Her’s Day Thursday

Hers Day Thursday Girl


Last Thursday, my family and I were hit by a devastating loss. Our sweet little miniature pinscher, Pinny Lane, passed away.


We knew it was coming. She was plagued with health problems: diabetes, cataracts/eyesight loss, hearing loss, pancreatic tumors, and kidney problems. Even though we knew it was coming it was still tough.

Last Monday I took her to the vet and she said that even though it hurt her heart to say it, she believed euthanization was necessary. Very reluctantly, and with heavy hearts, we made the appointment for last Thursday at 4:30.

The kids and I had somewhere to be at 9:30 that morning. On our way, I decided to stop at my sister’s house to check on Pinny. When I walked inside, the house was silent. There was no patter of little paws coming to greet me. I turned from the kitchen into the living room and saw her laying on her pillow, with her favorite pink blanket over her. At first, I thought she was sleeping.

I called out her name, but she didn’t move. I gently shook her pillow. When she didn’t stir, I knelt down, searching her chest to see if it rose and fell. It didn’t. I reached out and touched her–she was gone.

As I went back to the car and my kids, I started thinking about that sweet little pup and everything she meant to my family…


Pinny was given to me by an ex-boyfriend while we were still together back in 2004. At the time, she stayed at his house. This was fine with my family–they didn’t get along with the guy and certainly didn’t want a dog at their house that reminded them of him. The relationship was…awful. And that’s being nice.

There was emotional/mental abuse, manipulation, and controlling behavior. When I finally broke up with him, I decided that I was taking Pinny with me. She was mine, after all, and I wanted to be the one to care for her.

She came home with me and my dad set up a little fenced in area for her in the backyard. Soon after, my grandpa built her a dog house. I always thought it was so cute the way she’d fluff her blankets to cover the hole of her little house. Eventually, when the weather changed, Pinny became an inside dog.


There was a point that my family was still a little reluctant to take her in. But soon after, Pinny got sick–I still don’t really remembered what happened. What I do remember is my mom and sister crying on the back porch and praying over that little black and brown dog. She quickly solidified her place as a member of the family after that!

We moved to a new house on the other side of town a few months later and Pinny Lane slept with me in my bed. When Huff the Hubs and I got married in 2011, neither one of us wanted to keep her cooped up in a tiny apartment, so she went to live with my sister, Bridget. And that’s where Pinny has been ever since.

Pinny has been such a great companion to Bridget. Bridget spoiled her rotten and loved her deeply. There were so many times I’d see her wrap that sweet dog in a blanket and hold her like a baby. But that’s what she was–Bridget’s baby.


Pinny has held such a huge part of our hearts for so long and means so much to my family. We credit her with bringing my family back together again after I was in such a bad relationship that fractured our family dynamic (it’s no wonder the name Penny means “weaver”!).

She was an enormous blessing and will be forever missed.



Fan Girl Friday



Happy Friday, nerdlings! I’ve found some geeky goodies sure to put a smile on your face! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

With NASA finding new (and actually habitable) planets this week I’m sure many of you are now looking out at the night sky, wondering what all is out there. I’ve got something just for you, buddy!


Starfall is “a game of wit and quick thinking to build an impressive list of cosmic curiosities”! Designed for 2 to 4 players, each game only takes half an hour to complete! Grab your stargazing friends and start playing!


Before I married Huff the Hubs, I was NOT a fan of anime {gasp!}—I know right? But now, I’m converted! One of my favorites is My Neighbor Totoro! And Huff the Tot loves it too! So I’m thinking I need to grab one of these A-DORK-ABLE night lights from the niceEshop!


Just charge this nightlight through your computer or power bank, and set the Totoro terrarium next to your little geekling’s bed for a soft glow of light sure to help them snooze!


How is everyone doing on their New Year’s Resolutions? Falling a little behind? Maybe stagnating a bit? Need some motivation to put in more effort at the gym? Snag one of these sports bras to make you feel like an Amazon!


This super comfy cotton sports bra will make you feel invincible as you lift, squat, and run past everyone else! Lasso of Truth not included.


Anyone else feel a little guilty when they have to leave their pet at home as the run errands? Have no fear! Now you can take your pet with you, and take them in style!


This VW Camper Pet Carrier from Perpetual Kid is licensed by Volkswagen, is of sturdy construction, and comes with an airy window to keep your pooch or kitty comfortable as you tote them around Target!


Happy fangirling!





Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Button


I’m shaking things up this Fan Girl Friday and bringing you fabulous finds for Fido! That’s right, whether you think man’s best friend barks or meows, I’ve got a treat for your four-legged pal!


Help your furry friend differentiate between what’s on the menu with this hilarious bowl mat from Perpetual Kid!

dog mat

I don’t know about your dog, but at our house, Pinny Lane has her own couch. Sure, other people are welcome to sit on it, but is covered in her fur and if you so much as think about popping a squat, you’d better be ready to scratch behind some ears and pat a belly for hours! I’m thinking the little pinscher needs this:

dog pillow

Let everyone know that, like Sheldon, your dog’s spot is taken!


I’m not much of a cat person, but I am LOVING this litter box and scratching post made by Tim Baker and his team over at Superfan Builds constructed these AH-MAY-ZING pieces for a Lord of the Rings fan and his two cats, Sam and Frodo!

LOTR litter box and Sauron scratching post

Click here to watch the reveal video! Its awesome!


Though I’m not the biggest fan of cats, I’m a big fan of cat videos where they flip out because of a laser pointer or go bat-crap crazy for catnip. So please, faithful followers, someone buy this for your cat and send me a video!

From ThinkGeek, these bubbles are infused with catnip! Play time just got more fun!


Now, I don’t want to leave out those in the blog-o-sphere that don’t have a cat or dog, but opt for a more petite pal, check out this critter cruiser from Wag.com!

critter cruise

Your hamster will be riding with more swag than those Kia wannabes.




Got a pet product you love? Tell me in the comments below!

Read This Post Right Meow

Earlier this week, video hit the web of a little boy getting attacked by a dog only to be saved by a cat.

Yes, you read that right: a cat.

Now, I’m not so much a cat person. In my opinion, cats are the feline equivalent of the snooty Regina George-like heifers in high school that either completely ignore you or get close to you, only to claw your eyes out later.

That being said, this cat truly took care of business:

Poor kid is never going to want to ride his bike again!

(Sidebar: anyone have a problem with the fact that the mom just left her kid there? Maybe she went after the dog–which clearly would’ve been a mistake–but still…”Hey kid, I know you’re probably freaking out, but Mommy’s gotta go. Young and the Restless is on.”)

After I watched this video, my opinion on cats started to change (not too much; let’s not get crazy). And I thought, “Maybe not all cats are bad. Some may actually be cute.” Which led to an hour-long binge search of cats on the web. Which I will now share with you. You’re welcome.


"Excuse me, I was spying on the neighbor!"

“Excuse me, I was spying on the neighbor!”


"Wooo! A strike!"

“Wooo! A strike!”


"Try Schrodinger's experiment. I DARE you."

“Try Schrodinger’s experiment. I DARE you.”


"I mustache you to NOT get fresh with me, sir!"

“I mustache you to NOT get fresh with me, sir!”



I didn’t get to blog yesterday…things were ca-razee! But it was my awesome dad’s birthday yesterday! Dad, thanks for being so kick-a, creative, funny, supportive, and loving. You’re the best! And no one can rock a ‘stache like you!


Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, Geeklings!

By now, you must’ve seen the news. The new Doctor is Peter Capaldi.

What are your thoughts?

At first I was like, “Erm…he looks like Satan.”

"Burn with me..."

“Burn with me…”


But then, slowly, I got over my fear that he was the Prince of Darkness when other, more flattering pictures of him surfaced:

"I'm the new Doctor! Smashing!"

“I’m the new Doctor! Smashing!”


I’m still not sure.

But, then again, when Matt Smith first started, I was very wary of him too. Its hard for me because my two hearts really only beat for David Tennant. BUT, Matt did a pretty decent job and even got me to cry over his plight a time or two. I do think its time for an older Doctor and I like that they’re not using someone too “Hollywood” (I seriously read on the internet that people wanted Harry Styles from One Direction as the Doctor. REALLY?!)


If you’re still not sold, check out this article from Buzzfeed. It might make a believer out of you!


AnyWHO, congrats Peter! Moving on…


Many of you know that I have mad love for the Muppets. I used to watch The Muppet Show as a kid, along with Muppet Babies; I just can’t get enough of those polyester puppets! When the Muppet movie (the latest one) hit theaters, I was so excited! Well guess what?! I have more reasons to squeal! LOOK AT THIS!



{Insert Kermit arm flail} “Yaaaaaaaayyyy!”


Whilst perusing Think Geek this week, checking off things from our baby registry and adding a few a couple hundred new things, I saw something that I think every dog (and cat) Momma and Daddy needs:

"Nom,nom, SQUIRREL! Nom, nom..."

“Nom,nom, SQUIRREL! Nom, nom…”


Each kit comes with a reusable tray and a mix to make healthy, organic treats for your four-legged baby! AND! Added bonus: you can actually make these in the microwave in three minutes!


School started back this week much to the sadness of teachers and school children everywhere. But instead of crying that school is starting and reluctantly trudging off to that big brick prison everyday, hold your head high and carry yourself with super hero confidence with this:

I am the night; but only after school hours.

I am the night; but only after school hours.

The backpack even comes with a cowl and wings to help you evade teachers asking: “Where’s your homework?” and “Why are you talking like that?”


And finally, did you knw that this week was Geek Week on YouTube?! Me neither! Evidently, YT is devoting its homepage to all things geeky! Check it out!



(Sidebar, if you’re familiar with Felicia Day, she played Charlie in Supernatural, Dr Holly in Eureka, Penny in Dr Horrible, and Vi in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So she’s got some geek street cred!)

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday Peeps! (And happy birthday, BB!)

I’ve got some great goodies to share with and help you kick your weekend off right!

For you dog lovers (which, how could you NOT be a dog lover?) check out this AMAZE-BALLS leash from Fred Flare! Its seriously the fanny pack (or, if you’re Ted Mosby: ‘El Gonzo con la rinonera!’) of the leash-world!

Need something? Let me use my Mary Poppins leash...

Need something? Let me use my Mary Poppins leash…

This bad boy is retractable, has space for treats, poo-bags, a light for when you’re walking at night, and a clock! Plus it comes in snazzy colors!


Also from Fred Flare are these gems. I’m a little sad I didn’t know about these sooner; they would’ve been a GREAT accessory for tomorrow night’s New Kids on the Block concert! I may go ahead and order them anyway…just to rock some old school style.

No need to hold a boombox to your ear, anymore!

No need to hold a boombox to your ear, anymore!


Did you know Shark Week is coming up?! Have you seen the awesomely hilarious ad that Discovery Channel is running to promote their seven days of sea mayhem? Its pretty stinkin’ funny. Anywhoo, if you’re one of the many people who L-O-V-E-S SW, you NEED this mug from Perpetual Kid. Seriously:

I will never look at breakfast the same way again.

I will never look at breakfast the same way again.

Its heat activated so when you pour in your morning cup of Joe, you unleash the power of Jaws on an unsuspecting swimmer.


Want to add a little chemistry to your evening’s cocktail? Check out these new laboratory shot glasses from Think Geek!

Make potions for your pals!

Make potions for your pals!


Have a great weekend everybody!