Mommy Monday

mommy monday


Being a mom has opened my eyes to many things. I’ve learned a lot in the short two years I’ve been a mom.

I’ve learned that you can seriously lose sleep wondering if your child will ever poop.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what you wear, it will be covered in food, snot, and juice by the end of the day.

And I’ve also learned that being a mom means being able to understand other people’s struggles and emotions, no matter how often they change or how erratic they become.

(Though, in all honesty, I think that just by being a human one needs to know how to understand someone else’s struggles and emotions.)

Its tough, not just as a mom, but as a woman to stop myself from wanting to “fix” everything that’s going wrong for someone I love. I know I’m not alone in this. We want to fix the “bad stuff” in someone’s life because one, it makes us sad to see them sad. And two, it makes us uncomfortable when there’s nothing we can do.

A few months ago, I was talking to Huff the Hubs about how I could be supportive of a friend that was going through a rough time.

“How can I be empathetic? Or sympathetic? What’s even the difference?”

That’s when he showed me this video:

It really struck a chord with me. I started trying to use some of the techniques in the video and went about my life. I actually forgot about it until this weekend when I saw a Facebook friend had posted the same video.I know that there may be people out there that are thinking, “How can I help someone I love that’s going through a tough time?” So hopefully this short video will help shed some light on how others around you may feel and how you can be a supportive mom, sister, or friend.