Fan Girl Friday

Ermagherd! Erts Verlentine’s Der!

Got something special planned for your someone special?

Huff the Hubs and I are playin’ it low-key this year. He’s cooking me dinner and then we’re going to play the board game I got him! I know; we’re livin’ the life, right?

What are you up to? Got plans? Oh yes, you do. You’re going to plop in front of your computer and check out the awesome things I found for you for this week’s Fan Girl Friday!


Did you know that George Lucas and Mark Hamill have a contest going to where you can win a trip for two to Skywalker Ranch in California, complete with meet and greet with GL?! AND, you’ll get to hang with Luke Skywalker himself! All you’ve got to do is enter to win! Here’s Mark Hamill to tell you more!


This year for Huff the Hubs’ birthday, he said he wanted an RC helicopter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in time. I’m thinking I may have to get this for him for Christmas:

Doctor not included.

Doctor not included.

Its your own flying TARDIS! It stands 3″ tall and has a vertical takeoff and landing. But you have to provide the sound effects (vrompf, wrompf!).


Speaking of the TARDIS, did you know that there is a cafe in Istanbul dedicated solely to The Doctor? No joke! Its called The TARDIS Cafe!

"I'll have the fish fingers and custard."

“I’ll have the fish fingers and custard.”


I’m starting to wish I would’ve seen this next find about a week ago. That way, I could’ve told HtH to snag me one for Valentine’s Day! What better way to show your nerd-girl some love than with this adorable Star Wars pajama shirt?

Our love is intergalactic.

Our love is intergalactic.


I hope your Valentine’s Day is awesome! Show people some love…






Winter Will Not Go Away

I am so sick of this cold weather.


To the point that I’m seriously considering moving far away from everything and everyone I love just so I can get some freaking sunshine.


The frigid, biting cold makes me so anti-social.



I get ZERO vitamin D because I’m either indoors or I literally sprint from my front door to my car.



And if the snow and ice wasn’t enough to grate on mine (and everyone’s nerves) the constant complaints (mostly from me) of how awful this winter has been is enough to send me over the edge.



But, thankfully, Huff the Hubs is near to help me get out of this winter whine-fest.



And, according to the Weather Channel, the temps are on the rise later this week! I can already hear the angels singing…and people whining about how winter was “too short”.


Thankful Thursdays

Ah, November. We’re only seven days in and I am already counting down to December. No, not because of Christmas. Or even my birthday for that matter. I’m ready for November to be over because I’m already feeling jaded from the “I’m Thankful” posts on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not so much of a cynic that I think no one should post what they’re thankful for. I’m glad you’re marriage is strong and you love your husband. I’m glad your kids are your life and you’re proud of them. I’m also glad that you love football season because it gives you something else to complain about besides the heat of summer.

But…shouldn’t we be thankful for people and things every day not just 30 days in November?

Yes, I’m thankful for my family and friends and that Starbucks finally has pumpkin lattes. But Oh. Em. GEE, I can be thankful for/post that I’m thankful for that all year round (well, not so much the lattes…they’re seasonal).

So, for the entire month of November, I’m going to do Thankful Thursdays. Don’t worry; I’m not going to post about overly-sentimental things that are so sweet they’ll give you a cavity.

For example, for today’s Thankful Thursday I am thankful for Ecards. Those snarky, sarcastic internet sensations that I pin so much on Pinterest I had to make a board completely dedicated to them.

Why am I thankful for Ecards? They say everything I want to say but can’t find the sassiest, most sardonic way of saying.  Bless you, Ecards for making my life much funnier.






You Just Don’t Get It

My personality is somewhat a mixture of Chandler Bing, Grumpy Cat, and Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. My sense of humor can be sarcastic and dry and somewhat snarky.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

A lot of people don’t “get” my sense of humor. These are typically the same people that look at me like I’ve just punched a bunny in the face when I say “I’m done with pregnancy!” or “I’m not a fan of overly sentimental things.”


I’ve been told that sometimes people may see my sense of humor as brash or even a little insulting… and they’re probably right. One look at my “Ecard” board will affirm that. But at this point, I’m like:


Preach, 'Rella.

Preach, ‘Rella.


I used to stress myself out thinking: “Oh geez, I hope they didn’t think I was being offensive,” or “Was that not politically correct?” I would lie in bed at night and fret and worry about what I said and to whom and think, “I’m such a horrible person.”


Now, however, I don’t do that. Its not that I don’t have a filter (because I do…sometimes…) but I also don’t lose sleep over what I’ve said. If I start to think about it, I just tell myself, “Well, it’s out there now. People probably think you’re a jerk, but that’s okay. Everybody can be jerks. Just try to not be so Draco Malfoy next time, okay?”


Maybe not "fun"...Okay maybe a little bit.

Maybe not “fun”…Okay maybe a little bit.

I know I need to watch some of the things I say, since in a matter of weeks, I’ll have a Little that will be processing and repeating every word I say. And I intend to watch myself (that’s why I’m trying now). I don’t want to raise a little twerp that has no sense of other people’s feelings and zero tact. I want Hermione to be polite, have manners, and not act like so many kids I see out there today. (She will, however, know how to not take things so seriously and learn that laughter sometimes really is the best medicine.)


I guess I just feel that some of the stuff I say/find funny is just my inherit personality; the way God made me. I can’t help it if I think the third Austin Powers movie is hilarious and shamelessly guffaw at every innuendo, nor can I stop the laughter that takes over me when I watch the You Tube montage of news anchors slipping and falling.


I don't.

I don’t.

I know it’s hard to convey tone through blogs, so I hope you guys don’t get your knickers in a twist when I say something meant to be sarcastic and funny. And if you do happen to get your BVDs in a bunch, then all I have to say to you is:


They really are.

They really are.