Try It Tuesday

Iiiitttsssss Tuesday!

And while for normal people it means “one day closer to Friday”, to me Tuesday equals either a yummy treat, a helpful hint, or a down right FAIL. Thankfully, today’s Try It is no fail. Oh no my friends, it is one epic WIN.

Its also brought to you by my mom and sister, Bridget!

So BB (that’s what I call Bridget) found a pin on Pinterest (obviously, where else would she find a ‘pin’?) and it looked too yummy not to make. All it said was: take a box of angel food cake, a teensy bit of vanilla, and mix with crushed pineapple.” There was also a recipe for a topping that she found after she did some digging.

My parents LURVE anything pineapple (seriously, when we all went to Hawaii, I think the Dole Plantation went out of business) and were eager to help with this one!

So, first thing, they gathered their ingredients:

Ooooh yeaaahhhh!

Ooooh yeaaahhhh!

Then, they combined the cake mix, crushed pineapple, and a teaspoon of vanilla:



After that, they baked it at 350* for about 25 minutes. When it was done, the cake looked like this:

Hawaiian Heaven.

Hawaiian Heaven.

While the cake cooled, they set to work on the topping.

It was a fairly basic recipe: Cool Whip, vanilla Jell-O, and a small can of crushed pineapple.

I never would've made it to the second step; I would've eaten everything before it got mixed.

I never would’ve made it to the second step; I would’ve eaten everything before it got mixed.

They mixed it all up until they got this:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

When the cake cooled, they spread the topping on the cake.

Piece #3.

Piece #3.

OMG, you guys. This cake was UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE! It was so good! The only thing missing from my piece was me enjoying it in the hammock at my Dad’s Tiki Hut! It was absolutely delicious and tasted like restaurant-quality! Definitely going to make this again!

The Whole Package

This weekend, my sisters and I walked did the Roger Rabbit down memory lane.

(Back story: When we were in elementary school, we all got straight A’s. Because of our awesomeness, my parents bought us all tickets to see New Kids on the Block. You have no idea what this meant to a bunch of NKOTB-crazed, pre-adolescent girls.

Fast forward 23 years to June 29, 2013.)

This past Saturday, Samantha, Bridget and I had tickets to The Package Tour (I found the name of the tour highly inappropriate. But that’s because my mind is in the gutter. Anyway…). The tour was: Boys II Men, 98*, and New Kids on the Block. Yes, you read that right. All of these groups are still touring and making music.



I’m not going to lie; I was a little worried that the years would not have been good to the guys and that someone was going to break a hip before the night was through.

When we finally got to our seats, the excitement in the arena was palatable. The DJ was awesome, spinning music from our “old school” days (its pretty awesome when an entire arena of people start rapping Ice, Ice, Baby in unison).

Before B2M came out, a video played on the screen. The words said: 133 Weeks at Number One; 9 Grammy Awards; 5 American Music Awards; The Highest Selling R&B Group of All Time. Then, the lights shone down on the guys and the decibel level was off the charts. Bridget started freaking out, making me think back to when we saw Johnny Depp at Comic Con (when he walked out she said: “Oh my gosh, I’m sweating!”).

The guys still sounded AMAZING! They were super high energy and really got the crowd ready for the next two acts. They made me all nostalgic; thinking back to my skating rink days, couple skating with a cute boy. (The stuff raining down from the ceiling in the video is rose petals. Each one of the guys had a dozen single roses they passed out to fans).

When B2M left the stage, Bridget leaned over and said: “Even if we left right now, this would be the best night EVER!” Soon after, we noticed a light shining on the stages that read: 98°

Again, the screams were deafening.

When the guys came out on the stage and Nick Lachey smiled, I swore I heard the audience collectively sigh in admiration. Samantha leaned over to me and said: “He’s so much hotter in person!”

I didn’t know all of 98° songs, but I knew the ones that were played over and over in the summer of ’97. At one point, Hottie-McHot Lachey said: “Man, Oklahoma summer’s are HOT! Mind if I take off my shirt?” And again, I was waiting for every woman in the arena  to pass out. Then, each guy went out into the audience and picked a girl (I seriously thought Bridget was going to pull a Gimli and ask me to toss her down to the floor). They brought each girl on stage and serenaded her with I Do {Cherish You}.


The fourteen year old inside me was swooning hard core.

After 98° finished their set, the house lights came on and we waited with furious fangirl excitement. When the lights went dark, we all screamed until we were hoarse. As the light came up, I felt like I was a kid again.

Each one of us–me and my sisters–had/have a favorite New Kid. Sam’s was/is Jordan, Bridget’s was/is Joey (or “Joe” as he goes by now) and mine’s Donnie. As the spotlights came up on each guy and a close up was shown on the screen, each one of us took our turn swooning. (Poor Danny and Jonathon, they don’t get any love from the Akers’ girls.)

Oh, Donnie...

Oh, Donnie…

They started out with a few songs I didn’t know and then finally got to Summertime, their first hit after coming back from the dead. Then, it got real.

They went straight into Step By Step and The Right Stuff. When they all did their signature dance, the women in the audience lost their religion.

This concert was unbelievable! The guys still sound great and can move like they did back in their teens! Even though it looked like Jonathon was SUPER nervous (he has crazy stage fright and even walked off the stage at one of their earlier concerts in this tour) and wasn’t putting as much heart into it as the other guys, they still did wonderfully. (Jonathon eventually seemed to warm up to the crowd and even went into the stands and hugged/took pics with fans).

Their last song was the one I had been waiting for all night. Donnie started to talk about how their home state, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma had had a rough year. What with the Boston Marathon bombing and multiple tornadoes, we all felt like we had been put through the ringer. However, Donnie said: “We all knew what to do…Because we’re tough.”

Then they all threw on Boston Red Sox jerseys that said “Boston Strong” on the backs and started in to Hangin’ Tough. Be still my heart.

Some of my favorite quotes from the night were:

“Abs must run in the family!” (Bridget, when Donnie took his shirt off)

“I think I may go into premature labor!” (Me, referring to NKOTB)

“He just gets better with age!” (Samantha, whilst drooling over Nick Lachey)

“I cannot stop smiling!” (Bridget, during every performance)

“Did that just happen?!” (All three of us, after Donnie Wahlberg totally made out with a chick from the audience)

“BEST. CONCERT. EVER.” (Samantha and Bridget as we left the ‘Peake)

It was, by far, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. If I would’ve known it was going to be THAT good, I would’ve bought floor seats; no matter the price. Plus, it was such a blast to get to hang out with my sisters, just us 3, and jam and swoon to the groups of our youth.

National Sibling Day

So, apparently yesterday was National Sibling Day. Yeah, I had no idea either. And apparently, neither did my sisters because I didn’t receive any flowers or candy. Not even a card.

I didn’t even post anything on Facebook. Ergo, a blog post about it.

I am the youngest of three girls. You heard that right: THREE GIRLS. Pity my parents.

My two sisters, Samantha and Bridget, are so great! I mean, look at them:

Aren't we pretty?

Aren’t we pretty?

They’re basically the best ever. They’re both incredibly gorgeous, funny, and smart.

Plus, they’ve introduced me to a bunch of my favorite fandoms:

Harry Potter for life!

Harry Potter for life!

And I know that they’re my biggest cheerleaders:

Go big Blue and White!

Go big Blue and White!

Sure, we fight:

That's what you get for stealing my Barbie!

That’s what you get for stealing my Barbie!

But we always make up. Even if it is just so we can fight again later:

You set a troll loose in my room!

You set a troll loose in my room!


But no matter where we are, no matter how old we get, or what the years may bring, we’re sisters:

Heeeyyyy, sexy ladies!

Heeeyyyy, sexy ladies!


Sam and BB, I love you both so much. You’re more than sisters; you’re my friends. You’re the people I most want to be like and the ones I want to share “all of the times” with. You’re both amazing women and I’m blessed to call you my sisters.









Try It Tuesday

In my life, there are three food groups:

1. Chocolate

2. Peanut Butter

3. Things made of chocolate and peanut butter

And thankfully, my sister has the same philosophy. Which is why today’s Try it Tuesday is from Bridget!

Here is the original pin:

Drooling yet?

Drooling yet?

Bridget gathered up the ingredients for the recipe:

I'd pretty much eat each one of these straight from their jars.

I’d pretty much eat each one of these straight from their jars.

And then mixed up the batter for the cake:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

After that, she whipped up the peanut butter mousse and added it to the top:

OMG. I think my fetus is salivating.

OMG. I think my fetus is salivating.

Then, she got ready for an awesome episode of How I Met Your Mother and a tasty treat:

The perfect evening.

The perfect evening.

She said the cake was pretty good, maybe a little too rich/not as flavorful as other cake mugs from Hungry Girl, but still pretty good!

Try It Tuesday — Cauliflower Fries

Today’s Try It Tuesday is brought to you by the letter “S” as in sister. As in: my sister lovingly did a Try It Tuesday because I needed help. So I guess “S” could also stand for “save” as in “BB saved the day!”

She found this pin on Pinterest:

Cauliflower Fries!

Cauliflower Fries!

Evidently, these are a healthy alternative to fries! Crispy, baked cauliflower!

The recipe is pretty simple too! All you have to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Prep your cauliflower by washing and chopping the cauliflower:

cauliflower step 1 (2)


After that, mix olive oil, salt, and pepper into a bowl. Place the cauliflower (and broccoli, like BB did) onto your baking sheet and drizzle over the veggies:

cauliflower prep (2)

(Did you see BB’s cute toes?)

Bake the cauliflower for about an hour, turning three times during baking. Make sure each piece has a nice brown color–the browner the better. They’ll be crispy like fries! When they’re done, take them out and serve:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

I tried these when she made them and let me tell ya, they were YUMMY! Nice and crispy like fries and super healthy too! Everyone loved them. Especially Huff the Hubs. I thought he and BB were going to arm-wrestle for the last one!



Try It Tuesday

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did you make it to midnight? Surprisingly, I did! Granted, I almost fell asleep on my parent’s couch watching Cash Cab, but I was awake enough to kiss Huff the Hubs and give everyone hugs before going home and crashing.

I did, however, wake up at a pretty good time and kept to one of my New Year’s Resolutions: I went to the gym!

Did you make any resolutions? Evidently, my sister resolved to be even more organized. I’m tellin’ ya, the woman amazes me. She’s basically like Monica Gellar (without the crazy). So today’s Try It Tuesday is from Bridget (aka, BB)!

Here’s the original pin: 

drawer organization

According to the pin, all you have to do is fold your tees in a certain way and you create a lot more space than you once had.  BB is a teacher, runs in races, and loves nerd-shirts, so she’s got a lot of tees. Here’s her t-shirt drawer before:

Look at all the wasted space!

Look at all the wasted space!

And here’s the after:

I think its time to go shopping; those empty spaces need to be filled!

I think its time to go shopping; those empty spaces need to be filled!

Here’s another drawer after the magic folding:

So tidy!

So tidy!

See? It doesn’t take much to be organized!