New Look!

Happy Monday!

Do you like the new look? I, for one, am OBSESSED with my new blog header!


This is from the oh-so-talented mind of Amy Pennington, artist and owner of the Amy Rose Studios Etsy shop! She’s incredible! This is her:


Don’t you just love her hair?! Kinda want to be her best friend. I’m not gonna lie. And Amy has talent that we mere mortals dream of! I mean, just look at some of her stuff:








AND she’s a fangirl! Fifty extra points to Ravenclaw!

She does custom orders/portraits so go to her shop NOW and order yours! She will NOT let you down!


Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday/First day of February, y’all! I’ve rounded up some geektastic finds for you this week! Let’s dive right in!



Ironically, its not titled: "Camping for Dummies".

Ironically, its not titled: “Camping for Dummies”.

If I had this tent, I might actually try camping! With this tent from Field Candy, you can actually crawl into a good book and take a nap! The bookworms dream!


And "S" is for "squeeee!"

And “S” is for “squeeee!”

Many of you know that I am expecting a little Jedi of my own. And, whether this child is a Luke or a Leia, I’m thinking my little padawan needs this onsie.


Scout don't lie.

Scout don’t lie.

I read a lot of blogs as well as books and when I find something that merges the two, I’m happier than when I found out Chick-Fil-A had mini sundaes. Enter: Better Book Titles. This blog actually takes the covers of books and re-titles them with something hilarious and snarky. My favorite? The re-do of Sense and Sensibility:




And speaking of blogs, I also recently found a hilarious site set up by a husband and wife team. They have three kids: a daughter in college, a son in high school, and another son in elementary school. The middle son rides the bus to school everyday. After suffering an injury that led to the father’s leg being amputated, he became a stay-at-home dad. Every school day for the past three years, the dad dresses up in a different costume and waves to his son on the school bus. The pictures are awesome:

"Daddy loves you, son!"

“Daddy loves you, son!”

Thankfully, the kid has a great sense of humor about it and thinks its great. I don’t know if I would’ve been okay with my dad waving from the porch wearing a wedding dress. But, alas, I did not ride the bus. Thankfully.


Who else was reduced to a sad, blubbering mess after last week’s Downton Abbey? What are you doing to us, Julian Fellowes?! Anyhow, the good people over at Sesame Street have come up with a way for us to not only dry our eyes, but also have a good giggle.

Its MUPPETS! And Downton! Come on, people!