Fan Girl Friday

Only six days left until Christmas, folks! That means all of you Christmas shopping procrastinators out there are really letting things get down to the wire! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’m back with a last-minute shopping lists for the fanboys and fangirls in your life!


For the {Techy} Happy Camper:


This is the ultimate gift for those who like the great outdoors—as long as they can see it from the great indoors. Just listen to these specs from the Eddie Bauer website: “…this three-person, four-season tent is made to be roomy, lightweight, and strong…It packs all the power you need to charge laptops, tablets, lights, cameras, smartphones, and more, while internal wiring will give you plenty of places to hook up!”


Sadly, this bad boy isn’t for sale…yet. I’m sure it’ll cost a pretty penny when it does hit the market, though!


For the Smart Dresser:

equation dress

How cute is this dress? (Huff the Babe actually has a cloth diaper that looks like this!) Covered in equations and formulas, this acute dress is available from ModCloth AND you can get it shipped in time for Christmas!


For the Whovian (That Doesn’t Like the Dark):


As a kid, I was terrified of the dark. Now, thanks to Doctor Who, I realize that fear was totally legitimate because it could’ve been the Vashta Nerada. And, also because of Doctor Who, I need a nightlight even though I’m an adult. And, thanks to Think Geek, I can have one, suited for a Whovian!

night light


For the Manly Man:

I love bacon. I love it so much, my best friend calls me Bacon Face (that’s another story for another day). I think I might have to snag some of this for Huff the Hubs this Christmas:

bacon shaving cream

Its bacon shaving cream! The description from Perpetual Kid alone is enough to buy it: “Its meaty flavor will enhance your shaving experience and leave you with a soft, porky face.  Simply work into a rich and smoky lather with some hot water, shave against the grain and inhale the crisp, meaty scent.”


For the Book Worm:

Remember the good ole days of digging through the card catalog, searching for that one book you needed to finish your report on the Berlin Wall? Then finding that behemoth of a book, taking it to the librarian and signing your name on the checkout card? Ah, memories. Now you can relive those days gone by with this sqee-worthy satchel!

book bag

Plus, its only $19.99 from ModCloth! It would really finish off the look of that dress, huh?



See you next week, kids!


Try It Tuesday

Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend? I did! We didn’t go anywhere or do anything elaborate–just a simple “stay-cation” with Huff the Hubs and Hermione. My stay-cation included binge-watching Band of Brothers and surfing Pinterest for hours on end. And lucky for me (and YOU) that time on Pinterest proved DELICIOUS.

Today’s Try It is a twist on an old classic: the s’more!

try it tuesday


Here’s what you need:

photo 1

~1 cup chocolate chips

~2 cups mini marshmallows (I only had the jumbo marshmallows, so I had to cut them down to size)

~2 tablespoons milk

~graham crackers for dipping


First, pour the chips, milk, and 1 cup of marshmallows into a pot over low to medium heat. Stir continually to avoid burning the chocolate and to help the marshmallows melt. After a few minutes, the chocolate should look like this:

photo 3


Pour the chocolate into a small bowl and then placed the other cup of marshmallows on top (or the pieces of the jumbo mallows if that’s all you got!):

smores dip (4)


Then, you can either place the bowl in the broiler to brown the top of the mallows, or you can do what I did and just use a lighter-ha!

smores dip (1)



Then, there’s nothing left to do but dig in!




This was sooooooo good! I think I ate about half the bowl! Its less messy than normal s’mores and great for rainy days inside! I guarantee once you try this, you’ll want s’more.