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We’re three days into the new year, how ya doin’ with your resolutions? What?! ALREADY? Come on, guys! Jk, jk… I know its tough to stick to resolutions. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tips, tricks, and apps to help you stick with it!

One thing that has helped me in the past to actually keep my resolutions was to stop calling them resolutions. Instead, I call them goals. It may sound simple (and a little trite) but it honestly took some of the pressure off and made me want to achieve them even more.



The next thing I do is make a plan. Benjamin Franklin said, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail” and boy, did that kite-flying Founding Father know what he was talking about! Saying, “I’m going to exercise three times a week” is a great goal, but do you know how you’re going to accomplish it?

“Well, no, I’m just going to do it.”

Yeah, well, hate to break it to ya but you’re “just going to fail”.


When do you want to workout? In the morning so you’ll get it over with or in the evening to help you de-stress? Pick a time a stick with it. What kind of exercise are you going to do? For how long? Make a plan, get organized, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it. (There are a lot of great resources out there to help you get fit. Personally, I really like Jillian’s 30 Day Shred to kick off the new year. Its only 20 minutes a day and it works!)

People make all kinds of resolutions and have a hard time sticking with them because of lack of accountability. But, thanks to technology, you can have accountability right at your fingertips! There are many apps that can help you plan and achieve your goals! I’ve blogged about some in the past, but here are a few new ones:




Have a lot of goals this year and don’t feel like having a ton of apps to help you keep track? HabitBull is basically a “catch all” for your goals. You set the goals, determine when it is considered successful, and track your progress! I downloaded this app and its pretty awesome!




Do you want to strengthen your memory or increase your focus in 2017? There’s an app for that, too! Elevate is a daily “mind-strengthening” app filled with games designed to help you focus and train your brain! After all, if you’re going to get your body in shape, might as well work on the ole noggin, too!

Gratitude 365


Want to be more positive in the new year? You should definitely try it! Studies show that by being grateful for the things we have, we improve our immune system, lowers anxiety, and even makes our hearts healthier! The Gratitude Journal 365 app is an awesome way to keep track of the things you’re thankful for. You can add photos to your lists, password protect your journal and back them up to your computer so you can print them later!


You may say, “That’s great and all, Jess, but my New Year’s Resolution is to spend less time on my phone.” I’ve got an answer for THAT, too–the K Safe.


The K Safe (aka, The Kitchen Safe) is a time locked container that you drop your phone, TV/gaming remotes, cookies, candy–whatever it is that is tempting you–into for a specific amount of time.  Once you’ve placed the tempting item into the safe, set the timer, and go about your business. There’s no way to hack into the safe until the timer counts down to zero, so there’s no way to cheat! If you’d rather not spend the $49.95, you can always make your own version like I did! (Mine only cost $2.50!)



What are you hoping to accomplish in the new year? What do you do to make it happen? Share in the comments below!

Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2


A few days ago, while perusing Facebook, I came across this picture:
IMG_2809 (2)
And immediately I felt convicted. How many times do I find myself sitting at the table eating breakfast with Huff the Babe with my coffee in one hand and my phone in the other? Or lying on the floor scrolling through Pinterest while my daughter plays with her blocks?

I know that I can’t entertain my kid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I know she needs time to play independently; that’s how creativity blooms and problem-solving skills emerge. But what about those times that she needs to feel engaged? Those times that she craves my attention–and needs it. Is she getting what she needs from me?

ignored kid
I’ve done a “30-Day Digital Detox” before and it really helped my relationships and general mood. I think it’s time to bring that back. Only this time, it’ll be longer than 30 days. This time, it’ll be a lifestyle change.

I don’t want my kid to feel ignored. I want her to feel heard, loved, nurtured, and supported. I want her to know that she is more important to me than an electronic. I want her to know that I am here for her. Right now, she’s at the age that she’s absorbing EVERYTHING…the good and the bad.

Besides, if I put my phone down long enough, I can prevent episodes like this:



Do you ever feel like you need to detox from your phone? Join me in putting the phone away! We can do it!



Digital Detox Update

Hey guys!

As you know, I have been working on a 31-Day Detox. It started out as a digital detox (i.e., trying to not use my phone for anything other than calls or texts) but I also added a few other habits I wanted to try and steer clear of:


~Eating fried food

~Needless spending


So how’s it going now that the month is coming to an end? Well…let me break it down for ya.


Digital Detox

Sherlock-PhoneWhen I first started the digital detox, I did really well for about a week. I was getting good at only using my phone for texts and calls and I even deleted Candy Crush. I stopped looking at Pinterest as I laid in bed at night and I was getting some really good shut-eye! But, after a while, I started using my phone for stuff. It mostly small things like, “Oh, I need to track my food on Sparkpeople and I’m nowhere near my computer. I’ll forget if I don’t do it now!” or “Crap! Did I pay that bill online? I’ll just check my bank app and see if I did.” After that, it kind of snowballed. So I’m not 100% smartphone-free. BUT, Huff the Hubs has said that he can tell a difference and, sadly, even commented, “I feel like you’re more present.” That hit me right in the heart. I knew I had an addiction to my phone but I didn’t realize it was so bad!



gossipThis one was tough, for two reasons: 1., my life isn’t very interesting, so if I hear something “juicy”, I automatically want to repeat it; and 2., Its tough to distinguish between relaying information and gossip. I told myself that if I couldn’t back up what I heard from other people with facts or if I wouldn’t say something to that person’s face, I wasn’t allowed to say it to anyone else. I would say I did okay with this challenge. There were a few times I slipped up, but I have been learning a lot about self-control and making sure I think before I speak. 


Eating Fried Food

honey boo boo

Honestly, i didn’t think this one would be so tough. I don’t really eat that much fried food so why would this be hard*? But then I remembered Chick-Fil-A. you know, that red-and-white haven of tasty, tender chicken nuggets and the golden waffle fries…? Ah yes, you know. I typically eat at CFA once a week (typically while I’m out with Hermione and running errands) and since I’m still breastfeeding, I get crazy hungry if I haven’t eaten in a while. Thus, I stop at CFA to get a quick bite. When I realized I would have to give up my nummy nuggets and fabulous fries, I was a little distraught. I did pretty well for a while though, ordering grilled nuggets and a fruit cup. But, one day I was ravenous and fruit just wouldn’t do the trick. So I ordered grilled nuggets…and a waffle fry. And that one time turned into three more. Le sigh. 


No Needless Spending



I truly thought that this habit was going to be the toughest to break. I work from home and so when I need some human interaction, I go to Target. And then I end up buying a bunch of crap I don’t need at the Dollar Spot. But this habit was actually the easiest. Whenever I walked into a store I would think, “Stick to the list, stick to the list” and only buy what was on the list. And now, my Slush Fund is lasting A LOT longer!


Even though I didn’t do perfectly, I still worked hard. Its tough to break habits in 30 days that have been formed over a series of years. I’m not going to let the end of August stop me from working toward my goals. I still want to put the phone down and be present; eat healthy, whole foods; watch my words; and make sure that I’m not just throwing money away.


What about you? Did you “detox” from anything this month? How did it go? Were you surprised by how you did?

Digital Detox: Update

Hey guys! So, as you know, I’m working on doing a little digital detox. I’m trying to cut down the time I spend on my phone, so for the month of August, I’m working on only using my iPhone for phone calls and texting (you know, like what phones were originally designed for).

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Its only the fourth day of the month and I gotta tell ya, I am doing…..HORRIBLE.
On Friday, I tried my hardest to not pick up my phone. But, alas, I did.
In the spirit of full discretion, here are the apps I used:
~Google Maps
In my defense, I needed to use Google Maps so I could find the place I was going. Although, I could have very well used it before I left and printed out the directions. Buuuttt…. I didn’t. Womp, womp.
Saturday was a little better. I only used it twice. Again for Google and Sparkpeople. As I was laying in bed Saturday night, though, I got the itch to look at Pinterest. Scrolling through my news feed on Pinterest has been a nightly ritual of mine for a while now. I can’t explain it, but it somehow helps me fall asleep. So instead of using my phone, I picked up the tablet. I tried looking at Pinterest on it, but it was loading slow and the tablet is so big, that it was a pain to lay down and look at. Frustrated, I turned it off and actually fell asleep an hour earlier than I normally do!
Yesterday, I didn’t use my phone for ANYTHING except phone calls and text messages. I could NOT believe it! When I needed to log my food into Sparkpeople, I did it on the laptop. When I needed to look something up, I used the laptop. Its weird, but I’m becoming more aware of how much I use my phone now that I turn to my laptop instead. Its like, “Ugh, I feel so lazy just sitting here in front of my computer…” I found myself doing other things like swimming, reading, or playing with Hermione.
Today has gone pretty well so far. I haven’t really had the temptation to pick up my phone to look at Facebook or Pinterest. And, honestly, this whole detox thing is not about being perfect; it’s about being aware of my usage. It’s also helping me realize what is and isn’t important/imperative. There have been so many times in the past that I would be in the middle of a conversation, think of something, and pick up my phone to Google what I had thought of, completely disregarding the person I was speaking to. Now, I have to tell myself, “Oh, don’t forget to Google that when you get home,” and I do. Which doesn’t bother me.
My other “detoxes”–no gossiping, no needless spending, and no fried food–are going pretty well. I did spend money at a garage sale on stuff I didn’t necessarily need…but it was a super good deal! Plus, I think I’ll be able to sell some of the stuff on Amazon and make a pretty good profit!
Are you doing any kind of detox? How’s it going? Do you have any tips that would help detoxers out there?

Digital Detox

The other morning, I was watching The Today Show. One of their correspondents was talking about how, on the first of August, she was going to start a 31-day digital detox. The correspondent, Jill Martin, said she felt as though she was letting her phone control her life. From texting, to calling, to emailing, and apps, she felt like she never looked a person in the face and had lost the art of holding a conversation. She decided to swear off her smartphone for the entire month. Jill asked the rest of the Today Show anchors to join in on her detox.


And I am too.


Lately, Huff the Hubs has been complaining that I am always on my phone. He calls my iPhone “my kidney” because it’s basically attached to me. My biggest time-waster apps have been: Candy Crush, Facebook, and Pinterest. I can’t just give up my phone (or invest in one of these things), because—unlike Jill—I don’t have a personal assistant and I have a kid. So, for the month of August, I am going to use my phone strictly for phone calls and texts.


This means I can’t use ANY of my apps from my phone.


Like, any.


I’ve already deleted Candy Crush, and, if I need to, I’ll delete the others as well.


I’ve also decided on a few more things I want to “detox” from:

~Fried food (so long, Chick-Fil-A waffle fries!)


~Needless spending (Bye-bye, Target’s Dollar Spot )


I’ll be blogging about my detox hits and misses and hopefully finding some ways to fight against some of my more toxic habits. And if anyone wants to join in on the “fun” (totes meant that sarcastically because LAWD this is going to be a tough month!) let me know! I’ll be here to give encouragement and also to whine to!


Here’s to a healthier, happier August!