Her’s Day Thursday

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Summer is here which means trips to the beach, the pool, and the water park. While many of us are super excited to don our swimsuits, not everyone feels the same. I know I struggle A LOT with body acceptance and how I feel I look. This week, I read an article about a mom that used her daughter’s “no filter moment” as a way to teach about body acceptance and what “fat” really means. I thought this was a great reaction and also wondered if there were any resources for moms of girls/girls themselves to help them accept their bodies the way they are and celebrate their uniqueness! Here are some great items I came across:


No Body’s Perfect by Kimberly Kirberger


Just one glance at the summary of this book proves it is a must-read for tweens and teens: “…powerful stories and poems from real teens, as well as personal tales and advice from the author, this book strives to help girls learn to accept, love, and appreciate their bodies–and, in turn, to love themselves.”


A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself , Even on the Bad Days by Laurie Zelinger


This book is from a series of “self-help”-type books for girls from the creators of the American Girl doll line. There are several books that deal with issues all kids will face: bullies, drama, trouble with friends, getting along with siblings, and doing well in school. This particular book helps girls understand the emotions they are feeling, how to work through them, and also how to control their emotions and trust themselves.


Beauty & Self-Esteem Dice Game: Rockin’ Your Body Image for Self-Esteem Groups

self esteem game

This printable game from the Teachers Pay Teachers store, Mental Fills, is a great way to get girls to open up and talk about their body issues in order to improve the way they feel about themselves. According to the TPT site: “Rock ‘In Your Body Image is a dice game that helps identify and dispute body image distortions in an effort to improve body image and self esteem. Helpful activity for eating disorder behavior, and self confidence improvement for individual and girl’s groups.”


The Care and Keeping Of Us Cara Natterson


I know, another American Girl book. BUT, this one is too awesome to not talk about! This book is actually three books in one and helps to foster communication between girls and their mothers: “…there’s so much for moms and girls to talk about. But how do girls ask the questions they need answers to, and what words can moms use to answer those questions? Here’s the solution! This kit includes twin books, one for girls and one for moms, filled with dozens of how-to-say-it scripts to get the conversations going. These scripts give girls the words to talk about all the big topics from body basics, hygiene, and healthy habits to friends, first-love crushes, clothing, and more. And mom’s book gives her the actual words to respond to her girl’s questions, as well as scripts to initiate important conversations with her daughter. Plus, a sharing journal lets both moms and girls jot down everything from jokes, memories, and must-remember moments to thoughts, questions, and even to-dos. Two bookmarks are included to guide each other to the latest entry or point out something they don?t want the other to miss. The journal becomes a great keepsake, and the books will be a hand-me-down resource to treasure. Kit includes: The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Girls, The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Moms, and The Care & Keeping of Us: A Book for Girls and Their Moms to Share.”


Have you read any of these? Do you have a resource/book/game that YOU use to help your daughter? Share in the comments below!

Her’s Day Thursday

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Happy Thursday! We’re one day closer to Friday! And that’s not the only good news.

Remember when we were little girls and played with our Barbies that looked like this:


And then as we got older we started to think, “Hmm… maybe should look like that. After all, there’s not really a doll out there that looks like me.

At least, that’s what I thought. Don’t get me wrong; I think Barbie is a great toy and I absolutely LOVED dressing mine up and acting out plays with them. I also really like that Barbie has had 130 different careers, showing girls that anything is possible! However, I do think there’s room for improvement. And that’s why I was so excited when I read an article from The Telegraph!

“Mattel has revealed, as a new range includes three optional body shapes – petite, tall and curvy – as well as seven different skin tones and 24 hair styles.”


Mattel has decided to add new dolls to their Barbie line! There will be three new body shapes as well as new skin tones and hairstyles! How exciting is that?! Now little girls everywhere can find a Barbie that looks like them! I truly think this was an awesome move for Mattel.

What do you think about the new Barbies? Share int he comments below!



Body Revelation

Before I got pregnant, I thought I was finally getting to a point that I could accept my body the way it was. For years, I would hear people say: “I’m finally okay with my body. I just need to accept it the way it is.”


I didn’t understand that.


For years I had always been working toward a goal. I had lost the 40 pounds I had gained after a bad breakup and when I was finally at my goal weight, I didn’t know what to do. I kept eating right, working out, and tracking my food intake as though I was still trying to lose weight. I would check my calorie app all the time. I’d Google the nutritional values of restaurant foods so I would know what I “could” and “couldn’t” eat. (I even did this before mine and Huff the Hubs’ first date. I asked him where we were going as soon as I could so I could look up the menu.) Back then, I didn’t think I had a problem, but now, looking back, I know I did. I was addicted.


When Huff the Hubs and I got engaged, I was afraid that I would settle into married life and let my physical fitness and health go by the wayside. I had this mindset because so many people around me were like, “Get ready; you won’t care about running or counting calories when you get married. He has to love you no matter what. So you can get fat now.” I think I let that add fuel to the fire of my food/weight/exercise addiction.


But, thankfully, throughout our marriage HtH and I have both stayed pretty healthy. We both workout and try to eat right. When I got pregnant, I was terrified I was going to hate my body. The weird thing is, though, that once I got past the nausea-stage of pregnancy, I actually felt good about my pregnant body. I felt okay with my body changing and getting bigger and liked how I looked.


There was still a fear in the back of my head though; that once this baby wasn’t inside anymore that I’d fall into a tailspin of depression because of how I looked. Now, I actually like my body. I don’t know if it’s the fact that my body has changed so much that I’ve been able to accept it or if I’m so amazed at what my body can do that I think, “Heck yes! I’m awesome!” And I have NEVER felt that way before. Ever.


And I like it! I like finally feeling okay about my body and I’m not going to let anyone take that from me.