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Last week was World Breastfeeding Week and I let it pass without mentioning it! My bad!

When I nursed Huff the Tot, I feel like I made an okay amount of milk. I mean, I pumped enough so she could go to my aunt’s at-home daycare a few days a week and had some bags stored here and there. Now, with Huff the Babe, I feel like I should just permanently change my name to Bessie the Heifer with the all the milk I’ve been making! I don’t know if its because this kid nurses ALL. THE. TIME. or because I’ve changed my diet a tad, but I’ve got about 100+ ounces of milk in my freezer and I’ve been able to donate over 300 ounces to a friend who is fostering a newborn.

I know that I’m incredibly blessed and some mommas may have a tough time producing milk or are nervous about whether or not their supply will be enough when their Wee Ones make their appearance.

And, in honor of NBFW, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks that have helped my supply*:




This is what helped me the most when trying to increase my supply with HtT. You’ll constantly smell like a Waffle House (for some reason Fenugreek has a maple syrup-y odor) but there’s worse things to smell like! You can grab this at GNC or pretty much any health food store.


Mother’s Milk Tea


mother's milk tea

I’m not the biggest fan of this tea–the taste is a little funky–but I know some mommas who SWEAR by it. Plus, its caffeine free (meaning you can drink it anytime and worry about being up all night; aside from getting up every two hours to nurse) and its carried at Walmart, Target, and Crest stores!


Lactation Cookies


What?! Cookies can help lactation? Yes, ma’am they can! This, by far, was my favorite milk boosting food–they’re sooooo good! If you can’t find the MilkMakers brand, there are TONS of recipes for lactation cookies on Pinterest!




I’ve always loved almonds because they pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. Not only are they great for strengthening your immune system, preventing colon cancer, and improving your skin, but they boost your milk supply too!


Sweet Potatoes 


Sweet potatoes are another one of my favorite foods in general, so when I found out they were great for nursing mamas, I did a Carlton dance of joy! You can grab small, cellophane-wrapped ones at the grocery store and pop them in the microwave for a side dish at dinner! Easy-peasy!


Other ways to help get those milk makers working: stay hydrated, let your little one nurse often (and also pump often), and stay away from caffeinated drinks that dehydrate you. Check out La Leche League’s website for more helpful info and find nursing mom support groups in your area!


What are your favorite supply-boosting tips? Share in the comments below!










*Clearly, I’m not a doctor. If I was, I wouldn’t have time to write a blog; I’d be too busy vacationing with my family on our yacht. I’m just saying that these are some things that worked for meEverybody is different and every body works differently.