Baby Tech

I’ve been noticing that the running theme on my blog this week has been all about baby. So I thought, maybe I should shake things up a bit with a non-baby related post. But then Fat Amy popped into my head:

fat amy


So get ready for another baby post!

I swear, this one will be fun though. Promise. Well, maybe.

Now that the baby shower is over and the nursery is almost completed, Huff the Hubs and I are starting to look over what we have for our spawn. There isn’t really anything we need but there are some things we want. Most of it is totally impractical but so awesome!

I mean, look at all these cool gadgets and gizmos (a plenty! <– Disney nerds unite!) I found on Pinterest!

This vest is from Its designed to put the whole “I’ll-drop-this-bottle-or-sippy-cup-and-see-how-many-times-I-can-get-my-Mommy-to-pick-it-up-before-she-freaks-out” game to rest.

One step closer to the Wall-E chairs...

One step closer to the Wall-E chairs…

The vest comfortably attaches to your baby and the bottle (or pacifier). When the baby drops the bottle, it goes NOWHERE. It stays right there in front of your kiddo, leaving you free to actually eat a warm meal. I wonder how long it’ll be before they make one for adults with adult beverages…?


All too often, I hear parents lament how they wished they new what their baby’s cries meant. Especially when its 2:00 a.m. and NOTHING seems to soothe the little banshee. Apparently, the Why Cry Baby Analyzer has the answer!

Does this remind anyone else of "Simon" from the 80's?

Does this remind anyone else of “Simon” from the 80’s?

You set the monitor up in the nursery and wait for the Little to start wailing. Then, the cry analyzer lights up, indicating why he or she is going bat-crap crazy. (I think Huff the Hubs would like one of these for me! Sure would cut down on unnecessary arguments. HA!) Allegedly, it has a 90% accuracy rating…


My Facebook followers have probably seen the onsie I got for Hermione. It says: “Future Engineer, like my daddy!” Yes, we expect great things from our padawan. So when I saw this book, I seriously contemplated purchasing it:

She'll be re-writing code by the time she's 3.

She’ll be re-writing code by the time she’s 3.

Help start your kid on the right path and get them some educational books! Especially if you expect them to take care of you in your old age; college won’t pay for itself!


All kids are different. They have their own personalities, their own quirks, their own preferences. But, if there’s one thing that makes ALL children the same, its the fact that they’re messy. My child will be especially messy. My nickname is “Messy Jessie”. I can’t go one meal without getting something all over me. To cut these inevitable messes down, though, there’s the Gyrobowl!

Gimme those Cheerios!

Gimme those Cheerios!

This is known as the kid-proof, spill-proof bowl. The outer ring keeps the bowl steady no matter how a child may drag it, topple it, or spin it. I truly want one for myself!


Have you seen any cool kid tech lately?