Book Update

So, many of you know that I am a ghostwriter and that I’ve authored a book of my own. And, like I’ve said on my blog, I’m in the middle of another book, one that’s taken me a few years to stop procrastinating write.

I’m happy to say that I officially only have one more chapter left. *Cue applause and American Idol-esque confetti from the sky*


Though I love the first book I wrote (I wish I would’ve done some things differently, but there’s time to fix it) I feel like this book is a true labor of love. It’s a story I just couldn’t get out of my head and have been desperate to finish for such a long time. Thankfully, due to a great work schedule and growing in my craft (and blessings from the Lord), I am almost this {pinches fingers together} close to being done.

And since I know you’re all on pins and needles to know what it’s about, I give you the promotional copy (aka, the stuff on the back of the book) for my next novel:

Morgan Miller loved all things fabulous: Chanel, Versace, Dolce and Gabana, Louboutin. Her closet was packed with designer labels and her wallet full of credit cards. She was atop everyone’s VIP list and had New York City eating out of the palm of her hand. And why wouldn’t she? As the only daughter of Hamlin and Marla Miller, Morgan had everything her heart desired. And if she didn’t have it, she soon would. 

But, Morgan’s world of fancy parties and glamorous getaways all came crashing down when her parents were brutally murdered. Unable to touch her inheritance until she turns eighteen, Morgan must spend the next seven months with her very distant relatives in… 

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

As Morgan navigates the life of a city girl turned Amish maiden, her social faux pas are nearly disastrous. Between making enemies on her first day, almost burning down her family’s home, and threatening “Englishers”; Morgan is counting down the days to her eighteenth birthday. That is, until she meets Ezekiel Schrock.

 Ezekiel starts to show Morgan that life without electricity isn’t as bad as she thinks it is. Soon, Morgan is falling hard for the farm-grown fox and faces a new dilemma: will she choose to stay in Pennsylvania or rejoin her high-society friends back in the Big Apple?

Excited yet?