Fan Girl Friday

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Happy Friday, y’all! This is my first Fan Girl Friday since bringing a human into the world! And I’m not holding back! There’s lots of awesome finds for you and your fandoms!

First up, we all know (well, at least, most of us know) that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released on DVD today! WOO! While scouring the interwebs for info about Star Wars, I came across this super cool trailer for a documentary all about the extras and folks behind the masks in the original trilogy!


Click here to watch the full trailer!



And speaking of movie trailers, the new Lego Batman Movie trailer is out! It doesn’t hit theaters until next summer but I’m already so excited for it! Watch this and try not to crack up!

(Lego Batman Movie)


Lego-mania is going to be back in full swing this May in the Huffman Homestead, I can feel it. Mostly because Disney just announced that they will be releasing their first ever collection of minifigs this spring! Check them out!

disney mini figs

I must have them ALL!


The weather is warming up, which means its time to toss our winter wardrobe and bring in our summer clothes! And what better way to ring in the summer than with this terrific Trekker shirt from ThinkGeek!

star trek hawaiian shirt

Awesome, right?! Huff the Hubs may need one for Father’s Day…


Anything you’d like to see on FGF? Share in the comments below!


Happy fangirling!

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday



I was not a jock in high school. I’ve never been into sports, really. There was a brief moment in junior high when I thought I would play basketball but then I went to try-outs, saw all of the tall athletic girls that looked like they should be in high school, got scared and went home to watch Tiny Toon Adventures. But after a friend showed me these jackets, I think I want to rethink the whole “anti-jock” stance:

Harry Potter Varsity Jackets

How awesome are these Hogwarts house varsity jackets?! I desperately want one! They’re on sale by Etsy seller Rarity’s Boutique! They are handmade and made to order! You pick out the color scheme and lettering you want on your jacket! They’re a little too rich for my blood, but maybe if I try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team I’ll be able to score one…?


Earlier this week, fanboys and fangirls alike were squealing with delight when the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer hit the interwebs. Haven’t seen it yet? (What have you been doing?!) No worries, here it is:


One of my favorite movies of all time is the 80’s classic, Pretty In Pink starring Molly Ringwald and John Cryer. I absolutely fell in love with Cryer’s Duckie Dale and wanted to find one of my own. The adorable John Cryer stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden this week and did something AMAZINGLY awesome. They recreated his famous scene for P.I.P.! Check out the hilarity:


My best mate has a little girl named River who recently fell in love with the geektacular goodness that is Doctor Who. It makes me wish that other kids would be exposed to the sci-fi show! Well, my wish is coming true thanks to the House of Mouse!

doctor who on disney

That’s right, folks, Disney XD is going to start running DW! The premiere is Saturday, June 13th! And, much to my happiness, they will be running series 2—4! That’s right—the David Tennant seasons! Woo! So set your DVR’s for your littles and get ready to introduce them to all of time and space!


Fan Girl Friday

You guys, I know I say this every week, but I am SO glad that today is Friday. I have NEVER, EVER wanted a day to be behind me as bad as I wanted it to happen to yesterday. I know the only way to get over such a traumatic event is to return to normal as soon as possible, so that’s what I’m doing! So here we go with another excellently eccentric Fan Girl Friday!


Remember as a kid getting those gigantic hologram buttons that said: “Book It!” in huge letters? After you had read so many books, you’d get a sticker to put on your button. After you racked up so many stickers, you could get your own personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for FREE! Well guess what, 80’s and 90’s kids? Book It is back!

Book It

Book It is celebrating its 30th birthday (hey—that means Book It and I were born in the same year!) and is inviting all of its alums to sign up for the program again! I’ve signed up! Now you need to too!


Ever feel like this in the mornings?


A recent study in Great Britain showed that 33% of the nation felt at their absolute worst before 9:00 a.m. The study also found that 49% of Britons can go an entire week without ever receiving a compliment from someone! Well, IKEA was NOT going to let one of their favorite countries suffer an ego-blow like that! They recently placed a “Motivational Mirror” in one of their stores. The mirror dishes out compliments to shoppers from, “Your dress is amazing!” to “I love what you’ve done with your hair!” The reactions were priceless:

I’d like to have one of those for my house!


Halloween is 21 days away! Have you picked out your costume yet? I’m done with mine and *almost* done with Huff the Babe’s. If you’re not the crafty type, but still want to go as something original, check out this awesome light-up Tardis head-band from Think Geek:


You can toss this on your dome, buy this dress from Hot Topic, and BAM! Instant Tardis, instant costume, instant AWESOMENESS.


When I was a kid, we went to Disney World. I remember stopping in one of the areas of DW called “Tomorrowland”. Back in ’89, it looked a little something like this:


So when I heard there was a movie coming out based on that part of Disney World, I was a little skeptical. Until I saw the trailer. Now? I REALLY want to see it! Check it out for yourself!


Fan Girl Friday

This Friday could not have come sooner! I’m so happy that the weekend is here! Although, not too jazzed that I have to run 17 miles tomorrow for marathon training (Bah!).

But, I can turn my frown upside down because I have found some AWESOME things to share with my geeky compadres!

I think I’m going to have to invest in this first find for my niece and nephews:


Its a zipline! How awesome is that? It comes with a seat if the rider doesn’t want to hang on the handlebars, is 90 ft. long, AND it holds up to 250 pounds which means adults can join in too!


I’m actually a little upset that Think Geek didn’t have this next find when I was registering for baby gifts! Check it out! Its a Superman diaper bag!

Super Baby!

Super Baby!

The bag comes with an insulated bag to store bottles, a diaper changing pad, and a red terrycloth burp cloth that looks like a cape!


Speaking of babies, there’s an awesome painter that lives in California that is doing great work for some tiny clients. There are many little ones that have to wear helmets to help correct various conditions and Paula Strawn helps to make the helmets a little more decorative. Check out her work!

Call me "Maverick".

Call me “Maverick”.


And finally….People, its the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie trailer is finally here! Check it out:

What you think?