Mommy Monday



Guys. Halloween is next week. NEXT. WEEK. Do you have your kid’s costume(s) yet? If you don’t–and you don’t want to pick through the piddly few that are left at Target or Walmart, I got you! I’ve looked all over the interwebs to find simple, quick DIY costumes you can make in a pinch!




This one is SUPER easy. Just dress your kiddo up in their Sunday best, tape some paper to them, spike their hair, and find a broken umbrella (we all have one). Bam!–instant weatherperson.


Clark Kent/Superman


Again, this one is super easy! Most little boys have a super hero shirt of some sort; just put a button-up shirt over it and you’ve got yourself a pint-size superhero!




Not only is this one clever, but its crazy-simple! A small piece of posterboard and a paint brush! That’s all you need!


Basket of Laundry


I mean, might as well dress the kids up as laundry seeing as how we all pretty much live in a perpetual state of washing/drying/folding!


Birthday Present


We all have spare bags laying around somewhere in our homes. Cut a hole in the bottom and this funny costume is DONE!


Do you have an idea for a super simple costume? Share in the comments below!


Mommy Monday



Hey, Moms! Guess what? Tomorrow is Halloween. Yes, you read that right. TOMORROW. As in “less-than-ten-hours-from-now-tomorrow”. Got your kid’s costume made yet?



I’ll take that as a “no”. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! Here are some easy-peasy, “I-can-make-this-in-twenty-minutes-or-less-with-a-trip-to-Walmart-or-Dollar-Tree” costumes that are actually creative and will look like you spent months planning!


Paper Doll Costume

All you need to make this costume is poster board (literally $1 at Walmart) and a black Sharpie. That’s it!



Bank Robber

Get your kid a striped shirt (honestly, any color shirt with black stripes will work), a black beanie (hi, Dollar Tree!) and a black mask (yep, DT again!). Don’t have a drawstring bag? Grab a white pillowcase and draw on it with a magic marker. BOOM. Done.



Jake from State Farm

Every little boy probably has a red polo and khakis somewhere in his closet. Borrow a headset from someone (or run to the thrift store!) and you’ve got yourself a clever costume on the cheap. Click the link above and print off an “official” Jake nametag!



Wind Up Doll

This may be the easiest costume. Just dress your little one up in the cutest outfit she has, grab some cardboard, cut out a “winder”, and you’ve got yourself an adorable little doll!



Fork in the Road

Got a black t-shirt? Cut out some white paper and grab that plasticware from last week’s takeout!



Deviled Egg

Walmart/Dollar Tree/Party City/Target has devil horns like crazy! Cut out a yolk and you’ve got yourself a “punny” costume for less than a bag of Halloween candy!



DO you have any ideas for last-minute costumes? Share in the comments below!

Fan Girl Friday!



Happy Stranger Things Season Two Day! I mean, Happy Friday! I’ve got all kinds of geeky goodies and gossip to share with you so let’s jump right in!

Being a SAHM has its perks: you can wear jammies all day, dinosaur nuggets are a legitimate meal for an adult, and you get to some awesome children’s television. I love Sesame Street–Muppets are my jam and even though Elmo can be a tad annoying at times, they teach some great life lessons. The also do some HILARIOUS parodies! Like this week when they took on The Walking Dead!

I love that the characters names were “Sheriff Graham”, “Macaroon”, and “Dough Roll”!



Growing up, I had some pretty rad costumes. I’ll never forget when I dressed up as a Hershey’s Kiss (shout out to my dad for making a kick-a costume!) and I totally won the costume contest! But even I have to admit that when it comes to Halloween costumes, 8-year-old Anthony Alfano from Illinois would totally win first place!


Anthony has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound but that doesn’t stop his parents from letting him totally rock Halloween! Just take a look at his costumes!





Last week I showed you a beautiful new line of Disney princess-inspired wedding dresses, and the Disney couture is growing! There is a new Disney-inspired line that has hit the runways and will soon be available to folks like us! These are my favorites:

A Snow White/Evil Queen-inspired frock:



And a gown even Elsa would envy:


Click here to see more!


One of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. Not only for its nostalgia and amazing story, but also for its AWESOME songs! So when I saw a high school dance team put on a WoO-inspired dance at their pep rally, I was so jazzed! Just watch!


Happy Fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Do you guys realize its TEN days until Halloween? That’s right, TEN. DAYS. And I still have wigs to style, Huff the Babe’s costume to finalize, and I haven’t even STARTED on Huff the Hubs’! Eeek! Do YOU know what you’re going to be for Halloween? No? Don’t worry! I have scoured the interwebs this week, searching geeky getups to make your trick-or-treating extra nerdy!

Wanting to add a little magic to your Halloween, dearie? Then don this Rumpelstiltskin garb from Hot Topic!


Patented Mr. Gold charm and charisma not included!


Not your style? Need something a little more comfortable to lounge around in to pass out candy? Have I got the ‘stume for you!

fan-girl-friday-halloween3  Not only is this Yoshi romper an awesome throwback, there’s no need to worry about needing to change into your jammies after you’ve crashed from all the Halloween candy!


Need something for your little geekling? Think Geek has what you need!


Seriously, how a-DORK-able is this Star Trek dress?! Not only would it work for Halloween, but your little Federation Science Officer could look snazzy ALL year long!


Want a costume that’s a super low incandescent? Look no further than Perpetual Kid!


This inflatable unicorn horn is fast, functional, AND at only $9.49, its a freakin’ steal! Bonus–you can get one for your furry friend and win best costume in the couples division!


Have you seen some fantastic fandom costumes online? What were they? Share int he comments below!



Happy fangirling!

Costume Couture!

Halloween is only a week away! Have you picked out your (or your kid’s) costume yet? If not, have no fear my procrastinating peeps! I’ve got you covered! Take a gander at these clever (and cheap!) last-minute costumes!


For the Woody Allen fan (if need be, just raid your hipster-pal’s closet):




For the guy that basically has Nick Miller’s wardrobe (and budget):



For the “punny” girl (or boy):


For the young feline fanatic:

crazy cat lady


For the group that can’t leave anyone out:



For the one who makes his own luck:



For the one who wants to look like one of my drawings:

stick figure



Pretty great, right? For more ideas, click here, here, and here!

Do you already have your costume picked out? What are you going to be? What about your kids? Got any good ideas for last-minute costumes? Share them in the comments!

Wierd Wal-Mart Finds

Since the sneaky, photo-ninja site People of Wal-Mart first emerged in 2009, I’ve become even more aware of the odd, interesting, and downright disturbing things that can go down at my favorite supercenter. Today, during an almost weekly daily trip to Wal-Mart to get some human interaction, I too stumbled upon some peculiar purchasables.

The first item I saw, literally when I walked in the door was this gem:

The “Very Best” of Vanilla Ice….? Really? Is there such a thing?

To which my sister exclaimed: “Remember when my friend Marla bought me that cassette for my birthday?”

I did remember.

And now I wonder what dates me more: that I know who Vanilla Ice was when he first started out, or that I know what a cassette is…?

Later, when we walked further into the trap store, I found these yummy treats:

Does the “glo” refer to what the Yellow #2 does to your skin?

Surely the fine people at Hostess could have thought of a more wholesome name than Glo Balls, right? I mean, these are the makers of down-home American snacks like Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Ho’s…Oh…{blushes} er, never mind.

On our way to the checkout, we came across one of the many sections of Halloween costumes.

Evidently they no longer make “man in barrel” or “wine-o” costumes, as those would be too politically incorrect. But with this costume, you can still dress like an alcoholic without making it too offensive:

“Dadgum! I just love that there song by T. Keith! How’s it go…?”

Have you found any awesomely awkward items at your local Wally-World?

Countdown To Halloween

Guys. Halloween is less than TWO weeks away! Have you picked out your costumes yet?

Huff the Hubs and I aren’t going to a party this year or helping out at a festival (last year we worked at the Fall Festival at church and dressed as Batgirl and Batman. ‘Cause we’re awesome like that) so we didn’t see a need to have a costume just to hand out candy. Next year, though, it’s on.

For those of you who are not lame and have super fun plans but do not yet have a costume, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


“Welcome to the Quikie Mart! Would you like a Slurpee bigger than your house?”

How awesome are these costumes? So original and tasty too! I just hope they don’t get brain freeze by the end of the night.

Angry Bird

I sincerley hope this woman stage-dives so it looks like she’s flying.

The iPhone really has changed our lives. From the way we talk, the way we use technology, and how we use our time on the toilet. (Don’t tell me you don’t play Words with Friends® when you’re on the can. I know you do.)

Army Guy

“He’s opening the gift…It’s bed sheets!”

How realistic does this guy look? I’m just waiting for him to say: “Andy’s room! Let’s move squad!”

Comic Book Girl


I LOVE this costume! She looks exactly like those old comic strip girls! Be still my geek-girl heart.


Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the candlestick.

If you can get a group together, please do this and send me a picture! I think this is one of the best group costumes I have ever seen! (Sidebar, “Miss Scarlet” doesn’t look too happy…)

Luke Skywalker and TaunTaun

“Set your course for the Hoth system.”

This deserves the biggest of nerd squeals EVER. The guy in the photo, Scott, has a website where he shows the step-by-step process of how he made the Taun Taun! I’m telling ya, if he had a booth at Comic Con, dude would make a killing!