Mommy Monday



Hey ladies. This weekend while doing laundry I had a revelation and now its turning into a revolution. I just need a small army of XX chromosomes to back me up. I know we are usually divided on so many subjects: politics, religion, which Bachelor contestant should get a rose…but today, we must all unite against our common enemy: the built-in camisole bra.



Seriously, who are these “bras” helping?! They’re basically like an Oklahoma congressman toward teachers: completely unsupportive.  They either let The Girls hang so low you’ve pretty much got a plumber’s crack on your chest OR they smoosh everything together so that you’ve got the dreaded uni-boob.



These deceptive articles of clothing may say that they come equipped with straps for “easy adjusting” but DO NOT BE FOOLED! They will do nothing but fill you with false hope and just end up letting you down, if you catch my drift. Yes, I know; the thought of wearing a shirt without that pesky bra strap sneaking out sounds tempting, but do not trust the enemy!



And while we’re talking about failures in fashion, what’s with the built-in bra’s cousin “built-in underwear”? I have a few pairs of running shorts with underwear already in them. WHO IS NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR WHILE RUNNING?! Why would the creators of these shorts think I need TWO sets of underwear? After working out in the Oklahoma heat, its difficult enough to peel my shorts off of my sweaty, stuck-together thighs and they want to add another hurdle?! Just stop. Stop with the “built-in” crap. Let me have my spaghetti straps without the extra hindrance and give me shorts that won’t make me feel like I’m putting on Spanx to hit the treadmill.

Unite with me, ladies!

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Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday New Banner 2


This weekend, my thundering horde and I went to Plano, TX to see an amazing Christmas show. As we got to the performance and looked around, I saw all these moms of littles in their cute outfits, perfectly applied makeup, and hair that on point. Then there was me: leggings, hair up in a clip, and a spit up stain on my shoulder. I gotta be honest, being a mom has really taken a number on my personal style (though, I really didn’t have much “style” to begin with, so I guess I can’t blame it on the kids). But, thanks to many Etsy shops, I can let the world know that I wear yoga pants because, kids, thanks to some adorable (and affordable!) tees made for moms!



Every day I’m hustlin’ to the car, to the potty, to the fridge for chocolate milk, and to my kid to catch their “soon-to-be-spit-on-the-floor-food” with my hand. The hustle is SO. FREAKING. REAL. Thanks, GurleyGirlBoutique, for making a shirt to let the world know!



Messy bun? Check. Yoga pants? Check. Baby wipes, Goldfish crackers, nursing pads, and sippy cups? Checkity check check. The GiftedSugar store knows how to make me feel like a star!



This tank has something for every mom…except a double shot of espresso in your coffee to help you keep up with your toddler. The LoveBirdBoutique has your back!



Sometimes you just gotta tell the devil he ain’t gonna wreck your vibe and just keep mommin’! Let everyone know you’re in no mood for their ish with this tee from BirchBearCo!



Stay fly, Mommas!

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Another end to another week; but praise be that this week didn’t involve snow! WOO! And, lucky for you, it DOES involve a lot of geeky goodies that I have found whilst scouring the interwebs!


Need a quirky addition to your favorite pencil skirt? Then check out these sassy shoes from Mod Cloth!

pencil shoes

Seriously, how cute are these?! These paired with MC’s tote, a black skirt, and cardigan would make you the fanciest word nerd at the ball!


I’m not so much a cat person, however this next find is pretty precious! Evidently, cat cafés are a “thing” in Japan now, but if you can’t save up enough to fly over, try this instead!

paw print stamper

This handy-dandy little brander can leave little paw prints on your food after it’s been heated up! Don’t worry, hair balls aren’t included!


You guys. I know we’re all very excited about seeing the Frozen Fever short before Cinderella this weekend, but hold on to your seats because Disney just confirmed what we’ve all been dreaming about!
frozen 2

The Frozen sequel is officially in the works! WEEEEEE! Disney announced today during their shareholder’s meeting that they are, in fact, in the early stages of writing a script for a sequel to Elsa and Ana’s tale! AND, Star Wars VIII also got a release date: May 26, 2017! Let’s go save our spots in line NOW!


I love coffee. I’ve always loved coffee. I also love quirky foods, so when I saw this, my interest was piqued! KFC just announced that they will be selling edible coffee cups this summer!

edible cup

The only draw back is, they’ll only be available in the UK. Womp, womp. We need to tell our friends across the pond to buy these bad boys up so us ‘Mericans can try them out too!


Happy fangirling!



Got the inside scoop on the going’s-on for a fandom? Tell me in the comments below!

Throwback Thursday (Or, R.I.P. to My 90’s Girl Dreams)

This morning, I got some terrible news.

Delia’s is going out of business.


My teenage self was absolutely crushed.


Even though I never was able to order anything from that catalog, I was always super stoked when one would come in the mail.

delias cat


I remember folding down the corners of the things I would order if I had the money (or the teeny, tiny body shape to fit into it, because, let’s face it, those models weren’t real and neither were the sizing charts).





I loved all the dresses, Mary Janes, and peasant tops. I had to have the peace sign mood ring set for me and my besties and there’s no way I could get through junior high without a pair of wide leg jeans and a clear choker.




Plus, if I would’ve shopped through Delias, I could’ve looked like Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You. 



But, alas, I never got the chance to order those “righteous duds” and now I never will. Le sigh. 


Bye, Delias. We’ll miss you. When you get to “Failed Company Heaven“, say hi to ShowBiz Pizza,  KB Toys, and Blockbuster Video for us, okay?

Mommy Monday

I’d never call myself a fashionista. Even before having a kid I didn’t dress up too fancy. But, I always tried to look nice; have my hair done and my makeup on (unless I was going to Walmart, of course). When Huff the Hubs and I were dating, I made an effort to look my best (how else was I supposed to catch him?).


After I had a kid however, all sense of fashion (and hygiene) went out the window.


Look at that girl. I bet she was able to shower everyday, too. I ENVY her.

Look at that girl. I bet she was able to shower everyday, too. I ENVY her.


I used to think that I’d never be one of “those moms”. The ones that wore yoga pants all day, never wore jewelry, and didn’t wear t-shirts without holes. Then, I had a child.

stains on shirt ecard



I went from coordinating outfits and accessories to sniffing the armpits of my shirts and inspecting jeans for spit-up stains before deciding what to wear. My cute dresses have been replaced with V-neck tees from Target in every color of the rainbow.

And that's only a quarter of my collection!

And that’s only a quarter of my collection!


There are times that I see young moms with their hair perfect, hopping out of their cars dressed like Kate Middleton and I get a twinge of jealousy. But, most of the time, I don’t mind that I have a drawer of broken necklaces that Huff the Babe has destroyed. I’d rather be in my sweat pants and t-shirt, playing “Where’s Hermione?” than be dressed to the nines.


What about you? Has your style changed since you had kids? Does it bother you or are you okay with it?