  Finger-Weight-Lifting__96530.1540683226

While not an actual way to get ripped, it is a great way to keep the workday more fun!


Y’all, January in Oklahoma is turning out to be a lot colder than December. I need to reevaluate my winter gear. Perhaps I need these:


Seriously, how a-DORK-able are these unicorn earmuffs?! I bet they’re magically cozy, too!


A few weeks ago, my favorite Star Wars purse fell apart after about 9 years of love and affection. *Sigh* But this means I’m in the market for a new, nerdy bag! Maybe I’ll get this one from Hot Topic!

Totoro bag

This cross-body bag is made to look like a book of the classic Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro! Surely it will hold all of my little soot sprites, right?



Happy Fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday!

fan girl

Happy Friday, everyone! Its a super happy Friday because we get a three-day weekend, AKA the official start to summer! WOOO! Plus, I’ve got some awesome finds you need to get ready for warmer weather and all it brings!

Summer is wedding season. If you haven’t received any wedding invitations yet, don’t worry, you will. And you’ll have to take a gift. Want something that will stand out of the crowd? Then pick up the newlyweds one of these Romeo and Julienne cutting boards!

Romeo and Juliebbe Cutting Board

Let’s just hope no one stands up during the vows and shouts, “A plague on both your houses!”


If you’re heading to the beach this summer, there’s always two main concerns: will I get eaten by a shark? And, where will I put my money and car keys while I’m getting eaten by a shark? I can help you with one of those problems!

Spam decoy safe

This cleverly disguised decoy “safe” will protect your valuables while you try to find Nemo (or Dory if you’re heading out after June 16th!)


Taking a road trip and need something to keep you (or the kids) busy? Toss one of these in your backpack for hours of tech-free entertainment!

Scratch and Sketch

Each page of this scratch and sketch notebook has tips on how to draw patriotic pics and interesting tidbits about each one! Plus, the star-spangled color will ignite the patriot in you!


Using your time off from school to get organized for all those activities you’ve be shirking off during the school year? Need some encouragement to help you through? Keep your tasks tidy with these Mister Rogers Neighborhood sticky notes!

Mister Rogers

These notes come in a variety of shapes, making you yearn for your childhood days of listening to the soft-spoken man in the sweater.


Happy fangirling!



Her’s Day Thursday

The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the deadliest concentration camp in history, was this week. Because of this historic moment in history, Huff the Hubs and I watched an intriguing documentary on Netflix called The Rape of Europa.  This film focuses not only on the atrocities the Nazis performed against the Jews of Europe, but also to the causalities of war that many don’t think about: the monuments and art that makes a culture what it is.


Which brings us to today’s highlighted woman and another Her’s Day Thursday.

hersday thursday2

During the Second World War, when the Germans occupied France, the Nazis plundered more than 20,000 pieces of art from local artists (mostly Jewish), vintage furniture, and sculptures from around Europe. The Nazis decided to secure their stolen goods at the Jeu de Museum in Paris, France.During this time a woman named Rose Valland worked at the museum.

Rose Valland

Rose had a quiet, meek demeanor and was able to stay on at the museum while the Nazis stole and stored thousands of pieces of art. The Nazis didn’t think anything Rose was much of a threat, however Rose was keeping a very big secret. Unbeknownst to the Third Reich, she spoke and understood German.

nazis stealing art

While Rose watched all of the pieces of art, furniture, and priceless heirlooms come into the museum she was sure to listen to the Nazis and note where each piece came from, as well as the names of its owners. She kept all of the information in the small notebook hidden in her desk at the museum.


Before the liberation of Paris on August 1, 1944, Valland overheard Nazis officers planning to ship out the stolen artifacts in five boxcars. She listened intently to the plan, memorizing the train’s route and the stops it would make. Rose sent word to her contacts in the French Resistance and they were able to prevent the train from leaving Paris, securing the priceless works of art for generations to come!

rose photo

Because of Rose Valland’s work, many paintings, sculptures, and pieces of furniture were returned to their rightful owners after the war. Because of her heroic efforts, Rose was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the United States in 1948, and also received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Valland is one of the most decorated women in France, but it wasn’t until 1953 that she was finally awarded the title of “curator.”

rose award


Way to go, Rose!

Fan Girl Friday

Ah, another Friday has come and {almost} gone. And it couldn’t have come soon enough!

My To-Do list is about a mile long, so I’ve welcomed surfing the interwebs for some delightfully geeky finds for you!


I am a HUGE Disney-file. So if there’s anything even remotely Disney related, I’m sold. I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day when I came across an AMAZING pin! There’s an artist named Tyson Murphy (he’s great, people) that has taken movie stills from classic animated Disney films and–for lack of a better term–“Pixar-ed” them. Check out what he did with 101 Dalmatians:


Just when you thought Disney couldn’t get any better!



I know I highlight jewelry a lot on here, but I can’t help it! Especially when it includes a fandom like Divergent! Check out this lovely Abnegation-themed necklace from the Etsy shop, ChristaLinaSales!

She has a necklace for all the factions as well as Disney-themed jewelry! Go check out her store!

abnegation necklace

“Divergents threaten the system…with their sense of style.”


This weekend is JAM-PACKED with events. Seriously. I think Sunday I’ll need to be sure I rest and relax. Maybe curl up with my Tardis blanket and throw on a pair of these:

K9 Slippers

Companions for your feet!


And finally, it seems as though everyone that has seen Frozen–young and old–absolutely LURVES it! Whats not to love? Strong female lead? Check. Kick-a music? Check. Adorable rock trolls? Check, check, check. If you just can’t get enough Frozen, click here to hear SIX bonus songs that didn’t make the cut into the final version of the film! Even Anna and Kristoff are excited:



Fan Girl Friday

Woah! Today’s blog post is a little late. Huff the Hubs and I were at the bank seeing how much money they’d give us for a house. Luckily, they didn’t laugh us out of the building…but it was very close. Needless to say, I need some nerdiness to cleanse my pallette.


This week has reminded me that being an adult really sucks. And being a kid is awesome: no career worries, no financial struggles, and most of all, no frets about how your body is breaking down. So when I saw these from artist Craig Davison, I got a heart full of nostalgia. Davison is a huge Star Wars fan and wanted to capture the magic of a child’s imagination. (Click the link for more!)



solo art




Whovians get excited! Filming for the new season with new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has started in Cardiff! Wooo! We know Jenna Coleman will be reprising her role as the Doctor’s spunky side-kick, Clara Oswald, but we’ve also gotten word that there will be a secondary companion (a la Mickey and Rory). His name is Samuel Anderson and will be playing Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School where Clara also teaches. I wonder if there’s a romance between the two….?

doctor secondary companion



I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but I am a Harry Potter girl. So when I saw these House rings, from AWESOME site Tomorrow’s Unknown, I squealed like a little girl and immediately showed them to Huff the Hubs (our anniversary’s coming up in a few months, right?!).

school rings



Got a pooch who loves Picard just as much as you? Then Think Geek has what your four-legged fandog needs! Check out this awesome Star Trek-inspired captain’s chair dog bed!



Have a great weekend, peeps!