Fan Girl Friday!



Happy Friday, peeps! Let me tell ya, I don’t know if I have ever felt so ready for the weekend. This week has been insane. Huff the Tot had the stomach bug and this momma’s been scrubbing poo off the carpet for several days. I’m SO ready for Mother’s Day so I can kick back and relax!

Do I note a look of panic in your eyes? Did you forget this weekend is Mother’s Day?! Don’t worry! I’ve got your Mother’s Day gift guide for every type of mom!


For the mom who exudes rainbows and sparkles and also likes to power walk at the mall, grab her a pair of these unicorn sneakers from Think Geek!



What about a mythical creature-loving momma who wants to display the latest novel she’s reading? Get her these a-DORK-able unicorn bookends from ModCloth!



Is your mom basically a super hero? Show her how powerful she is with this Wonder Woman Funko figurine!



Did your mom (or wife) raise all boys and live to tell the tale? Snag her this hilarious (and totally true!) tee!



Does your mom even lift, bro? Dazzle her with this “Strong is Beautiful” necklace!

mom necklace


Want to keep it simple? Show your madre what you really think of her in the best way possible:



Happy fangirling and happy Mother’s Day!

Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday New Background1


Hallelujah, it’s Friday! And payday! And Cinco de Mayo (hooray for half-priced tacos)! And not only that, but its only 9 days until Mother’s Day! What? You haven’t gone shopping yet?! Not to worry, I’ve got a gaggle of geeky goodies for the great gal in your life!


There are many times I have to correct people who say I’m bossy with, “Its not ‘bossy’; its leadership skills.” Got a momma like that? Grab a pair of these mitts from Perpetual Kid!

oven mitt

There’s also one for your more intimidating madre as well as the bookworm babe!


Got a whimsical woman who always likes to look her best? Look no further than this unicorn nail polish dryer!


Nails fly and dry in 5 minutes flat! No risk of messing up her mani while she chugs a uni-frap!


If you’re a mom of littles, you’re constantly carrying around a ton of crap. Seriously. Between snacks, diapers, wipes, and crayons, I need an enormous bag to carry it all in! Thank goodness ThinkGeek has my nerdy back with this!


This canvas “Motherboard” bag is perfect for carrying all of your spawn’s stuff as well as looking geek chic!


Is your mom ready to soak up the sun while also representing Star Fleet? Pick her up one of these!

star trek swimsuit

These a-DORK-able swimsuits are available in blue, red, and gold! Throw one on, head to the beach, and become your own sanding party–hey-oh!



Happy Fangirling!



Fan Girl Friday!

fan girl

Happy Friday, everyone! Its a super happy Friday because we get a three-day weekend, AKA the official start to summer! WOOO! Plus, I’ve got some awesome finds you need to get ready for warmer weather and all it brings!

Summer is wedding season. If you haven’t received any wedding invitations yet, don’t worry, you will. And you’ll have to take a gift. Want something that will stand out of the crowd? Then pick up the newlyweds one of these Romeo and Julienne cutting boards!

Romeo and Juliebbe Cutting Board

Let’s just hope no one stands up during the vows and shouts, “A plague on both your houses!”


If you’re heading to the beach this summer, there’s always two main concerns: will I get eaten by a shark? And, where will I put my money and car keys while I’m getting eaten by a shark? I can help you with one of those problems!

Spam decoy safe

This cleverly disguised decoy “safe” will protect your valuables while you try to find Nemo (or Dory if you’re heading out after June 16th!)


Taking a road trip and need something to keep you (or the kids) busy? Toss one of these in your backpack for hours of tech-free entertainment!

Scratch and Sketch

Each page of this scratch and sketch notebook has tips on how to draw patriotic pics and interesting tidbits about each one! Plus, the star-spangled color will ignite the patriot in you!


Using your time off from school to get organized for all those activities you’ve be shirking off during the school year? Need some encouragement to help you through? Keep your tasks tidy with these Mister Rogers Neighborhood sticky notes!

Mister Rogers

These notes come in a variety of shapes, making you yearn for your childhood days of listening to the soft-spoken man in the sweater.


Happy fangirling!



Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday New Background3


Happy Friday Star Wars Release Day, y’all! I am so stinking excited to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens I can barely stand it! Sadly, I couldn’t get tickets until Monday evening, so I’m thinking I’ll be on a “social media blackout” until then. I’ve had waaay too many things spoiled just by scrolling through my newsfeed. I’ve learned my lesson.


Today is not only momentous because Jedis and Storm Troopers are back in the cinemas, but also because it’s exactly ONE week until Christmas! If you’re still trying to get those last-minute/hard-to-buy-for gifts knocked off your To Do list, I can help!


For the “silly walker” in your life, look no further than the Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail 40th Anniversary Edition!

Monty Python 40th Anniversary Edition

This awesome set comes packed with bonus features, behind-the-scenes looks, and cast interviews all packed into a castle box complete with animals you can toss over the walls! Who wouldn’t love that?!


For the Trekker Mom-To-Be on your list, keep it logical with this Vulcan on Board maternity tee from Think Geek!


Live long and prosper, Momma.


For the one who treats their life like a musical, grab this sparkly necklace from Perpetual Kid!

Wizard of Oz Necklace

Just don’t be offended if they try to click the heels on the charms to go home in the middle of your Christmas party.


For the overworked/sarcastic mother in your life (which, let’s face it, is basically every mom!), let them don this little beauty so everyone can see their hilarious snark:

I childproofed my house necklace

Pretty sure my mom probably said this a few times when my sisters and I were little, ha!


Have you finished your shopping yet? Better hurry!

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Button

Friday, you beautiful thing, you. I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re back.

And, my rabid reader, I’m glad you’re here too! I’ve got some AH-MAY-ZING stuff for your fandom-loving heart!

I do NOT like to be pranked. However I do enjoy watching other people get pranked. Especially when its Disney-themed. Check out this hilarious prankster tricking his friends with lines from classic Disney movies!

I recently cleaned out my closet and found that most of it is full of t-shirts. And you know what? Honey Badger don’t care. I love t-shirts! I also love a good book. And now, my two loves are colliding!

Fan GIrl Friday Tee

This shirt, exclusively from prints tees with text from your favorite classic books! The one above is Great Gatsby-themed and there are so many more, including Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, and Peter Pan! I want them ALL!

I’m always looking for ways to motive myself to work out, but they don’t usually work. These yoga pants, however, will make me feel like the beast I know I am!

fan girl friday she ra

These She-Ra bottoms are sure to let the guy that doesn’t wipe off the elliptical that you are NOT playing around at the gym! The website,, has a plethora of throwback-themed apparel for everyone! Check them out!

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is this weekend! Get your family’s patriarch some silk swag fit for a hero or the best air hockey table for endless tournaments with the kids to enjoy!

fan girl friday batman ties

These Batman ties are a Think Geek Exclusive (meaning you can’t just walk into any store and get them!) so act fast! You can still get rush delivery and have them in time for Sunday’s BBQ with Pops!

Happy fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, folks! Y’all are getting a double FGF this week (since I accidently skipped last Friday), so bully for you!


Huff the Hubs and I had a pretty geek-tacular wedding. But Josh and Jennifer Busch’s wedding was out of this galaxy!

Star Wars Wedding

The couple LURVE Star Wars and wanted to incorporate their love of the fandom into their nuptials! Look at the detailing on the bride’s belt:

star wars wedding bride belt

Click here for more pics! (Including the ADORABLE flower girls with buns and Leia detailing on their dresses!)


Need a fun-tastic way to decorate your house? Then check out these silly sci-fi inspired bookends!

alien invasion bookends

They depict a War of the Worlds-style alien takeover as well as farm animal abduction! Oh the humanity!


Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s something besides a heart-shaped box of Russel Stover? How about an acreage of land on the FRICKIN’ MOON?!

Land on the moon

Yes, that’s right! You can purchase a plot of land all to yourself on the moon. The gift package comes with Lunar Deed, Custom Printing of Owner’s Name, Lunar Map, Lunar Codes, Covenants and Restrictions, Custom Packaging, and Automatic Acre Registration! (For more geeky gifts, click here!)



I have a severe case of Mommy Brain. I’m talking I’ll say, “I need to do ABC” and then two seconds later think, “Wait, what was I supposed to do?” So when I stumbled across these, I flipped!

wrist notes

These Wrist Notes take the place of To Do Lists (which I lose anyway) and string tied to your finger (do people still do that?). All you have to do is mark your task as Important, Urgent, or Trivial. Then, write a note to yourself on the bracelet, slap it on, complete the task, and then toss when you’re done! Easy peasy!



Found any good fandom finds? Let me know! And follow me on Pinterest!


Fan Girl Friday — Gifting for Geeks

Christmas is on its way y’all! And if you’re like most of the people I know, you haven’t bought a single gift. Maybe you don’t know what to buy or feel like shopping is too stressful. Well, whatever your excuse is, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t that difficult! Especially if you’re buying for a geek!


I’ve scoured the interwebs and found the most amazing, nerdy, and superbly sci-fi-riffic presents that any Fan Girl or Fan Boy would love to see under there Christmas tree.


Got a Tolkien-ite on your list? Think Geek will let you give them the one ring to rule them all! Just be sure to bite off their finger if they start mumbling “My precious” over Christmas brunch. (For the ladies that want to rule Middle Earth without having to keep track of a ring, they have earrings too!)

I think the inscription says: "He went to Jared."

I think the inscription says: “He went to Jared.”


Firebox has some AH-mazing stuff for the vintage arcade game lover in your family. Look at these awesome Tetris lights!

Spend hours rearranging them!

Spend hours rearranging them!



Not sure what to get that annoying friend that’s always showing you pictures of FAILs or pranks on YouTube? Give them a taste of their own medicine (quite literally) with these pickle flavored candy canes!

“Uh, yeah, they’re spearmint…”

“Uh, yeah, they’re spearmint…”



You might be saying, “But Jess, what about my single neighbor friend that celebrates a holiday that lasts eight nights?” To you I say, “Calm down, bubalah. I’ve got you covered.”

These guys are all “Bubby approved” AND eye candy.

These guys are all “Bubby approved” AND eye candy.



And finally, for those of us wishing we could take a fun, holiday vacation but can’t seem to find the funds, I say bring the Bellagio to you! You can have your very own light show (complete with music) in your own home!

Blue Man Group not included.

Blue Man Group not included.