Try It Tuesday

try it hair



Y’all, my hair is a hot mess. Its getting super long (and super annoying to style), has no shape anymore, and is really starting to be a drag. I’m not 100% sure I want to do something drastic, a la 2008 Britney Spears, but I’ve been in the mood for a change. Enter: Pinterest.

I found this tutorial on how to curl your hair with aluminum foil and a straightening iron and wanted to see if it would work on my mop!

All you need is aluminum foil, a flat iron, and a head of hair!

First, unroll some aluminium foil (about six inches) and rip.



Then, tear that square into four little squares:



You’ll need to repeat this several times. I think I used about 20 small squares of foil for my head.

Then, after brushing your hair free of tangles, take a small section of your hair and roll it with your fingers as close to your scalp as you can:



Wrap the aluminium foil around it and smash it down as best you can so your hair doesn’t fall out.



Continue this process until your entire head is covered in foil. (I had to call in reinforcements. My cousin, Morgan, came over and helped me. This Try It is also an arm workout, lol.)



After your head is covered, take your flat iron (on the hottest setting) and clamp down on each foil pack for about 10-15 seconds. Allow the foil to cool (it should be cool to the touch) and then pull the foil down, revealing your curls!



My hair was more “wavy” than ringlets like the girl in the original tutorial, but I still liked the results!



I think next time I’ll do smaller sections of hair and let them set in the foil longer. I was just too impatient this time and HAD to see what my hair looked like!


Have you ever tried this? Did you like it? Have you tried another, similar technique? What were your results? Tell me in the comments below!