Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Marvel


Happy Friday, peeps! I’ve rounded up some nerdy nifties to get your weekend started right! And–added bonus–today’s FGF is chock full of 90’s nostalgia!



If you were like me in elementary school, you yearned for the days that the book fair came to town. Because then, you could buy up all the new Goosebumps books (especially those awesome “choose your own adventure” ones) so your weekends would be set. Ever wish you could be in that world? We’re one step closer with this:


The game, for 2-6 players, lets YOU be the monsters from R.L. Stine’s creepy books competing to make it to the end of Madison Street and evading the author himself!


Miss the good ole days before mortgages and water bills? The days when you dreamed about sipping Shasta on the beach with JTT? Bring those daydreams home with this whimsical pillow from Etsy shop Dirtsastudio:


Even if you didn’t get that mansion like the game promised, at least your living room will be awesome!


Anyone else excited for the reboot of Rocko’s Modern Life? I’m just desperate for a day-long binge of my fave Nickelodeon shows from the 90’s! In the meantime, I can grab these cute Vinyl Pops from Think Geek!


I mean, come on. Look at the adorable Tommy Pickles! Squeeeee!


And speaking of our favorite diapered dude, this Rugrats-inspired top from FreeBirdApparelUK is AMAZE-BALLS!


Just don’t be a total Angelica while you’re wearing it, mmmkay?


Happy fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Happy Friday, people! I’ve got a plethora of dorky delights for you today including movie news, our favorite Doctor showing up on television, and nostalgia overload!


I love reading. I mean, who doesn’t? Idiots, that’s who. (Or is it whom?) Anyway, if you’re out and about and sans book, make it easy for fellow bookworms to see that you are one of their tribe with these a-DORK-able socks:

sup nerd socks

I LOVE these! I think all my friends will be getting a pair for Christmas. That is, if I can wait that long. Maybe they’ll get them as a Columbus Day present. People do that, right?


Ever since Gracepoint went off the air, I’ve been having major David Tennant withdrawals. And its not like Huff the Babe will sit down and let me drool over DT on Doctor Who. Thankfully, Disney has heard my plea and will be throwing me a toddler-friendly bone! David Tennant will be voicing a character on Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

David Tennant on Jake and the Neverland Pirates

The character, and evil genie named Dread, will appear in a few episodes of the show in the coming months! Set your DVR’s, mommas!



Y’all, I am so excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m even MORE excited because I just heard that soon after TFA comes out, there will be a stand alone film all about a young Han Solo!

Han Solo Solo Movie

The film is set to release May 25, 2018. And, according to Yahoo News, the story “focuses on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel.” The film is being written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan, the geniuses that brought us 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie! EEEEE! I. CANNOT. WAIT.


When I was a kid, I LURVED Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. Seriously. Anytime the book fair came to school, I dropped mad dollas on some GB. Be still my 90’s girl heart because a film all about the books and author is coming out this year! Not only that, but the author is played by Jack Black! Y’all, this is going to be legen-wait for it-DARY! Check out the trailer:


And if that wasn’t enough nostalgia for you, take a stroll down 90’s memory lane with the latest video from Owl City (featuring my favorite boys, Hanson!) of their new song, Unbelievable:


Happy fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, peeps!

Today, Huff the Hubs started his furloughs so he helped me pick out all the awesomely nerdy finds for today! And let me tell you, he found A LOT! I guess this is one of the perks to getting an extra day off a week!

Summer is the time for weddings (I’ve already received about 250,000 invites for this summer alone!). Sometimes, when you go to one wedding, they seem like all the others. But not this one! Check out this comic-book/super hero themed wedding!

Holy nerdy wedding, Batman!

Holy nerdy wedding, Batman!

I especially love how they did the seating for the reception! I’d like to sit at the Harley Quinn & Joker table!


This next find was HtH’s FAVORITE. Its no secret that the man loves Legos, and when he saw this he was almost tempted to hide the Tardis Cookie Jar we use to keep our spatulas in just so we could order this from Apartment Therapy:

Just don't step on one of the pieces!

Just don’t step on one of the pieces!


This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of lounging by the pool or in the hammock at my dad’s Tiki Hut. I’ve been desperate for a good summer read and since I’ve had The Maze Runner from my sister for over a month and only read to Chapter Four… I think it may be time to switch it up. Thankfully, one of my favorite authors from my teen years just released a new book! Geek squee:

This cover gives me GOOSEBUMPS. Get it?

This cover gives me GOOSEBUMPS. Get it?

I’ve been reading mixed reviews about it. But that won’t stop me from the nostalgia of sitting outside reading R.L. Stine!


My niece and nephews (who just left from their visit here in OK…tear…) absolutely LOVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean they are bordering on the obsessive their love is so intense. So I think for Christmas, Aunt Jessie may have to order these for them from Think Geek:

Cowabunga, dude!

Cowabunga, dude!


Finally, if you haven’t made any summer travel plans, I’ve got the trip for you! Check out this AMAZING Hobbit-themed motel in New Zealand! Isn’t it adorable?! I just hope that they serve food as often as Hobbits eat!

No visitors! (Except on party business.)

No visitors! (Except on party business.)