Try It Tuesday



Now that I’m–gulp–over 30, I’ve noticed that I can’t use the same beauty products I used when I was 21. I’ve also become a bit more “crunchy” and like to use products that are more natural, like essential oils.

I was doing a little “research” on Pinterest for natural skin care and came across a DIY anti-aging serum and decided to give it a try!

Here’s what I used:


~1 oz lavender oil

~1 oz jojoba oil

~1 oz Vitamin E oil

~1 oz Frankincense oil

~glass dropper


I mixed it all together and poured it into my glass dropper. Boom. Done.



Here’s a picture of me without makeup (don’t judge me; I have two kids) before I started using the serum:



I applied the serum every night after washing my face/before bed:








So, let me start by saying that the lighting in my bathroom SUCKS so these pictures may not be the best at comparing. Having said that, I COULD tell a difference, if ever so slight. I saw a small difference in the look of my skin but I saw the biggest difference in how it felt. It felt softer, more hydrated, less tight (you know when your skin is dry and it gets that tight feeling? That’s what I’m referring to), and smoother. I also noticed that any blemishes I got went away SUPER fast (I’m talking the NEXT day they were gone)!

Was it worth it? I think so. I mean, its not like some “revolutionary thing” (for me anyway) but I’m pretty pleased with the positive effects on my skin, so I’m going to keep using it until its gone.

Have you ever done this skincare regimen before? What were your results? Share in the comments below!



Try It Tuesday

try it tuesday EO


I said yesterday, my little ankle biters have been sick A LOT this past week and a half. It seems like once I finally get one kid well, the other one comes down with something. Clearly washing their hands (and mine) fifty times a day wasn’t helping and I’m now at the point to where I’m willing to try anything. Enter: essential oils.


Now, I’ve tried EOs before (they actually help me with my anxiety) and liked them. I’ve been a little skeptical of their “healing properties”, but like I said, I’m willing to try anything. So I perused Pinterest and found this awesome DIY hand sanitizer and thought I’d give it a whirl!


Here’s what I used:


~2 oz spray bottle (you can find these at Walmart or Target in the travel section)

~1/4 teaspoon salt

~8-10 drops Medieval Mix (when I went to the natural grocers, I asked the lady there for something comparable to Thieves or On Guard and she said that this was what both of those are based on!)

~distilled water (not pictured; simply because I’m surviving on very little sleep thanks to sick kiddos and completely forgot to add it to the picture)


First, pour in the salt and then add your essential oils (this is so the salt can absorb the oils and mix better with the water):



Then, add your distilled water and shake:


That’s it! You’ve now successfully made hand sanitizing spray (or pacifier sanitizing spray, toy sanitizing spray, the list goes on)! I’m hoping to see a difference in the frequency/intensity of sicknesses in the Huffman Homestead!

Do you use essential oils? What do you use them for? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

try it hair


The other night, I could NOT sleep. I was lying in bed, totally exhausted from the day, ready to pass out. However, that didn’t happen. Why? Because pregnancy makes your body do ridiculous things like suddenly have Restless Leg Syndrome when you’ve never had it before.

Want to know what RLS feels like? Imagine tiny little spiders walking up and down your legs and arms. Yeah. Its like that. Only less “horror-movie-ish”.

Try It Tuesday Magnesium Spray Bruce Almighty

Anyway, I got about 2 hours of sleep that night. Seriously. I checked my FitBit.

Finally, at 4:00 a.m., realizing sleep was a distant dream (ha-sleep pun!) I did what anyone else would do: I complained on Facebook.

Thankfully, a friend of mine had a solution for me! She told me about a spray that she used to help her RLS; its made up of magnesium sulfate.

Try It Tuesday Magnesium

Being the awesome person that she is, she and her adorable weeks-old baby brought it by the house. I sprayed it all over my legs and arms immediately and then about half an hour or so before bed.

Y’all, I got the BEST sleep I have had in a while last night! For reals. My legs and arms weren’t tingling, I didn’t have the urge to kick my legs around; I felt so relaxed! I honestly could not believe how well this stuff works!

I started reading more about magnesium and its benefits. I knew magnesium helped Huff the Hubs stave off migraines, but that’s really all I knew. Turns out, magnesium is essential for good nerve health and may even help with insomnia!*

I consider this a Try It Tuesday WIN!







*Obviously, I’m not a doctor. If I was, I’d be typing this blog on my yacht overlooking Greece’s coastlline. Before you take any supplements, be sure to check with your doctor first to make sure it won’t interact with any medications you may be or or health issues you may have.


Try It Tuesday

Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone!

Try It Tuesday

Since the break-in, I’ve been on edge. Like, crazy on edge.

The other night, Huff the Hubs moved his pillow and, thinking it was a man coming into our bedroom to murder us, I screamed at the top of my lungs. To which HtH said: “Baby, I think you’re a little tense.”

(Gee, ya think?!)


I’ve been looking to find ways to help myself with the tension and the constant fear that someone is going to bust into my house. I’ve been exercising, reading my Bible, talking to my counselor, but I felt like I needed more help. Like, medicinal help. But, I didn’t really like the thought of popping pills. I was talking to my mom about it who spoke to a family friend with similar anxiety issues. She said she had started using essential oils to calm her whenever she felt jumpy or anxious. So I thought, “I’ll give it a try!”

I bought three different kinds:



I went to the natural grocery store and picked these up. I got eucalyptus because its used in many stress relief products as well as a blend of various oils to be used when one is feeling anxious, and another to help me stay focused and sharp (I have a severe case of Mommy Brain). I first tried rubbing the oils on my hands, but I noticed that the scents just weren’t the same when applied to my skin. (I.e., they smelled one way in the bottle and another on my hands. I think its because of my scented hand soap.) Then, I went to Wal-Mart and found this:



This diffuser was only $4! I was so happy I found it because it works SO well! It diffuses the scent throughout the whole house! (Much to HtH and my sister’s disapproval.) After I bought this, I was HOOKED on these oils! I really feel like they’ve been helping. I even took a bubble bath the other night and put a few drops of eucalyptus in the bath water; it. was. HEAVENLY.


Have you ever used essential oils? What do you use them for? What do you think about them?