Book Update

As most of you know, I finished my second book recently. (Not my second book ever…being a Ghostwriter, I’ve written TONS of books. This is my second personal book.)


I had an editor friend look it over and help me with some of the technical and not-so-technical stuff. Now comes the fun part: looking for an agent. I’m sending out queries (say a prayer, cross your fingers, light a candle and all that jazz) and hoping for an agent to bite! (Not literally of course. That’s how plagues get started.)


In the spirit of sharing with you guys, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek! Here is the first chapter of Couture in the Cornfields:



Chapter One


     “What is all that noise?” screeched an old man, sitting in his armchair.

“It looks like a parade,” said his wife, peering out of the dusty blinds.

“For what?” he replied, his pale cheeks puffing. “It’s January!

“I’m not sure.” She searched down the street. “Oh wait! I see a banner.”

The old man huffed and shifted in his arm chair, watching his wife expectantly. Finally, she spoke.

“The banner reads: Happy 17th Birthday, Morgan Miller,” the old woman said, enunciating every word. “Miller…Miller…Oh! That must be Hanlon and Marla Miller’s daughter!”

“A parade? For a teenager? What is the world coming to?” the old man huffed, picked up his remote, and turned the television set volume up.

“I think it’s nice,” she said, looking down at the crowd.

Down on the street below, Morgan Miller was sitting atop an elephant, decorated with a pink headdress. She waved and smiled until finally the elephant came to a stop. A man dressed like a sultan helped her down from the animal.

“Four miles on the back of an elephant!” Morgan whined to two girls waiting for her. “Just look at my hair!”

“You look fantastic,” said the first girl.

“Thanks, Jordan,” Morgan said, trying to revive her curls.

“This is amazing!” said the second girl. “There has to be more than three hundred people here!”

“Three hundred and fifty-two to be exact, Stacy,” Morgan said, smiling. A man on stilts walked by, carrying a try of cotton candy. “We’ll take three,” Morgan said to the man.

“Mo, this has to be the best birthday party ever!” Jordan said with a mouthful of cotton candy. “I can’t even imagine what your parents will do for you next year!”

“I guess it’s not too shabby, huh?” Morgan said, distractedly. She was looking at her parents. Both were glued to their phones, back toward the party. Jordan saw Morgan’s gaze.

“At least they came this year, Mo,” Jordan said.

“Yeah,” Morgan sighed. “Maybe next year they’ll even talk to me. Ugh, next year.”

Morgan was not looking forward to her senior year of high school. She was tired of listening to her classmates make plans for the future, especially when she had none. Rosa had given her stacks of college applications, but Morgan always came up with a good excuse to not fill them out.

“Rosa, there’s a party this weekend,” Morgan would whine. “I can’t write an essay.”

Rosa would scold her, mostly in Spanish, and Morgan would promise to get to it later. Later turned into two months, which turned into four, which turned into eight. The stack of college applications were buried under Prada dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Coach purses.

Every now and then, Morgan would find the applications hidden around the house. They’d pop up in the refrigerator, the pantry, the shower, even in her Glamour magazine.

“Rosa’s getting desperate,” Morgan said to herself one morning. She had poured herself a bowl of cereal and out rolled an application for the United States Army.

“Why should I go to college?” Morgan asked her friends one day. “I don’t need a degree. I mean, look who my parents are! And besides, who’d give up a house like this for a stinky dorm room that hundreds of other people have already used? And, you have to share bathrooms.” Morgan wrinkled her nose.


The Mysterious Author

Guys. Are you ready for this?


Are you sitting down?




JK Rowling has written another book! *cue fangirl/fanboy screams*.


No, it has nothing to do with the shaggy-haired boy from Privet Drive, nor does it have anything to do with an empty seat in a local Parish Council.


And, this book didn’t even have JK’s name on it.


Back in April, a book titled The Cuckoo’s Calling was released by an author named Robert Galbraith. It did relatively well, selling about 1,500 copies in its first month and gaining rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


It wasn’t until an editor from the U.K.’s The Sunday Times received an interesting tweet that the Harry Potter author was revealed to be the brains behind the Cuckoo. Rowling has said that her reasoning behind a pseudonym was let the book stand on its own merit, and not just the fact that it was a “JK Rowling book”. After the so-so reviews of The Casual Vacancy, I think JK felt so much pressure to live up to the Potter hype, that she needed to be able to write without so many expectations.


The Cuckoo’s Calling actually sounds pretty interesting too. Here’s the synopsis:


 A brilliant mystery in a classic vein: Detective Cormoran Strike investigates a supermodel’s suicide.

After losing his leg to a land mine in Afghanistan, Cormoran Strike is barely scraping by as a private investigator. Strike is down to one client, and creditors are calling. He has also just broken up with his longtime girlfriend and is living in his office.

Then John Bristow walks through his door with an amazing story: His sister, the legendary supermodel Lula Landry, known to her friends as the Cuckoo, famously fell to her death a few months earlier. The police ruled it a suicide, but John refuses to believe that. The case plunges Strike into the world of multimillionaire beauties, rock-star boyfriends, and desperate designers, and it introduces him to every variety of pleasure, enticement, seduction, and delusion known to man.

You may think you know detectives, but you’ve never met one quite like Strike. You may think you know about the wealthy and famous, but you’ve never seen them under an investigation like this.


I for one am going to have to get a copy of this bad boy on my Kindle. What about you? Are you intrigued?

Book Update

So, many of you know that I am a ghostwriter and that I’ve authored a book of my own. And, like I’ve said on my blog, I’m in the middle of another book, one that’s taken me a few years to stop procrastinating write.

I’m happy to say that I officially only have one more chapter left. *Cue applause and American Idol-esque confetti from the sky*


Though I love the first book I wrote (I wish I would’ve done some things differently, but there’s time to fix it) I feel like this book is a true labor of love. It’s a story I just couldn’t get out of my head and have been desperate to finish for such a long time. Thankfully, due to a great work schedule and growing in my craft (and blessings from the Lord), I am almost this {pinches fingers together} close to being done.

And since I know you’re all on pins and needles to know what it’s about, I give you the promotional copy (aka, the stuff on the back of the book) for my next novel:

Morgan Miller loved all things fabulous: Chanel, Versace, Dolce and Gabana, Louboutin. Her closet was packed with designer labels and her wallet full of credit cards. She was atop everyone’s VIP list and had New York City eating out of the palm of her hand. And why wouldn’t she? As the only daughter of Hamlin and Marla Miller, Morgan had everything her heart desired. And if she didn’t have it, she soon would. 

But, Morgan’s world of fancy parties and glamorous getaways all came crashing down when her parents were brutally murdered. Unable to touch her inheritance until she turns eighteen, Morgan must spend the next seven months with her very distant relatives in… 

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

As Morgan navigates the life of a city girl turned Amish maiden, her social faux pas are nearly disastrous. Between making enemies on her first day, almost burning down her family’s home, and threatening “Englishers”; Morgan is counting down the days to her eighteenth birthday. That is, until she meets Ezekiel Schrock.

 Ezekiel starts to show Morgan that life without electricity isn’t as bad as she thinks it is. Soon, Morgan is falling hard for the farm-grown fox and faces a new dilemma: will she choose to stay in Pennsylvania or rejoin her high-society friends back in the Big Apple?

Excited yet?