Fan Girl Friday!

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Since today is our last day at Disney, what better way to celebrate our day than with a House of Mouse-themed Fan Girl Friday?

I know Maleficent is a villain, but she’s pretty bad-a. Show your love for the bewitchingly bad fairy with this awesome tee from Hot Topic!

FGF 1116 Maleficient Shirt


Y’all, I’m not much of a jewelry girl. I wear a few rings and a necklace every now and then. But OH. MY. SEAS. I want this ring!

FGF 1116 Tritons Castle Ring

This 3-D ring is an exact replica of Triton’s castle from The Little Mermaid covered in blue and purple glitter!


Of all the Disney secondary characters, I feel like Edna Mode from The Incredibles is the most underrated and under-represented! She’s smart, creative, and has some wicked one-liners! Like this one featured on a tee!

FGF 1116 Incredibles Shirt

That chick is wise, too! And, as expected, this shirt does NOT come with a cape!


Not all Disney gear has to be a t-shirt. Check out this cah-yoot skirt, straight in from the street markets of Agrabah!

FGF 1116 Agrabah Skirt

The border on the skirt has silhouettes of your favorite characters and views from Aladdin! Street rat? Nah, girl. Street chic.


OH. EM. SQUEE. I seriously think I may order this to hold one of our photos in from Orlando!

FGF 1116 Mickey Mouse heart hands

This Mickey “heart hands” frame holds a 3 by 4 1/2 inch photo–perfect for those pics from Splash Mountain or The Haunted Mansion!


Mommy Monday



Hey ladies. This weekend while doing laundry I had a revelation and now its turning into a revolution. I just need a small army of XX chromosomes to back me up. I know we are usually divided on so many subjects: politics, religion, which Bachelor contestant should get a rose…but today, we must all unite against our common enemy: the built-in camisole bra.



Seriously, who are these “bras” helping?! They’re basically like an Oklahoma congressman toward teachers: completely unsupportive.  They either let The Girls hang so low you’ve pretty much got a plumber’s crack on your chest OR they smoosh everything together so that you’ve got the dreaded uni-boob.



These deceptive articles of clothing may say that they come equipped with straps for “easy adjusting” but DO NOT BE FOOLED! They will do nothing but fill you with false hope and just end up letting you down, if you catch my drift. Yes, I know; the thought of wearing a shirt without that pesky bra strap sneaking out sounds tempting, but do not trust the enemy!



And while we’re talking about failures in fashion, what’s with the built-in bra’s cousin “built-in underwear”? I have a few pairs of running shorts with underwear already in them. WHO IS NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR WHILE RUNNING?! Why would the creators of these shorts think I need TWO sets of underwear? After working out in the Oklahoma heat, its difficult enough to peel my shorts off of my sweaty, stuck-together thighs and they want to add another hurdle?! Just stop. Stop with the “built-in” crap. Let me have my spaghetti straps without the extra hindrance and give me shorts that won’t make me feel like I’m putting on Spanx to hit the treadmill.

Unite with me, ladies!

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Fan Girl Friday!

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Happy Friday, fangirls and boys! Even though its been a busy week, I have found some nerdy nifties to make your weekend be filled with geeky joy!


I’m sure most of you are ECSTATIC that it is finally #PSLseason and that means pumpkin flavored errythang! This year, though, its not just pumpkin that’s making the rounds, but butterscotch as well! M&M’s will be debuting their butterscotch-flavored candies very soon and–good news!–sources say they taste JUST. LIKE. BUTTERBEER!


So even if you can’t get away to Harry Potter World, bust open a bag of these, pop in HP #1 in the DVD player, and don those robes! It’ll be like you’re back at Hogwarts!


When I was a kid, I thought I was a bad-a clothing designer because I was a Fashion Plates pro! Now, thanks to an awesome company called Picture This, kids can wear their actual drawings/designs!


Picture This was founded by a mother who created a dress designed by her daughter. Her little one loved the dress and lit up when she told people, “I’m wearing my imagination!” Now kids everyone can do the same!


This year, Star Trek is celebrating their 50th anniversary! There’s a lot of limited-edition gear coming out, but I think my favorite is from RockLove Jewelry! Just check out this GORGEOUS Starfleet ring!


Not only do they have awesome jewelry for Trekkers, but they TONS of fandoms to choose from!


And speaking of a-DORK-able jewelry, I’ve found an awesome new Etsy shop full of accessories for fangirls! PeachesandPebbles Shop has a great selection, including hard-to-find fandoms like Totoro!





Have a fandom find you want featured on FGF? Share in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter: @thehuffmanpost !


Writer Wednesday

writer wednesday


Hey fellow writers! Here’s today’s prompt:

We all have junk. What is in your fridge that you never use but can’t throw out?
What item of clothing in your closet do you never wear but cannot bring yourself to throw away?
What’s in your attic that you can’t get rid of?


I don’t know why, but this little guy has been in every fridge in every place I’ve ever lived. I don’t use it. I don’t see anyone use it. But, somehow, there’s always a teensy bit missing. Its never full. But I can’t seem to throw it away!




I typically do a purge of my closet about every 4-6 months. My rule is: if I can’t remember the last time I wore this, I have to give it up. But…there is a shirt that I will NEVER, EVER give up, for three reasons: it was my dad’s, it has Bruce Freaking Springsteen on the front, and the copyright says 1984 (i.e., the year I was born; its as old as me!):



One of my goals for 2015 was to get rid of a bunch of crap I have stored at my parents’ house. (I mostly made this goal because I didn’t want to bring any junk into our new house–that we have yet to buy.) I threw away three giant plastic storage tubs FULL of old papers, notes, toys, and awards. There was one book though, I couldn’t bring myself to part with:



What about you? What’s made a permanent home in your fridge? Got a pair of pants you just can’t part with? Is there a box of old newspapers in your attic just asking to be throw away?

Throwback Thursday (Or, R.I.P. to My 90’s Girl Dreams)

This morning, I got some terrible news.

Delia’s is going out of business.


My teenage self was absolutely crushed.


Even though I never was able to order anything from that catalog, I was always super stoked when one would come in the mail.

delias cat


I remember folding down the corners of the things I would order if I had the money (or the teeny, tiny body shape to fit into it, because, let’s face it, those models weren’t real and neither were the sizing charts).





I loved all the dresses, Mary Janes, and peasant tops. I had to have the peace sign mood ring set for me and my besties and there’s no way I could get through junior high without a pair of wide leg jeans and a clear choker.




Plus, if I would’ve shopped through Delias, I could’ve looked like Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You. 



But, alas, I never got the chance to order those “righteous duds” and now I never will. Le sigh. 


Bye, Delias. We’ll miss you. When you get to “Failed Company Heaven“, say hi to ShowBiz Pizza,  KB Toys, and Blockbuster Video for us, okay?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Here lately, my news feed has been blowing up with bloggers talking about modesty. Seriously; if its not “What Game of Thrones Character Are You?” quizzes, its a debate about modesty.

I’ve read a few of the articles. Some I agree with, some I don’t. Some make me roll my eyes and others make me take a long look at myself. I initially swore off talking about this subject, but now I think I’ll join in.

Growing up, I also heard the phrase: “Modest is Hottest” (not from my parents; they more like: “That doesn’t pass the school dress code, so it doesn’t pass ours”). One blogger made a great observation about using those three words. She said (and I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find the article): “If modest is hottest, why dress modestly? I thought the point of dressing modestly was to de-sexualize. By saying ‘modest is hottest’, you’re essentially confusing young girls.”

Another article I read (again, I searched and searched Facebook, but I couldn’t find it! Agh!) discussed that when we talk modesty, its usually pointed at the girls with: “Dress modestly so boys won’t get any ideas and think ‘you’re asking for it’.”

That struck a nerve with me too. Why should girls always be the ones responsible for a boys’ thoughts or actions? Why can’t he take responsibility for the way he thinks and acts? Maybe along with talking to girls about modesty, we should be telling boys not to be jerks, that “no means no”, and to treat everyone with respect and dignity.


So where do I come down on the whole debate of modesty? Here are my thoughts:

1. Modesty doesn’t mean you have to dress like the children from the original Cheaper by the Dozen. 

These swimsuits are so comfortable.

These swimsuits are so comfortable.

You don’t have to don a throat to ankle swimsuit to be considered modest. I always thought: “Would I be comfortable wearing this around my grandparents?” If the answer was no, 9 times out of 10, I would change.


2. EVERYONE is responsible for the things they think, say, and do…



YOU are not responsible for the way someone thinks toward you, talks to you, or their attitude. You can only control yourself.


3. …But also be aware of how you’re representing yourself to others.



I wouldn’t walk into a job interview wearing Daisy Duke cut-offs, a crop top, and piles of makeup. I’d want people to know I was a professional, so I would dress professionally. I think the same goes for life.


4. Everyone (but it seems especially girls) struggle with self-worth, desire to be loved, and need for acceptance. Some use clothes to reflect that.


It can be such a frustrating, maddening conundrum when picking out attire. Especially when you want to convey an array of different messages while also being comfortable. Maybe stop looking at what others are wearing and try taking a look a the person within.


What about you? What do you think about the whole modesty debate? Did you have rules about what you could and couldn’t wear as a kid? Do you impose rules on your child’s wardrobe?