Try It Tuesday



I’m sure if you spend any time on Facebook, you’ll see those videos starring arms not attached to a body, making delicious treats or awesome crafts in seemingly zero time. I saw this one the other day:


I was super excited because I wanted to jazz up the bathroom at the Mother’s Day Out place I work a few times a week with some jars of mints and chocolate (because, kids) and thought this would be perfect!

I gathered my stuff:



I did as the video instructed. I placed the tape over the paper (and rubbed the tape with a Popsicle stick):


Then, I cut out the piece I wanted to use and dropped it in a bowl of water for 1 minute:



After that, I not-so-easily removed the paper from the tape:


The ink was nowhere to be found and the tape wasn’t even sticky anymore! Yeah. Total bust. I ended up just printing off labels and covering it with packing tape. Sigh. 



Have you ever tried this before? Did it work out better for you? Is there a trick to getting it right? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

try it carpenter


Last week, I gave you a teaser as to what my Try It Tuesday would be this week. Did you guess what I’m making? Here’s the picture again, just to refresh your memory:



Give up? I’m making a…. FAIRY HOUSE!

The idea for a fairy house came when I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and saw this:

fairy house

Turns out, making these adorable little homes are much more involved and tedious than I anticipated. And with the Virginia family visiting and two kids to wrangle, there was no way in Narnia this thing would be done in time for today’s blog. So, stay tuned for updates on the fairy house!


Have you ever made a fairy house? What did you use? How did it turn out? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

try it carpenter


This weekend, I hosted my Best Mate’s baby shower. The theme? Doctor Who! When I found out she was having a boy, I automatically knew that would be the theme– I mean, hello–everything’s BLUE!

Knowing the theme, I ordered these silicone molds from Think Geek:

tardis mold

I thought I’d use them for little chocolates or maybe mini cupcakes. Yeeeahhh… I didn’t realize they were bigger than they looked. Must’ve been that timelord technology.

Anywhoo, I thought, “What can I make with these?” Then it hit me: soap!

I looked online or instructions and got to work! First, I gathered my gear:


~glycerin soap

~soap dye

~lavender essential oils

~Tardis molds


To begin, I sprayed the molds with alcohol to help the glycerin not to create bubbles.


Then, I melted the glycerin. I placed it in a microwave-safe bowl and heated it up for 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval, until the glycerin was melted thoroughly.





Next, I added the color and essential oils. I chose lavender because its relaxing and I like the smell.



After the soap was blue throughout, I poured the glycerin into the molds and sprayed it with alcohol again, to reduce the bubbles.



I let the soap set overnight and then popped them out in the morning:




This was such a simple and fun little craft! I ended up using the soaps as prizes for the game we played and people really liked them! I think I may go buy a circle mold and make some “fun soap” for my nieces and nephews!

Try It Wednesday

try it carpenter

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday. I was an editing machine/was taking care of a very needy toddler. But I am here today with a very fun–and easy–Try It!

We moved into our new home about 2 weeks ago. There are still boxes EVERYWHERE and pictures have yet to be hung up on the walls. BUT, most of the rooms are functional and that’s really all I can ask for at this point.

I wanted Huff the Tots room to be cute and whimsical. I knew I wanted a little reading corner because, much like her namesake, the girl loves books. I got some PINspiration and decided to make a float canopy for her reading area.

Here’s what I used:


~Embroidery hoop

~2 sheer curtains

~White ribbon

~Wall hook

That’s it!


First, you’ve got to separate the two hoops. Then, tie some ribbon to the inner hoop. This will be how you hang the canopy from the ceiling, so make sure to measure your ribbon!



Then, take the outer hoop and remove the dilly-ma-bob so you can thread the curtain through the hoop:



Then, thread your curtain(s):



Be sure to keep the tags of the curtains on the inside of the hoop. If not, you’ll get frustrated and have to re-do it. Like I did.

When you’ve finished placing the curtains on the larger hoop, place the smaller hoop inside and screw the dilly-ma-bob back on. Be sure that the inner hoop is secure or else the canopy will fall and you will cuss. Like I did.



After that, hang it up and enjoy!



Like I said, not everything is hung up on the walls quite yet, but you get the jist! This was, by far, the EASIEST “DIY” I’ve EVER done. And I’m pretty pleased with the results!



Try It Tuesday

Before I even describe today’s Try It to you, I want to preface by saying that this was probably the most frustrating Try It I have ever done. Like, for reals.

A few weeks ago, I was super stoked when I saw a DIY fleece car seat poncho. A mommy friend of mine made one that looked AH-MAZING, so I thought, “Heck yes, let’s do this thing!”

Here’s the original pin:

original pin

This is what you need:

~Two different colors/patterns of fleece

~Tape measure

~ribbon or yarn



First, measure your Little: Start at his or her shoulder down to where you want the poncho to stop. Double that measurement and mark it on the poncho.


Making the poncho pattern: Get your yarn (or ribbon), hold one end of the yarn on the midway point of the fleece, and use the rest of the yarn as a protractor, making dots to mark your circle.

Cut out the circle. Then, lay the circle fleece on top of the non-cut fleece. Using the cut fleece as a pattern, cut the different color fleece.



Grab a piece of paper to make a template for the neck hole. Measure the widest part of your Little’s head and then use that measurement to draw a circle on the paper. Make a smaller circle in the middle of the paper and cut it out. Cut the template out of the paper and lay it down on the fleece. Make dots around the circle on the fleece and mark when the middle hole is.



Cut out the neck hole. Cut the middle of the circle (on the fleece) so that you are able to cut strips to tie the fleece together.



Fold up the fleece (so there’s no fleece tabs hitting your Little in the face) and tie the strips together. I was getting super frustrated with this part. My chubby fingers couldn’t grab the fleece strips and someone decided to plop down and “help Mommy”.



So I enlisted the help of my sister, who so graciously took over at this stage.



When the neck hole is all tied up, cut strips along the edge to tie the fleece together. Then, you’re done!


I tell you what, I don’t know if its because I wasn’t feeling too hot or because the instructions were so odd, but I just did not like doing this. I like how it turned out, but it was not very enjoyable. I’m sure others will have great success and find it fun to do this, but for now, I’m going to go drink my Diet Coke and watch an episode of The Office. 

Try It Tuesday

Guys! Guess what?


I debated on whether or not to post anything today, but, I’m going to be out of town next week, seeing my adorable niece and nephews so I figured I should post something.

Last week, I saw this on Pinterest:

PO-TA-TO! Cook 'em, boil 'em, throw 'em in a stew?!

PO-TA-TO! Cook ’em, boil ’em, throw ’em in a stew?!

Evidently, its supposed to be yummier and healthier than French fries because they are not in fact, fried. I was skeptical (I loves my FFs!) but I wanted to give it a go. So, I got my potato, cleaned it (I know you’re just going to peel it, but I feel better if I rinse it first), and then peeled it.

Then I sliced it almost to the very bottom. I put it on a cookie sheet and drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil. Then I sprinkled some sea salt and pepper on it, as well as some spray butter.

Taters, precious.

Taters, precious.

I put it in the oven and 40 minutes later, here it was:

Please ignore the dirty skillet in the background.

Please ignore the dirty skillet in the background.

It was pretty tasty! Although, I was a little disappointed because as the pieces got bigger (toward the middle) they weren’t as crispy as the ones one the outside. My advice? Make sure that the EVOO gets in between ALL the pieces; that’ll help it taste more like French fries.

So, my mom is awesome, y’all. She makes the cutest owl hats (and other things):

Who, who is cute? YOU.

Who, who is cute?

She’s a pro crocheter and I’ve always wanted to be good at that kind of stuff too. This past weekend, I let her try to teach me how to crochet. It wasn’t too difficult. I did do an awesome chain! However, after I mastered that, she tried to teach me how to link the crochets together. Yeeeahhh….

Here’s what its supposed to look like:



And here’s what mine looked like:



When I showed my sister, she said, “Cool! You made a pickle!” Ha ha! God bless her…

(Also, I wasn’t going to toss this in the disposal. Its just that the light’s better in the kitchen and the bulb is RIGHT over the sink. Darn our dark apartment.)

I’m going to keep trying to get better and I’ll update you on my progress!