Manic Monday

Mondays suck.

They are the responsible older sibling to the awesome and carefree Saturday and Sunday. Mondays just can’t wait to suckerpunch us all with an annoying wake up call before the sun rises and a stressful trek to work.

Thankfully, there’s awesome blogs, ahem, to help you get through it all.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news: Hostess is going out of business. If you’re like me, you’re reaction was something like this:

Why, Hostess, why?!

But, don’t digress yet, Twinkie lovers. There may be hope on the horizon! According to the Los Angeles Times, at a bankruptcy court hearing Judge Robert Drain persuaded Hostess to attend mediation with the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International union leaders. Hopefully this will preserve 18,000 jobs AND kept your Ding Dongs safe (he he he…).

Did you watch the American Music Awards? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. But, apparently those that watched got a real treat! Korean singer, PSY of Gangnam Style fame, performed lip-synched and danced to his hit and then brought out a special guest….MC Hammer.

“Hey, William Hung, when do I get paid for this?”

I’m glad MC could take time from his, um, his uh….What’s he doing nowadays? Anyway, glad he got work for the night.

And finally, another musical snack for all you Big Bang Theory lovers out there. All last week on Twitter, Kaley Cuoco was teasing that she had “something special” for everyone. And on Friday she shared what it was! The entire cast and crew did a flash mob for unsuspecting creator and director, Chuck Lorre, to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe!

Kaley’s got some sweet moves! She said on Facebook that her sister choreographed the whole thing! How awesome is that?

Wierd Wal-Mart Finds

Since the sneaky, photo-ninja site People of Wal-Mart first emerged in 2009, I’ve become even more aware of the odd, interesting, and downright disturbing things that can go down at my favorite supercenter. Today, during an almost weekly daily trip to Wal-Mart to get some human interaction, I too stumbled upon some peculiar purchasables.

The first item I saw, literally when I walked in the door was this gem:

The “Very Best” of Vanilla Ice….? Really? Is there such a thing?

To which my sister exclaimed: “Remember when my friend Marla bought me that cassette for my birthday?”

I did remember.

And now I wonder what dates me more: that I know who Vanilla Ice was when he first started out, or that I know what a cassette is…?

Later, when we walked further into the trap store, I found these yummy treats:

Does the “glo” refer to what the Yellow #2 does to your skin?

Surely the fine people at Hostess could have thought of a more wholesome name than Glo Balls, right? I mean, these are the makers of down-home American snacks like Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Ho’s…Oh…{blushes} er, never mind.

On our way to the checkout, we came across one of the many sections of Halloween costumes.

Evidently they no longer make “man in barrel” or “wine-o” costumes, as those would be too politically incorrect. But with this costume, you can still dress like an alcoholic without making it too offensive:

“Dadgum! I just love that there song by T. Keith! How’s it go…?”

Have you found any awesomely awkward items at your local Wally-World?