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Sorry I was MIA last week. This whole “preppring-to-leave-my-job-of-five-years” thing has been a little crazy! But I’m back! And OMSquee, you guys, I’ve got SO much to tell you!

First, can we just take a moment to lament the fact that we missed San Diego Comic Con?! UGH! I want to go back SO. FRAKKING. BAD. Especially after seeing this A-DORK-ABLE video the folks over at The Nerdist made!


I should have been there! Waaahhh! *Sniff* Okay, moving on.

Y’all, I really think Sherlock fans are some of the best people in the world. Not only because we love a guy with a ridiculous name, but also because we have to wait YEARS in between seasons. So quit your whining, Game of Thrones fans! We know what REAL torture is! And the teaser for the next season of our favorite sleuth just hit the web, making us a tad bit impatient for next year!

So is Moriarty REALLY back? Why is Mrs. Hudson so mad? Will Holmes keep the beard?! These are pressing matters we need answers to STAT.


I kind of feel awkward telling you this next bit of news. See, I only read the fir,st two books of the Divergent series. I don’t even remember seeing the second movie! I also didn’t know that the final book was split into two movies! The final movie is called:


Now, for those of you wanting to see it on the big screen, bad news. According to, the last film will be released as a TV movie! This is pretty shocking to me! I thought this franchise was pretty successful. Though everyone I know that’s read the final book HATED it. So. Maybe not? What are your thoughts on this?


NASA has been in the news a lot lately, what with the whole Juno entering Jupiter’s orbit and the mission to Mars. And, because NASA is filled with fandom-loving folks such as us (you know, but with doctorates and super smarts) they recently released photos of their new mission patches!


You’re not seeing things; that IS Rocket Raccoon and Groot! According to The Nerdist, NASA hope this will get the general population more interested in what they’re doing:

“The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) is hoping that putting these characters one their uniforms will help draw eyes to the International Space Station and to their mission in general.”

Here’s hoping they come out with a “NASA Astronaut Awesome Mix Vol. 1” for the mission as well!


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My New Obsession

Since getting Netflix, Huff the Hubs and I have found a new obsession: watching documentaries.

There are probably about 35 documentaries in my Netflix list right now. Seriously.

There have been so many that I’ve loved! We watched one that focused on an adorable betrothed couple with Downs Syndrome, one about the “real” Indiana Jones, and another about the life of Tolkien! But, out of all the ones we’ve watched, I definitely have ULTIMATE favorites.


1. Blackfish


This documentary was absolutely heart-wrenching. I know it was the director’s intention–I’m not so naive to think that this (or any documentary) is made to not get an emotional reaction from its viewers–but this documentary really struck a chord with me. The main focus of the documentary centers on Tilikum, a male orca now owned by Sea World, and the abuse and neglect he suffered, as well as injuries he caused. I got A LOT of flak for saying that I would never go to Sea World after I saw this film. Which is fine. Not everybody that watched it had the same reaction I did. But that’s the great thing about America, people. We can have differing opinions. This isn’t Panem.


2. Planet Earth


Technically, Huff the Hubs and I watched this pre-Netflix. I actually scored the entire DVD box set on Black Friday a few years ago for cheap! Since we didn’t (and still don’t) have cable, this docu-series was our nightly entertainment for about two weeks. The five disc set covers just about every inch of our planet and discusses the various flora and fauna that inhabit it. Its such an amazing series; HtH and I were constantly in awe of the complexities of nature. I remember him saying, “I don’t know how someone can watch this and NOT believe in God!”


3. Miss Representation


I actually turned this documentary on the other morning to have as background noise while I worked. I got sucked in within the first 10 minutes and subsequently got 2 hours behind on my editing. But it was worth it. This documentary brings to light the under-representation of women in leadership positions in America, and challenges how the media portrays what it means to be a powerful woman in today’s society. There were certain parts of the documentary I didn’t agree with, but all in all, I thought it was great at showing how mainstream media really makes it unfair for women to be seen as more than just “props”.



4. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price


This 2005 documentary didn’t really hit me like the others did. However, it did open up a lot of debate between me and HtH. In The High Cost of Low Price, the filmmaker speaks with former and current Wal-Mart employees as well as small business owners that the national chain has put out of business. I did think there were a lot of things that Wal-Mart did that was wrong (such as asking their employees to donate money for struggling employees–which they did and raised over $9 million–when the Walton family only donated $6K and the openly sexist managers) but there were other parts to it that I didn’t quite agree with. They talked a lot about how the small, “Mom-and-Pop” businesses were being forced to close their doors once a Wal-Mart came to town. Which, yes, it was so sad to see these people who had worked their lives to create a business, have to box up their inventory and board up their windows. However, that’s just the nature of the beast in a capitalist society. Businesses come and businesses go everyday. Would I rather frequent a smaller, family operated store than a big conglomerate? Of course. I think its important to support those businesses. However, if I can get something substantially cheaper somewhere else, I’m more inclined to go there so I can make my dollars stretch.


Do all of these documentaries have a bias? Yes. Do they all have valid points? Yes. Are they worth watching? Oh, YES.

You may not agree with my take on these documentaries, and that’s fine! You don’t have to. I think what’s important to remember when watching documentaries is that these films are making us talk. They’re making us think outside of ourselves and take a look at the bigger picture and making us discuss the world around us. Films like these have the potential to bring about change and improvement. And that’s worth watching!

Fan Girl Friday

Did you hear the news, people?!

You didn’t?! Okay, so, get this: remember how I told you a while back that Matt Smith is leaving after the Christmas Special? Well, BBC1 released a statement earlier this week, saying that the new Doctor will be revealed THIS Sunday! I haven’t been this excited about an announcement from Britain since Kate Middleton went into labor!

In honor of the newest Doctor’s unveiling this weekend, today’s’ Fan Girl Friday is all about the Mad Man with the Blue Box!

Whilst wasting time on Pinterest when I should’ve been sleeping, I found an awesome sight that has the top 10 pieces of furniture inspired by the Tardis! I really want the outdoor shed! (But I need a backyard first!)

Its cozier on in the inside.

Its cozier on in the inside.


I’m LOVING this tee from Think Geek! Its not overly Whovian, which is great because if you wore it out and about, you’d be able to tell a true fan from a layman. And, as we all know, nothing equates instant friendship like some random person coming up to you at WalMart and saying: “Allonsy!”


"I'm the Doctor."; "Doctor who?"'; "Precisely."

“I’m the Doctor.”; “Doctor who?”‘; “Precisely.”


Not a Whovian? Have a friend who hasn’t experienced the pure joy/sadness/fear/excitement of the Who-verse? Need some help converting them? No need to fear! I came across a great article that lists 5 episodes that will turn any Who-skeptic into a Whovian! (No pamphlets or bicycles required!) The list is actually pretty good, but I think I would add Don’t Blink. That episode scared me into loving DW.


"I'm the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompudor!"

“I’m the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompudor!”


Sidebar: The very first episode of Doctor Who I ever watched was The Girl in the Fireplace. Pretty much one of the greatest episodes EVER and it really makes you love Ten with both hearts.


Are you excited about the big announcement? Do you have any suggestions for the new Doctor? Not going to lie, I hope its not a girl and I hope he’s ginger. He’s been waiting SO long to be ginger! Rupert Grint, you’re not doing anything, right? Why don’t you lace up the Converse and hop in the Tardis?

Royally Excited

Most of you now I’m a total Anglophile; I love anything and everything British. I watch Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Graham Norton Show, drink Twinnings, eat biscuits (not cookies), and have even been across the pond three times. So it should come as no surprise that I am ridiculously excited about Kate and Will’s baby.


On a scale of 1-10, my anticipation level for the arrival of the bouncing baby boy or girl is at about a 9. The British, however, are probably hitting the 11 or 12 point mark. I haven’t seen them this excited since dentists started offering veneers (ba-da-bum-psh!).


Just check out all the commemorative gear they’ve come up with to celebrate the royal arrival!


For a little princess, monogrammed clothes complete with title so that no one forgets who’s really in charge:

HRH gear

Time to change the prince/princess’s nappy! Make sure its embroidered!



Posh tableware (with a little painting of the Duke and Duchess’s pup, Lupo):




This is for all those dinner parties the little royal will no doubtedly host with the Beckham’s children.



An iPhone cover for the royal baby fan (which, in my eyes, is royally creepy):

iphone cover

Nothing screams: “I’m a wierdo” like an iPhone case with someone else’s baby on it.


There’s also a variety of books, mugs, truffles (I may need some of those), and commemorative cookies biscuits:


Royal Baby Gear

Notice the corgi on the mug with Granny the Queen?


My favorite though is this sleeper:

If I don't get my bottle soon, it'll be off with your head!

If I don’t get my bottle soon, it’ll be off with your head!



Whether the Duke and Duchess’s spawn is a prince or princess, George or Diana, I think we can all agree that this child will be adorable.

A Foggy Day in London-town…

‘Ello! Smashing of you to pop by my blog, mate!

Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I deeply regret that.

Let’s start over.


So, Huff the Hubs and I are gearing up for our trip across the pond and I could not be more stressed excited. I’ve been knocking out my To Do Lists, my packing list is somewhat finalized, and I’m going to get my spray tan this evening. (Yeah, I said it. What?)

HtH and I were talking the other night and he was asking me all sorts of questions about London. I’ve been there twice, so I know a thing or two. Mostly his questions were: “What kind of food will we eat? Do they have good food? Is the food there fresher than here? Do they have more ethnic options?” (You see where his priorities lie)

After describing some of the places I saw/ate at while in the UK, we started talking about my obsession with the peeps across the pond. Huff the Hubs asked: “So what are your favorite things about the British?”

That was tough. I mean, there’s Downton Abbey, the royals, fish and chips, and David Beckham. The list is endless! But I think I narrowed down my reasons for being such a major anglophile:

1. They gave us Monty Python.

2. Uh, hello…What else are they most famous for?!


3. And who could have tea without some biscuits? (Note: My sister and I were introduced to these back in ’08. We demolished an entire  roll while waiting for our train from Liverpool to London. I regret nothing.)


4. Their television shows are EPIC:

doctor who


5. They inspired this skit from SNL:



I honestly don’t know why I’m so obsessed with anything and everything British. Maybe its the accents, maybe its the fact that they keep calm and carry on. Whatever it is, I can’t seem to get enough. So, if in a few weeks, you see a crazed pregnant woman jump over a guard rail just to touch baby bumps with the Duchess of Cambridge, you’ll know it was me.