Creepin’ on the Crawleys…

Happy Monday, people!

Did you know that, according to Sky Travel, today is the most depressing day of the year? They claim its because the holidays are over, people are back to work, and its basically as cold as the ice planet Hoth in North America today.




Listen to the Dowager, dear. We don’t need to be sad—Downton Abbey is back!


Did you watch the premiere last night? I did and I was VERY pleased (warning: minor spoilers ahead). I laughed, I cried, I yelled “Get out of there!” and “Stop being a douche, Lord Grantham!” many times. Great writing, Julian Fellowes, great writing.


There were many surprising parts in last night’s premiere. Here are my top three (and a few preditions):


1. O’Brien says “Peace out!” to the Abbey.

"Get my bags, Thomas!"

“Get my bags, Thomas!”

When the episode starts, we see someone packing their bags and leaving two envelopes on a mantel. Later, we find out its Mrs. O’Brien, the conniving ladies maid. I couldn’t believe she would just—in Lord Grantham’s words—“flee like a thief in the night” like that! I thought she lurved Lady Grantham. But it turns out her affections can be bought with an all-expense paid trip to India.


2. Edna’s back.

Lock up your widowers.

Lock up your widowers.


In Season 3, we met Edna, a new house maid with an eye for the mourning Tom Branson. Edna worked her feminine wiles and manipulation and snogged the sweet chauffeur. Mrs. Hughes witnessed it, and fittingly, gave her the sack. Unfortunately, Edna wormed her way back to the Abbey thanks to Rose’s advertisement for a lady’s maid in the village. And, she’s already cooking up trouble by befriending Thomas. And speaking of Thomas…


3. Thomas has a lucky hunch and gets Nanny West fired.

"Come little children, I'll take thee away..."

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away…”

When the episode first started, Thomas got his knickers in a twist because Nanny West was giving him orders. I saw a sneaky sparkle in Thomas’ eye and knew he was going to make that woman regret it. Sure enough, he dove back into “old Thomas” and whispered into Lady Grantham’s ear that he didn’t trust the nanny with the children. Later, LG walked past the nursery and heard Nanny West call little Sybil “a half-breed”. Needless to say, she got the sack as well and Thomas looked like a hero.


There were also some more surprises, like Edith’s married boyfriend suggesting they become German citizens so they can be together and poor Mr. Moseley being destitute. And some not-so-surprises: Mary being completely torn-up about Matthew’s death and Lord Grantham being stingy with decision-making. Even so, I’ve got some predictions as to what we’ll see this season:


Predictions (I haven’t read spoilers online, btw. These are genuine predictions from my noggin):

Thomas gets in Lady Grantham’s good graces and brings Edna along for the ride. They conspire against Anna, who will get in some serious trouble and be sacked, only to be vindicated by the heroic Mr. Bates.


A new, younger nanny comes to the Abbey and romances Tom, much to the chagrin of the Lord and Lady of the house. (Or Gwen returns on a visit and gets the job as nanny).


(I’m actually stealing this prediction from a friend) Edith gets knocked up before she heads to Germany. Or Edith is attacked by Michael Gregson’s wife while walking around London with Lord Grantham.


What about you, Abbey-ites? Any predictions?