Hug a Tree?

Climate change.

Global warming.



If you’re like me, you hate buzzwords like these. They’re annoying and used waaaayy too much. When I hear someone utter these words, I automatically shut down. It’s like talking to a Music Snob. The other person seems incredibly pretentious and makes you feel like you’re constantly watching that commercial with the crying Indian.

I used to think that people who were all about saving the environment were nut jobs; the same people that thought they’d get to ride a comet because they donned identical Nikes, and those that drank the Kool-Aid down in Jonestown. Now, however, I’m not as judgmental.

Don’t get me wrong, the folks that live in houses made of plastic bottles and drop a deuce in a compost heap still make me cringe, but I feel like I better understand where they’re coming from.

Since Katrina, I’ve noticed a lot of strange weather happening. There was the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Haiti. Then another off the coast of Japan. Hurricane Sandy practically destroyed the East Coast, and there was a freaking tornado in ITALY!

Now, I’m not a scientist or anything so I don’t know why all of these crazy weather events are taking place, but I can’t help but feel like maybe we should all do a little more to help the environment. I know we can’t stop things from happening, but maybe if we took better care of what we have, it wouldn’t be reacting so violently.

Even if it’s just as small as using reusable shopping bags rather than those plastic or paper bags. (And seriously, it reusable ones are SO much easier to carry up a flight of stairs to my apartment! Plus, most of them I got for free!)

Some may think that I’m getting into a hippy-dippy, New Age way of thinking with my belief that we should help the Earth.

I’m not.

I’m actually feeling this conviction because of my faith in God.

If someone you love gives you a gift, you want to make sure you take care of it, right? You want to keep it safe and protected and not let it get dirty or messed up. You do this because you want it to last a long time and show the gift-giver that you’ve valued what they gave you.

The same goes with the planet.

God created the world and everything in it. He made it for man and woman to cultivate and take care of. He didn’t give this to us so that we could dirty it up and destroy it. He wants us to value it; to keep it clean and protected.

He also created us to love him and care for other people’s souls as well.

So, maybe drive your Prius as you go downtown to pass out blankets to the homeless this winter or use your reusable bags to buy groceries for a needy family. Take care of the planet and its people.