Mommy Monday: Travel Edition (Or, 30 by 30 Update with a Mommy Twist)

This weekend, Huff the Hubs, Huff the Babe, and I took our first road trip as a family of three to Memphis to knock off one more thing on my 30 By 30 List: See Graceland.

We’ve never really traveled with HtB before. I mean, We’ve gone down to see HtH’s grandpa down near the Oklahoma border, but we also had the in-laws there to help. We considered leaving HtB with MeeMaw and Papa, but after realizing that we would probably get halfway there and miss her so much that we’d inevitably turn around, we decided to bring the little Griffyndor with us.

We did not know what we were in for.

On the way to Memphis (a 6 1/2 hour drive by Google Map standards), we decided to stop at a park to eat a picnic lunch. This way, HtB could play and stretch her tiny legs. It actually went really well!



She played, giggled, and ate well. When she started to get fussy, we started Frozen on the travel DVD player my sister let us borrow (which seriously helped cut down on meltdowns–for HtB and Mommy!) or one of us would hop to the backseat and read a book with her. We got to Memphis two hours sooner than I thought we would and were pretty exhausted…well, me and Huff the Hubs were. Huff the Babe was not. She wanted to walk everywhere, touch everything, and inspect everything. At one point I thought: Why did we bring her?! 

Immediately following that thought entering into my mind, she toddled over to me and hugged my legs so tight. That’s when I thought: Oh yeah! THAT’S why we brought her! 


We had dinner at a Memphis staple, Rendezvous:



It was DELICIOUS! And Huff the Babe totally charmed everyone with her dancing. The next day, we went to Graceland. I was just a tad excited:



The tour was pretty good! Since we knew we probably wouldn’t come back, we decided to do the VIP tour (i.e., entry to all of the exhibits).



After we got our tickets, we were given an iPad and headphones to help us on our tour–complete with tour guide John Stamos:




The tour was a little frustrating at first because we had to juggle our iPads, headphones, backpack, baby, and stroller. Huff the Hubs could sense my frustration and ran point with Huff the Babe so I could look at everything (thanks, Honey!).



The tour wasn’t too “kid-friendly” (i.e., I’m sure many kids would be bored) but there were plenty of shiny things for HtB to look at:



And horses (or as she called them, “doggies”) to wave “hi” to:



The tour of the house (which lasted about 2 hours) had no bathrooms, which meant no changing tables. So…we had to improvise:



We had a fun time, but it might have been better to bring a set of grandparents so Huff the Hubs and I could’ve gone alone. But, Huff the Babe charmed many of the Elvis fans and in the process, I think, became a fan of the King as well! I mean, look at how enthused she looks:




Even though there were parts of the trip that were a little exhausting and frustrating, we still had a REALLY good time. And I think Huff the Hubs said it best on our last night in Memphis when he said: “You know, if we wouldn’t have brought her [Hermione], we would have such different memories. I don’t think they’d be as fun.”


30 By 30 Update

You guys. I have been ATTACKING my 30 by 30 List with major gusto! I wanted to update you on my progress!


Here’s what I’ve accomplished since I last updated you:

#28. Learn to play a song on the guitar.



Here’s what I’m currently working on:

#1. Watch all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies (Anniversary Edition).

I’ve watched SO many movies the past few weeks!

Apocalypse Now


City Lights

The Gold Rush

A Clockwork Orange

Easy Rider

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

King Kong

Modern Times




Rear Window


Sophie’s Choice

Sunset Boulevard

The Bridge on the River Kwai

The Deer Hunter 

The French Connection

The Maltese Falcon

The Manchurian Candidate

The Wild Bunch



I’ve also got some things in the works. I just need to finish The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway as well as Moby Dick Herman Melville, and then Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and I will be FINISHED with my classic novel reading list ((#14). And, next month, me, Huff the Hubs and Huff the Babe will take our first trip as a family of three to Graceland (#6)!


There are a few items I’m getting stuck on (such as milking a cow) but I’m hoping that I’ll find a dairy somewhere soon that will help me check that one off!


Are you working on a “Bucket List”? If so, what have you accomplished? If not, what’s keeping you from making one?

30 by 30 Update

Whew! I have had a whirlwind of a weekend. Saturday was Huff the Babe’s first birthday party and Sunday was her first trip to the zoo! (We’re actually going to the zoo later this week and Huff the Hubs was super bummed he wouldn’t be there to see her experience it for the first time, and since he’s conserving vacation days, we skipped church on Sunday and went to the zoo. But don’t tell anyone!)

Things have been so crazy/hectic/stressed/overwhelming with the prepping of HtB’s party, that I have been slacking on blogging. Which totally stinks because I have updates on one of my favorite on-going projects! My 30 by 30 List is getting shorter and shorter, people!

I’ve accomplished quite a bit since I last posted about it. I read every Jane Austen novel and Huff the Hubs and I are planning a trip to Graceland this fall! YAY!

I also completed one of the items with the help of my mom (which, I absolutely needed her help or I would’ve totally destroyed it). I sewed a skirt for myself!

I’ve been wanting to learn to sew (well, I sort of know how to sew…I really want to get better at it, though) and I thought the 30 by 30 list would be a great way to accomplish that!

I picked out a fun pattern and fabric:

This skirt is going to be SUPER cute. (Get it?!)

This skirt is going to be SUPER cute. (Get it?!)


I was SO nervous as I cut out the fabric! I have really chubby fingers so intricate work is sometimes hard for me. One of the many reasons I never became a heart surgeon. My heart was literally pounding the entire time.  I wanted this to turn out well, seeing as how part of the deal was that I had to sew it and wear it. In public. For people to see.

Steady now, steady!

Steady now, steady!


After a while, I got more and more comfortable with the sewing machine. Although, I will admit that I had my mom help me A LOT on the more difficult parts (e.g., the bottom hem and around the zipper).

I got this! I'm like Martha Freaking Stewart!

I got this! I’m like Martha Freaking Stewart!


We had to separate the sew days into two Saturdays, but after about 6 hours of sewing, it was finished! (I also made Huff the Babe a pillowcase dress to match Mommy!)

SUPER awesome, right?! (I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that joke.)

SUPER awesome, right?! (I’m getting a lot of mileage out of that joke.)


I was really pleased with how it turned out! I even wore it in family pictures (Hermione wore her’s too! I’ll post some of those when the photographer–AKA my sister–finishes editing them!)


Have you ever sewn anything? Do you have any projects going on? What about a 30 by 30 List?