Try It Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, errybody! This weekend was my birthday and I planned on doing two things: napping and partaking in an ungodly amount of cheesecake. Cheesecake is to me what cookies are to Cookie Monster. Seriously.

A week ago, my sister sent me this video on Facebook of Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake and I immediately asked her to make it for my birthday lunch at my parents! (Fruity Pebbles is my FAVORITE cereal!) Thankfully, she obliged and its today’s Try It Tuesday!

Here’s what you need:


`4 cups Fruity Pebbles cereal, plus more for garnish

~1/3 cup melted butter

~1/4 teaspoon salt

~No Bake Cheesecake Mix by Jell-O (the original recipe calls for other ingredients, but we have folks in the family whose tummies can’t handle heavy whipping cream)


Process cereal in a food processor until it’s very fine. (Not like, “Dang, Benedict Cumberbatch is fine!” but like, “really small”.) Then, measure 2 1/2 cups of the cereal into a large bowl and set the rest to the side. Add the melted butter and salt to the cereal and mix well. Pour your crust into a pie pan and shape it to the pan, making sure to bring the mixture up the sides of the pan. Cover and freeze for about 15 minutes, or until firm.





Mix the no bake cheesecake according to the directions on the box, adding in the extra cereal. Pour into the pie crust and smooth. Place it back in the fridge for at least an hour.





When ready to serve, top with more cereal as a garnish. Then, dig in!


I REALLY liked this! I mean, its cheesecake and Fruity Pebbles—what’s not to like?! Not everyone shared my enthusiasm. Let’s just say I took almost an entire cheesecake home with me. (And I was not complaining!)


Have you ever tried this? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday



I’m sure if you spend any time on Facebook, you’ll see those videos starring arms not attached to a body, making delicious treats or awesome crafts in seemingly zero time. I saw this one the other day:


I was super excited because I wanted to jazz up the bathroom at the Mother’s Day Out place I work a few times a week with some jars of mints and chocolate (because, kids) and thought this would be perfect!

I gathered my stuff:



I did as the video instructed. I placed the tape over the paper (and rubbed the tape with a Popsicle stick):


Then, I cut out the piece I wanted to use and dropped it in a bowl of water for 1 minute:



After that, I not-so-easily removed the paper from the tape:


The ink was nowhere to be found and the tape wasn’t even sticky anymore! Yeah. Total bust. I ended up just printing off labels and covering it with packing tape. Sigh. 



Have you ever tried this before? Did it work out better for you? Is there a trick to getting it right? Share in the comments below!

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4

Typically, I highlight a lady that has made a contribution to the world on HDT. However, last night as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw this video. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Not only does it show the disrespect and misogyny that, sadly, runs rampant today, but also puts those behaviors and attitudes into perspective.

Compelling, right? We need to raise up our sons to respect women and raise our girls to demand respect. Let’s change this world for the better, people!

(Happy birthday, Dad! Thanks for being an awesome father and raising my sisters and I to be strong and confident! You’re amazing! Love you!)

Writer Wednesday

Its Writer Wednesday, peeps! Here’s today’s prompt:

writing prompt


It seems as though most break-ups happen before Spring Break and before Christmas. Why? Two reasons: alcohol and money.


Many people (especially those college-aged) break up before Spring Break (“WOOHOO!”) because they want to be free to pursue other people (and by “people” I mean drunk-idiot-Jersey Shore-rejects) while stumbling around Cabo with a Mikes Hard Lemonade in one hand and a Camel Light in the other.


Others end their relationship right before Christmas because they believe if they break-up before Christmas, they can use family obligations as an excuse, when they’re really just scared that they’ll go bankrupt searching for that Michael Kors purse that you “just have to have” or that you’ll break up with them because their gift-giving capabilities were on par with Joey’s ability to speak French.


Here’s my advice: stay home and set the bar low.


You don’t need to go out to have a good time. Stay home, save your money, and stop shaving. Show each other that you care by watching four hours of old Star Trek episodes and listening to books on tape. Don’t worry about giving that “awesome” gift. Buy practical gifts. Yeah, those Louboutins are cute, but where are you going to wear them? You’re not J.Lo. No one is going to photograph you stepping out of your 2001 Ford Taurus at Target wearing those things. You’re not going to find true love in the foam pit at Señor Frogs. But, you might just find it falling asleep with Cheeto dust on their face during a DVR’d episode of The Voice.

Its Quiz Time

Here lately, my News Feed has been exploding with quizzes.


Quizzes on every subject matter: Which Joss Whedon Heroine Are You(Inarra!), How Would You Do in the Hunger Games? (death by poisonous food), and even What’s Your Inner Potato? (seriously…and I’m a baked one if you were wondering.)

But my favorite quiz, by far, has to be this one.


Click it.

You will not be sorry.



And THAT’s Thursday, people. See you tomorrow!

Thankful Thursdays

Ah, November. We’re only seven days in and I am already counting down to December. No, not because of Christmas. Or even my birthday for that matter. I’m ready for November to be over because I’m already feeling jaded from the “I’m Thankful” posts on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not so much of a cynic that I think no one should post what they’re thankful for. I’m glad you’re marriage is strong and you love your husband. I’m glad your kids are your life and you’re proud of them. I’m also glad that you love football season because it gives you something else to complain about besides the heat of summer.

But…shouldn’t we be thankful for people and things every day not just 30 days in November?

Yes, I’m thankful for my family and friends and that Starbucks finally has pumpkin lattes. But Oh. Em. GEE, I can be thankful for/post that I’m thankful for that all year round (well, not so much the lattes…they’re seasonal).

So, for the entire month of November, I’m going to do Thankful Thursdays. Don’t worry; I’m not going to post about overly-sentimental things that are so sweet they’ll give you a cavity.

For example, for today’s Thankful Thursday I am thankful for Ecards. Those snarky, sarcastic internet sensations that I pin so much on Pinterest I had to make a board completely dedicated to them.

Why am I thankful for Ecards? They say everything I want to say but can’t find the sassiest, most sardonic way of saying.  Bless you, Ecards for making my life much funnier.