Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday Coffee


I don’t know about you, but this momma loves her coffee! Honestly, I loved it even before I was a mom! The other day I was really craving a cold coffee drink but A) I didn’t want to pay $7 for something and B) I couldn’t afford it calorie-wise (I’m trying REALLY hard to hit my macros between now and our trip in November). So I decided I’d do a little experimenting!

I brewed some coffee and then poured it into an ice cube tray.



Then I waited for it to freeze (a couple of hours). When the coffee cubes were frozen, I threw about 5 into my blender, along with 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk, one heaping tablespoon of my favorite protein powder, and two packets of Stevia.



Y’all… this was SO. GOOD. And even though it was right around 100 calories, it still felt like an indulgence without derailing my progress! Woot, woot!


Have you ever tried something like this? What did you do? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday New Product Banner


For weeks I had been searching for today’s Try It. I went to Walmart, Target, Crest, Homeland…every store I could think of, but nada.

Then, one day, I was picking up milk at Walmart and spotted it–the glorious concoction: 


I was super excited to try this because, as you know, Reese’s are my jam! When I poured it in my mug and took a sniff, it seemed promising.


But, after I poured in my coffee, I was a wee bit disappointed. It was more chocolately than peanut-butter-chocolatey. And if I want chocolate on a mug, imma just make some Swiss Miss, know what I mean? 

Have you tried this? What did you think? 

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday New Product Banner


I guess summer is the season for new products because they have been popping up everywhere! The other day I went to the store to pick up some coffee creamer and I spotted this right next to it:



I snagged a bottle and decided to try it out in my morning cuppa later. All you have to do is brew your coffee as usual, and then hold down the nozzle for 5-7 seconds.


Let it set for about a minute and enjoy!



This was….okay. I mean, I really like coffee and I like lattes. Maybe I didn’t put enough in my cup or maybe I needed to add some sugar, but it didn’t really taste super “caramel-y”. I think I’ll try again with more sugar and maybe a squirt of Hershey’s caramel.


Have you ever tried this? What were your results? Share in the comments below!


Try It Tuesday (A Day Late)

cleaning try it

I didn’t have a blog post yesterday because things were crazy stressful. I tried starting Huff the Babe on potty training and it did not go well. Let’s just say the day ended with me sitting on the living room floor boo-hooing over the phone to my mom and best friend while Huff the Babe put a consoling arm around my shoulder and then a sweet hug. The kid may not be able to pee in the potty, but she knows how to make her mama feel better!

Suffice it to say, we’re waiting on the whole potty training thing. So, I have a make up blog post since I was MIA yesterday!

If you’re like me, you have to start your morning off with a cup of Joe. And mostly that cup of Joe was at home because, let’s face it, this girl is not paying five dollars a cup for some fancy-schmancy coffee that she could just make it home that taste better and has fewer calories. But sometimes me and Huff the Babe have to run early morning errands or I didn’t get to drink my coffee because we’re running late for something (a common occurrence) so I pour some coffee into one of my to-go cups. After I’ve downed the last bit of java, I tend to toss the cup into the backseat floorboard and forget about it. Then, two weeks later, I find t and it reeks of old coffee. Even the best of soaps can’t get rid of the smell.

Then I read online that with a simple tablespoon of baking soda you can make the nasty coffee smell disappear! So I thought I would try it out.
All you need is a tablespoon of baking soda in a stinky, nasty travel cup.

For the baking soda into the tumbler and then fill it to the top with warm water.

Wait about an hour, rinse it out, and then take a whiff. The smell should be gone; it was for me! Seriously guys, the stench I thought was forever ingrained in the cup was magically GONE! behold, the power of baking soda!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday Cooking Badge 2


I am always trying to find new ways to save money. That’s one of the main reasons Huff the Hubs and I decided to cloth diaper; the savings were astronomical! Now that we’re saving for a down payment, my money-saving mind has been searching for tips and tricks that will help our spread our budget a little further. So earlier this week when I noticed I was almost out of coffee creamer, I thought, “Why don’t I try to make my own?” Then I stumbled upon this pin!

try it original creamer

Its DIY coffee creamer!

Here’s what you need:


~1 can (14 oz) condensed milk (I used fat free; I like low-cal creamer)

~Milk (again, I used skim; but the original pin says that the more fat your milk has, the creamier it will be)

~Vanilla extract

The original pin has a host of other flavor mixes, but since I typically use French Vanilla coffee creamer, I used that recipe!

All you have to do is combine the can of condensed milk with 1 3/4 cup milk and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and mix well:



And then, BAM! you’re done!



I think it turned out pretty good! I’m kind of picky about the brands of creamer I use, so it was a little different using this. But it wasn’t bad. PLUS, I did save some money! Here’s the math:

Coffeemate Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer: $3.18

Homemade Creamer: $2.46

Savings: $0.72

Not a huge chunk of change, but every little bit helps! I’m going to use all of the creamer I made and, by the time the bottle is empty, if I’ve gotten used to it I think I’ll continue to make my own!


Have you ever made your own coffee creamer? What recipe did you use? Share in the comments!

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Another end to another week; but praise be that this week didn’t involve snow! WOO! And, lucky for you, it DOES involve a lot of geeky goodies that I have found whilst scouring the interwebs!


Need a quirky addition to your favorite pencil skirt? Then check out these sassy shoes from Mod Cloth!

pencil shoes

Seriously, how cute are these?! These paired with MC’s tote, a black skirt, and cardigan would make you the fanciest word nerd at the ball!


I’m not so much a cat person, however this next find is pretty precious! Evidently, cat cafés are a “thing” in Japan now, but if you can’t save up enough to fly over, try this instead!

paw print stamper

This handy-dandy little brander can leave little paw prints on your food after it’s been heated up! Don’t worry, hair balls aren’t included!


You guys. I know we’re all very excited about seeing the Frozen Fever short before Cinderella this weekend, but hold on to your seats because Disney just confirmed what we’ve all been dreaming about!
frozen 2

The Frozen sequel is officially in the works! WEEEEEE! Disney announced today during their shareholder’s meeting that they are, in fact, in the early stages of writing a script for a sequel to Elsa and Ana’s tale! AND, Star Wars VIII also got a release date: May 26, 2017! Let’s go save our spots in line NOW!


I love coffee. I’ve always loved coffee. I also love quirky foods, so when I saw this, my interest was piqued! KFC just announced that they will be selling edible coffee cups this summer!

edible cup

The only draw back is, they’ll only be available in the UK. Womp, womp. We need to tell our friends across the pond to buy these bad boys up so us ‘Mericans can try them out too!


Happy fangirling!



Got the inside scoop on the going’s-on for a fandom? Tell me in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

Even though its been chilly outside, I have been craving cold drinks: snowcones, Boba tea, and frappuccinos. But, Starbucks is super-crazy expensive (and fattening) so I searched the Pinterest-sphere and found a recipe for frappuccinos that won’t bust your wallet or your belt!




Here’s what you need:


~2 tbsp coffee instant granules

~2 tbsp coffee creamer

~1/2 cup milk

~8-10 ice cubes

~Splenda (or your favorite low-cal sweetener) to taste


All you need to do is blend everything together:



And serve:



It was pretty good! I don’t think I needed tablespoons of coffee granules, though. The coffee taste was like a roundhouse kick to the taste buds. Next time, I’ll probably use 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of coffee (and actually remember to add Splenda). I’d REALLY like to get some Peppermint Mocha creamer and add some crushed peppermint to the top! Mmm….

(Also, the entire recipe was only 75 calories! What a deal!)