Fan Girl Friday!

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Happy Fri-yay, geeklings! I’ve rounded up some awesomely nerdy news, nifties, and neat-os to start your weekend off with a bang!

As you can tell from your Facebook newsfeed, the first day of school has been kicking off all across the country the past few weeks. One teacher has decided to make this school year his most magical yet! Kyle Hubler, teacher at Evergreen Eagles Middle School in Oregon, set up an AMAZING Harry Potter-themed classroom! Just check out these pics!


To see more of this Potter-esque Professor’s class, click here!


Anyone else still reeling from the season finale of Game of Thrones? Lamenting the fact that we have nearly two years to wait to see what is going to happen?! Need someone to cuddle with that understands? Look no further than ThinkGeek!


This 16-inch tall Drogon plush is fully poseable and will listen to you cry for the next 500+ days as you divulge your theories about who will finally sit on the Iron Throne and whether or not Cersei will FINALLY get what’s coming to her.


Y’all know I have a deep love for doughnuts. Especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts. But, sadly, the nearest KK is an almost 40 minute drive from my house. So I have to reeeeaaallllyyyy want those fried dough rings to make the trip (and spend the gas-ha!). But, thanks to Jelly Belly, I can have Krispy Kreme any time I want!


Oh yes, my friend. Those are doughnut flavored jellybeans! These yummy little drops of heaven are perfect matches for your favorite morning sugar bomb! I’ll take them all!


Where my 90’s girls at?! Because yo mind is about to be ROCKED, honey! Check out this A-DORK-ABLE purse from Soft Kitty Clothing!

download (1)

IT’S A FREAKING POLLY POCKET PURSE, Y’ALL!! I am seriously geeking out with the nostalgia! I LURVED me some Polly Pocket as a kid and I am so sad I didn’t think to keep those awesome little compacts for Huff the Tot! I. NEED. THIS. PURSE.


Happy fangirling!

Free Schtuff!

Our nation is a melting pot. We all come from different backgrounds, have different views, and different preferences. But, I think we can all agree on one thing: We. Love. Free. Crap.


Since today is July 11th (AKA, 7-11), 7-11s all over the country were giving away free Slurpees® until 7:00 tonight!

7-11 doesn't like Oklahoma. Wah, wah...

7-11 doesn’t like Oklahoma. Wah, wah…

Well…unless you live in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, our 7-11s serve Icees, not Slurpees® so us Okies get screwed over with the freebie. BUT, all sizes of Big Gulps® are one sale for #0.49 until 7:00 p.m. (though in NYC you’ll only be able to get a 20 ounce, lol).


This got me thinking: What other freebies can I get {that I can eat}?

Well, Me, I’m glad you asked.

Tomorrow, Chick-Fil-A is running their annual Cow Appreciation Day promotion!If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal! If you do it halfway and just wear a mask or something, you’ll get a free sandwich. But still! Free is free, people!

Eat mor chikin.

Eat mor chikin.


If you live in the OKC area, the Oklahoma City Zoo is offering FREE admission on July 17th as part of their Sales Tax Appreciation Day! Go monkey around for free!


Go wild!

Go wild!


Throughout the year, there are freebies or crazy discounts to be found just about anywhere! For example, to celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 76th birthday, they are offering a dozen doughnuts for just $0.76 when you buy a dozen! You could feed a Lifegroup with that (or about 3 teenagers).

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!


On your birthday, you can receive a free meal at Ihop or a free dessert at pretty much anywhere!  On Veterans Day, active duty or retired military can get a free roast beef sandwich at Arby’s or All You Can Eat Pancakes at Denny’s! Tax Day is chock full of freebies ranging from free popcorn at the movies to free Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, to free shredding of documents at Office Depot and free massages! Even the National Parks Service has free admission dates!


Do you know of any freebies? What’s the best freebie you’ve scored?



Try It Tuesday

Hello, Tryers!

Today’s Try It Tuesday was especially special! My family from Maryland (2 nephews, a niece, and a sister) are in town and brought me and Huff the Hubs a gift:

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Its a Sunbeam Donut Maker! Its pretty much one of the greatest inventions ever. AND since my brother-in-law is a Target Deal Finding Ninja, he got it for more than half off! Holla! (If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see my donuts board that I made in anticipation for this!)

Anywhoo, since the kiddos are in two and I had to solidify my position as the favorite, i thought I’d make them donuts for breakfast. It was my first time using this, so I was a little nervous.

The recipe was pretty simple:

~1 ½ cups plain flour
~½ cup sugar
~1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
~9 tablespoons butter, melted
~¾ cup milk
~1 egg, lightly beaten

Yes, you read that right: NINE tablespoons butter. This is like, a Paula Deen recipe y’all!

All you have to do is preheat the donut maker, combine the dry ingredients, and then wisk in the rest! When its all combined, it’ll be pretty thick:

I didn't put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.

I didn’t put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.


Then, you pour (or pipe) the dough into the preheated donut maker when the ready light turns on:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.


About 6-7 minutes later, when the donuts have become golden brown, pop them out of the donut maker and let them cool. Or dive right in and scald your tongue.

I didn't eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.

I didn’t eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.


After the donuts have cooled, top them with your favorite icing/sprinkles and dig in! (Sidebar: We didn’t use the icing recipe that was in the packet, we just used some homemade icing my mom already had on hand from making a cake earlier in the week. Its basically a cup of powdered sugar and two tablespoons milk. Similar to the one I used when I made the Pumpkin Donuts.)

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.


I REALLY liked these! They’re so tasty! And they were delicious while they were still warm. I think my taste-testers enjoyed them too: