Way Back Wednesday

For those of us that grew up with the Tanners, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Mall Madness: hold on to your jellies. One of our favorite childhood television couples is making a comeback! No, not Balki and Larry; Corey and Topanga!

That’s right, if you haven’t heard the news, the Boy Meets World cast has reunited for a spinoff called {drum roll please} Girl Meets World! According to reports, the show will have Ben Savage and Danielle Fischel reviving their roles as Corey and Topanga. Only this time, its their daughter that will be suffering the growing pains of youth (see what I did there?).

After I heard this, I was so excited! It also made me reminiscent of the long-gone days of TGIF. Every Friday night in my household was spent huddle around the TV, not wanting to miss a minute of the hilarity that seemed to follow my favorite ABC families around. I mean, the lineup even had their own theme song for goodness sakes!

I sincerely hope that this BMW remake keeps true to the chracters, but is also fresh. I also hope that they bring Will Friedle back! Can’t you just see Eric living in Corey and Topanga’s attic or in the small apartment over their garage? I’m also hoping that they bring back Mr. Feeney. Simply because I am desperate to hear the Feeney call a few more times.