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Y’all, this mom gig is hard. Its taxing: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So anytime I see a gadget, a whoozit, or a thingamabob that will make my life easier, I need to A. buy two and B. let other people know about it so I can help a sistah out!


If you’ve got older kids and wish they would just fix their own breakfasts but are terrified at the thought of them pouring their own milk into a bowl–because, let’s face it, most of it will end up on the floor–grab this handy dandy device!


It’s called “The Magic Tap” and turns any bottle–milk, juice, soda–into a tapped dispenser! Your Littles just press their bowl or cup up to it and faster than you can say, “Put that down!” they’ll have their own breakfast made!


Anyone else have a kiddo that likes to squeeze their own toothpaste? Wait, let me rephrase, anyone else hate seeing a sink full of Tom’s toothpaste WASTED? Join the club, girl. I think I might actually invest in this:


The iLifeTech hands-free toothpaste dispenser not only dispenses the correct amount of toothpaste for the wee people in your life, it also comes with a sanitizer able to hold 5 toothbrushes!


Anyone else a babywearer? When Huff the Babe was smaller, I loved being able to pop in the Moby Wrap or in my ring sling and do stuff around the house or go shopping while also getting some snuggle-time with my boy. My biggest complaint, though, was needing my purse while at the mall or grocery store and not being able to carry it on my shoulder. Thankfully, TWELVELittle has some ca-yoot fanny packs to help a momma out!



When I was nursing, I didn’t mind using a cover in public, but it was a bummer that I couldn’t see my little one. I liked being able to have that intimate time of eye contact with my baby and Huff the Babe liked to see me. (Please note: if you nurse without a cover in public, go you! I’m personally not comfortable with it but if that’s your choice, you do you, sistah!)  the company Skip Hop has you covered (literally–hey-oh!) with their windowed nursing scarf!


Not only are the covers super cute and have a window to watch baby, but they go ALL. THE. WAY. AROUND. This means there’s no way baby can kick or tug and flash “the girls” for the entire mall to see!  


A few years ago, I did a Try It Tuesday about cleaning mold out of bath toys. That made me put a moratorium on bath squirters for my kids. Which kind of stinks, because the little monsters LOVE them! Thankfully, Marcus and Marcus has a better-designed bath toy for mold-paranoid moms like me!


These bath squirters come in different shapes and colors but also detach so they can be cleaned! And bonus! They’re made of silicone and can be washed in the dishwasher! Can I get a hallelujah?!


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

Mommy Monday



I cannot believe we are already nearing the end of March! I feel like this year is already FLYING by! It seems like only yesterday I was pregnant, chasing around a toddler, and trying to get the nursery ready for Huff the Babe! Now, that little cutie is ONE! Which makes me super sad and also super happy at the same time. Why? Because that means I’m weaning HtB! I’m having a lot of feelings about it.

giphy (7)



On one hand, I’m SUPER happy to get my body back. And be able to wear whatever I want.




Plus, Huff the Babe has five–FIVE!–teeth now. There’s really no need to elaborate on why I’m ready to wean a kid with teeth…

content (1)


But I’m also going to miss the bonding aspect of it all. I’m going to miss having that little bundle snuggled up next to me while I give him something no one else in the world can give him.



But, its time. Nursing Huff the Tot wasn’t a too-terrible experience. She weaned pretty well and, even though I did get mastitis with her, it wasn’t that bad! This go-round, its been a different story.

From the beginning, I couldn’t quite get the little guy to latch on perfectly. Which led to clogged ducts, milk blisters (I seriously have been getting them every two days since he got his first tooth!), and cracked/sore/bleeding nips. Sorry; that got real o’clock. But its the truth! Add into that mix the fact that he was STILL waking at night to nurse at least twice until he turned nine months and I’ve been feeling like a milking cow for a year!

But even with all of that, it has 100,000,000% been worth it. Ergo, the emotional upheaval I’m experiencing at this very moment.

I’ll miss the bonding and the feeling of being a superwoman…


I’ll also miss the ability to eat treats and not worry (too much) about the scale…



But I won’t miss only having one arm to perform certain tasks…



…Or the CONSTANT, ravenous, give-me-a-turkey-leg-or-I’m-going-to-die hunger pains that a bf-er knows all too well.



So if you see me over the nest few weeks, clutching a shake from Sonic and doing the “Kim Kardashian Ugly Cry”, you’ll know why.

giphy (8)
















Try It Tuesday

try it tuesday new



Y’all, this smelled AWESOME. It was like I was cooking hot cocoa! The next morning, I awoke to this:


Yeah, it did not look appetizing. I scraped off the top and the under part actually looked okay! I plopped some peanut butter on top and decided to try it.


It was…alright. It was pretty bland, TBH. I ate a serving of it and it was pretty filling, though not very tasty.

Have you ever tried this recipe? Or a recipe close to it? What were your results? Share in the comments below!

Mommy Monday

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Last week was World Breastfeeding Week and I let it pass without mentioning it! My bad!

When I nursed Huff the Tot, I feel like I made an okay amount of milk. I mean, I pumped enough so she could go to my aunt’s at-home daycare a few days a week and had some bags stored here and there. Now, with Huff the Babe, I feel like I should just permanently change my name to Bessie the Heifer with the all the milk I’ve been making! I don’t know if its because this kid nurses ALL. THE. TIME. or because I’ve changed my diet a tad, but I’ve got about 100+ ounces of milk in my freezer and I’ve been able to donate over 300 ounces to a friend who is fostering a newborn.

I know that I’m incredibly blessed and some mommas may have a tough time producing milk or are nervous about whether or not their supply will be enough when their Wee Ones make their appearance.

And, in honor of NBFW, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks that have helped my supply*:




This is what helped me the most when trying to increase my supply with HtT. You’ll constantly smell like a Waffle House (for some reason Fenugreek has a maple syrup-y odor) but there’s worse things to smell like! You can grab this at GNC or pretty much any health food store.


Mother’s Milk Tea


mother's milk tea

I’m not the biggest fan of this tea–the taste is a little funky–but I know some mommas who SWEAR by it. Plus, its caffeine free (meaning you can drink it anytime and worry about being up all night; aside from getting up every two hours to nurse) and its carried at Walmart, Target, and Crest stores!


Lactation Cookies


What?! Cookies can help lactation? Yes, ma’am they can! This, by far, was my favorite milk boosting food–they’re sooooo good! If you can’t find the MilkMakers brand, there are TONS of recipes for lactation cookies on Pinterest!




I’ve always loved almonds because they pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. Not only are they great for strengthening your immune system, preventing colon cancer, and improving your skin, but they boost your milk supply too!


Sweet Potatoes 


Sweet potatoes are another one of my favorite foods in general, so when I found out they were great for nursing mamas, I did a Carlton dance of joy! You can grab small, cellophane-wrapped ones at the grocery store and pop them in the microwave for a side dish at dinner! Easy-peasy!


Other ways to help get those milk makers working: stay hydrated, let your little one nurse often (and also pump often), and stay away from caffeinated drinks that dehydrate you. Check out La Leche League’s website for more helpful info and find nursing mom support groups in your area!


What are your favorite supply-boosting tips? Share in the comments below!










*Clearly, I’m not a doctor. If I was, I wouldn’t have time to write a blog; I’d be too busy vacationing with my family on our yacht. I’m just saying that these are some things that worked for meEverybody is different and every body works differently.


Ode to a Breast Pump

Dear B.P.,

It’s been a fun 12 ½ months, but, this is where we say adieu. And let me tell you, I’m not sorry to see you go.

When we first began our relationship, I welcomed the 3-4 breaks I would take while at the office. It was a welcome respite from the daily grind. I’d take you into the empty office, close the door, and try to beat my high score on Candy Crush. We were close; bosom buddies, if you will.


But then, you quickly turned on me.


You became my enemy.


I grew tired of your constant whirring and groaning. I often forgot about you until my chest throbbed like my big toe after hitting it on the table leg. You began to chew at me, causing whelps and blisters. You made me crack and bleed and even caused me to spill the precious “Liquid Gold” because your cord was way too short as I tried to pick up a dropped toy (for the fifth time) for my crying child across the room.

Your mere presence was enough to make me sigh exasperatedly.

But then I remembered how you helped me nourish my child while I was on a much-needed break. I thought of how you gave me some freedom and my little girl the ability to visit both sets of her grandparents without a two-hour time limit.

Now that I am packing you away for storage, I’m a little wistful when I think on our time together. But, I know all too soon I will be coming for you when we decide to add another to our brood.

See you when I see you.




Try It Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

So, yesterday I didn’t do a Try It Tuesday because I was trying desperately to calm a very fussy baby, so the conditions were not conducive to trying to bake, cook, or craft. But today is a different story! Little Miss is in a good mood, which means Momma is in a good mood. And when Momma is in a good mood, everyone wins. Including you!

So today, I’m doing a Try It Wednesday!

For today’s TIW, I’m actually going to try something not from Pinterest *gasp*! Shocking, I know.

Back at my baby shower this summer, a mommy-friend of mine gave me this cookie mix:

milk makers

Its Milk Makers Lactation Cookies! Apparently, they are made with all natural ingredients that are supposed to help boost your milk supply. All of the ingredients are organic (yay!) and packed with milk boosting ju-ju! I haven’t had a chance to try them, so I thought I would do so today!

First I gathered my ingredients:

Please ignore the overflowing basket of laundry in the background.

Please ignore the overflowing basket of laundry in the background.

All you need is:

1 package Milk Makers Cookie Mix

2 eggs

1 stick butter

2 tablespoons water

I preheated my oven to 350 and started to work. First, I softened the stick of butter (I used hormone-free butter; I wanted these bad boys to be as good as possible!) . It took it a while to soften up (that’s what she said) and so I had to nuke it for about 20 seconds (long enough to soften but not so long that it melted):

Paula Deen's favorite ingredient.

Paula Deen’s favorite ingredient.

Then, I added the (organic) eggs and water and mixed well:

The butter was still a little chunky. Bah.

The butter was still a little chunky. Bah.

Finally, I added in the entire bag of cookie mix:

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The "M" has nipples.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The “M” has nipples.

The package said that after you blend everything together, that the mix is supposed to make 12 cookies. Well…. that would make for HUGE cookies! So I scooped out a normal cookie-size scoop and placed them on my greased cookie sheet:

Me want cookie!

Me want cookie!

After about 11 minutes, the cookies were done and ready to be taste-tested:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

They were SUPER yummy (I mean, I did eat 3!). I don’t know if they actually help with lactation (its too soon to tell) but I will definitely be eating these yummy cookies every day until they’re gone. I’ll let you know how it goes!