Mommy Monday



Today marks the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks on America, which resulted in almost 3,000 deaths–the deadliest terror attack on American soil. Sadly, it was not the last.

There was Fort Hood.

And the Boston Marathon.

Vaughn Foods.


San Bernadino.



Not to mention the countless other attacks overseas as well as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose and, for my Oklahomies and I, tornadoes every spring. It seems as though every time we turn on the television, check Facebook, or get an alert on our phones, something devastating is happening. For us adults, it can be hard to process. But, we find a way to work through it. Something I personally struggle with, however, is: “How do I talk to my kids about stuff like this?” Granted, Huff the Babe is so young that he has NO idea what’s going on. Huff the Tot is a tad bit more aware. But even though they’re still young, I think its never too early to learn how to discuss these hard topics with children.



Below are some helpful links to give you some guidance on how to talk with your children about terrorism as well as forces of nature (i.e., the hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). I’ve also included this video from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (shameless plug: I LOVE Daniel Tiger! Not only has his show been proven to help children with emotional intelligence but there are awesome songs in every episode that help children grasp concepts that might have gone over their heads in a different format. We use Daniel’s songs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at the Huffman Homestead). How to Talk to Kids About Terrorism

The Guardian: Tips for Teachers Discussing Terrorism Helping Kids Feel Safe An Age-by-Age Guide to Talking With Your Kids About the News

ABC Action News: Discussing the Hurricane With Your Children

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

WXII News report: School Counselor Gives Advice About How to Talk to Children About the Hurricanes


Have you discussed any of these events with your kids? Have some tips for other parents? Share in the comments below!






Writer Wednesday



Happy Hump Day, writers!

Here’s today’s prompt:

What was an irrational fear you had as a child?


When I was a kid, one of my besties, Lisa, had a YMCA pass. She spent days with her grandma because her mother worked, so her grandma would take us to swim at the pool. I had never been to an indoor pool before this (most of the time I swam in my backyard or at the neighborhood outdoor pool) and was actually a little nervous.

After splashing around for a bit, a boy (a few years older than us) swam over to where Lisa and I were pretending to be mermaids (because, Ariel). “See that over there?” he asked, pointing to a grate at the bottom of the pool that I hadn’t noticed until then. “That’s where they let the sharks in when kids aren’t swimming.”

My heart dropped. Holy freaking crap, where did Lisa bring me?! I was going to get eaten by a shark and I’d never get to see what became of my beloved JTT on this season’s Home Improvement!

I immediately swam to the shallow end–far away from the death trap–and refused to move. What if the grate opened up and started chewing children left and right?! What if this was all a ruse and we weren’t really here to enjoy ourselves, but helpless pawns in the YMCA’s plan to feed their sea devils?

It wasn’t until I was in fifth or sixth grade that I started to realize sharks don’t live in public pools. Seriously. I blame that brat kid that fed me that terrifying lie for my aversion to sea animals. Makes me feel better about peeing in the pool he swam in. I hope he got a mouthful of my reconstituted Hawaiian Punch. Jerk.




What about you? What was an irrational fear you had as a kid?