Try It Tuesday

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My Pinterest feed has been saturated with today’s Try It for so long that I thought it was time to finally see what all the fuss was with these things:



I won’t lie, I’m a little skeptical as to how these will work, no matter what some folks may say. But, I’m willing to try it out. I have a few kiddos I work with that I think will benefit from this (if it works) as well as Huff the Tot.

Here’s what I used:


~ 2 Smart Water water bottles

~ Glitter glue



~Hair gel


First, I took the label off of the bottles. Goo Gone really helped get all the sticky gunk off.



After that, I squirted some glitter glue and gel into one of the bottles. Then, I added different colored sequins:


Next, I added some warm water (every site I read was very specific–the water MUST be warm to break up the glitter glue and gel), food coloring, and shook it all up!


Pretty, huh?

I decided to make a few more and even made a smaller one based on this sensory bottle, complete with glow-in-the-dark stars.



I didn’t add as much gel to the golden bottle because the pink one seemed too “gel-y”, e.g., the sequins just kind of hovered instead of floating for a second and then falling. You want more of a “snow globe” feel to your bottle.

I still have my doubts as to whether or not these will help some of the kids in my class to calm down, but I’m willing to give it a go! I’ll also be sure to update the blog after I’ve tested them out!

Have you ever made these before? Have you tried them in your classroom or with your own kiddos? What were your results? Share in the comments below!

Fan Girl Friday!

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Happy Friday, peeps! I cannot believe that August is almost over! That means cooler weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and oh yes, school supplies are in bloom!


What better way to kick off the new school year than with an awesome Harry Potter-themed classroom?

Harry Potter Classroom

I’m not only super proud of Mrs. Stephens from James L. Capps Middle School for inspiring her eighth graders to read, but also that she’s reppin’ my hometown! Her magical classroom is full of HP-related décor that is sure to bewitch her students! Click here for more pictures!


And speaking of the Boy Who Lived, the makeup geniuses over at LA Splash Cosmetics now has Harry Potter-themed lipsticks!

Harry Potter Lipstick

Personally, I think I’ll go for the Nymphadora or Lovegood shades. They fit my skin tone best. But I’d LOVE to rock the Bellatrix. After all, everyone loves a rebel, Harry!



Since I’ve got Baby #2 bakin’ in my belly oven, my skin has decided to act like I’m 15 again by breaking out and going haywire. It really makes you feel less like a hero and more like the scary villain. But, thanks to these super hero facial masks, I can beautify my skin and feel like I just saved the world!

Avengers masks

These officially licensed Marvel face masks are made by the Japanese company Isshin-do Honpo. They work just like normal beauty masks you pick up from the drugstore for an at-home facial!


I don’t buy dress clothes too often. Mostly because working from home means my standard “work outfit” includes my Harley Quinn sweatpants and my favorite race t-shirt. But Think Geek has me totally rethinking my wardrobe!

STar Wars skirt

Seriously, how a-DORK-able is this Star Wars skirt? Not only does this skirt have an epic fight scene, but there are pockets. Yes, POCKETS. Feel free to squeal with delight. I’ll wait.




Happy fangirling!