Try It Tuesday



We are officially on turkey countdown, folks! T-minus 1 day, 8 hours, and some-odd minutes! And, if you’re like me, you feel woefully unprepared! Have no fear, I rounded up some of my favorite Try It Tuesday hacks to help you (and your house) get ready for the parade of family members to come over!


For You: 


Want to get picture-worthy hair but don’t want to spend all day working on it? Use this simple hair hack to get cute curls (or wowza waves)! (Tip: Leave your hair in the foil while you baste, clean, and prep for best results!


For the House: 


Have stubborn mineral deposits around your faucet? Keep the disgusted looks from in-laws at bay with this simple cleaning solution! And here’s another for those stainless steel appliances!


For the Table: 


If you want a dessert that stands out from the crowd of pumpkin pies, store bought cookies, and some kind of fruit cake that looks like it should’ve been thrown out MONTHS ago, try this DELISH fruit pizza! It’s super simple and super yummy!


And, the biggest piece of advice I can give you this holiday season is: relax. Don’t take everything so seriously. Problems are going to arise, people are going to get on your nerves, and plans will inevitably be disrupted. But have a good sense of humor about it and try not to fret! Enjoy this season and the food it brings-ha!



Do you have any style, cleaning, or cooking hacks for the holiday season? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

try it laundry2

I am all about lazy life hacks. I like to get stuff done in a short amount of time without a lot of hassle. This is why I don’t iron. I absolutely HATE ironing. And I’m too cheap to do dry cleaning. It’s just an extra errand I don’t have time for. (This is why 90% of my wardrobe consists of geeky t-shirts!)

Try It Tuesday

Fair warning, guys: today’s Try It Tuesday is about to get real, real fast.


The other night, my tummy was in some major pain. No, it was nausea. It was…. The other thing. Or, lack of the other thing.


poop emoji


Yep. That’s what I’m talking about.


Anyway, I heated up the rice bag and laid it on my tummy whilst moaning and groaning to an oblivious Huff the Hubs who was sucked into his world on Minecraft. I tried to distract myself and got on Pinterest and saw my sister sent me a pin. This pin:

poop button

It was titled: “The Magic Poop Button”.


(Yep. I just went there.)


Intrigued, I clicked the link. It took me to a blog written by a mom that had tried this on one of her kids. She said she had “almost instant success” so I tried it out.


What you do is, you lie down on your back, measure three fingertip widths down from your belly button, and then push that point with your finger.


This acupressure is supposed to help with backups and ease the pain.


So, I thought, “What the heck?” and tried it.


I measured and then pressed down as hard as I could, stopping short of “holy ^%$# this is agony!” territory. Though I didn’t have “instant success”, it did help with the pain after about a minute! I was even able to fall asleep! I could not believe it!


Take that, people that say acupressure is hokum!


Now, in an effort to take your mind off of bowel movements and make today’s post a little less gross, I have another Try It for you.


All over Pinterest there are life hacks, teacher hacks, mom hacks, etc. While perusing Pinterest, I found this:


hair style hacks


Its lazy girl hair hacks!

This is perfect for me because: 1. I’m so lazy when it comes to my hair and 2. I am hair illiterate. I blame my chubby, non-nimble fingers for my lack of ability to make my hair look awesome. Do you know how many times I have tried and failed at doing the sock bun? Too many to count.


Moving on…


I tried one that didn’t look too difficult. This one:

hair hacks


So here’s my before:

photo 1


And here’s the after:

photo 2


Yeah, not so much. My hair = ratchet. I told you I suck at this! I just need someone to come over and do my hair for me. (Hear that, Morgan? I’m talking about YOU!)


Have you ever tried any of these hacks? Did they work for you? What about the other Try It?

Try It Tuesday

I was looking through my Pinterest board of Try It Tuesday ideas and I realized that there were a ton of “Life Hacks” that I haven’t tried yet. What are Life Hacks? I’m sure you’ve seen them on Pinterest:



So today I decided that I would try a couple to see if they actually work! (I haven’t tried the one above…Have you?)

The first LH I tried was this one:


As you know, I have been docu-crazy lately! Pretty much everything on my Netflix list that isn’t British television, is a documentary! I was a little skeptical, but I went to the site. And boy, oh boy, I was NOT disappointed!

Documentary Heaven

They have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of documentaries! They’re all split up into different subject matters, so you kind of have to wade through them all. BUT, I found like 20 different documentaries I’ve been wanting to watch that aren’t on Netflix! Woo!


I really want to brush up on my Spanish. I took three years of it in high school and actually started out in college as a Spanish Ed major. But, I ended up changing it to Journalism. I’ve been wanting to make more of an effort to get better at speaking and hopefully teach Hermione some Español too! So when I saw this LH, I was super excited!


I accidentally typed “.org” instead of “.com” and I was super disappointed because a weird website came up. But after realizing my mistake, I typed the appropriate address and got this:

Duo Lingo


The program starts out with a simple sentence. You roll your mouse over each word and it translates each word for you. After a few moments of this, you are taken to the screen above where you type the sentence out yourself. You keep doing little exercises like this, earning points which unlocks new activities. You can also choose the “immersion” option, which will send you to an article in a foreign language and will then translate it for you.

Duo Lingo 3

Its really cool! And I’m betting the kiddos would LURVE it!


Have you tried any Life Hacks?